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Alan Hebden

john smith

Dan Abnett

Announcements / Re: Job for Tharg - Junior Graphic Novel Editor
« on: 27 May, 2020, 11:11:58 PM »
Ah, if only I lived in Oxford. :D

Kelvin, SSR is one of the Classic 2000 AD series

Mr. Bishop.

Wyatt for me, just. The whole Orlock storyline leaves me a bit cold, but gets the vote on the recent Meg Dredd, great stuff. Worley, I have enjoyed his writing especially the first Age of Wolf, but like so many indie bands there is the difficult second album.

Books & Comics / Re: Madi: Once Upon A Time In The Future
« on: 21 May, 2020, 12:10:49 AM »
I really like the look of that, backed it earlier. I've seen three of his films, loved two, Source Code and Moon, and World of Warcraft, knew nothing about it but it was an OK watch. Hearing mixed reviews about Mute.

General / Re: Ultimate Not Wagner Tourney - Qualifying Round 2
« on: 21 May, 2020, 12:04:49 AM »
Good fun, keep up the good work!

Creative Common / Re: Folklore Thursday: Island
« on: 14 May, 2020, 10:45:14 PM »
Great stuff PJ!

Kelvin Gosnell.

Tough choice. On balance Ill go or Chris Lowder.

Creative Common / Re: Folklore Thursday: Island
« on: 04 May, 2020, 11:36:00 PM »
Spooky! :D

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