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Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« on: 23 September, 2018, 11:47:17 am »
Solo - the star wars one, not the tv sitcom with Felicity Kendal.

Pretty enjoyable - some of the more interesting characters took an early bath, and L3 'doing a Rose' covered the same ground as TLJ.

I would liked to have spent a bit more time on the WW1 style planet - that looked like it had a bit more mileage in it.

General / Re: 2000 AD Art Stars Summer 2018 - Judge Dredd
« on: 22 September, 2018, 07:24:43 pm »
Yes! Jason Davies image is totally cover worthy.

Yeah, it's lovely - reminds me a little of Bryan Talbot's Dredd.

I think the only thing I'd tweak is that line of the daystick continuing into the jawline.

General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« on: 22 September, 2018, 05:35:24 pm »
I'm not saying we're food obsessed but...

Film & TV / Re: New Dr Who Trailer
« on: 22 September, 2018, 10:37:50 am »
Yeah, I get that they want to make it look slick, different etc. but not everyone has a 60" TV, and 16:9 was settled on as a standard for a reason.

It also makes any trailers on social media even crappier since they tend to be a square format, so you're going to have to crop half of the pic.

I love the look of anamorphic lenses and that ratio for film, but I think it's serving a minority of viewers.

Film & TV / Re: New Dr Who Trailer
« on: 21 September, 2018, 11:34:34 am »
Not heard of him thankfully, but it definitely seems like the youtube algorithms skew suggested content towards these sort of videos.

Film & TV / Re: New Dr Who Trailer
« on: 21 September, 2018, 10:10:47 am »
Maybe one is there just to be killed off in episode 2?

General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« on: 21 September, 2018, 09:23:01 am »
Depends if you're having to pay tax on it.  Do you get Jaffa Cakes in 'merica?  If not, were there any in the care package?

I've never seen one, I guess they're orange and chocolate? Definitely one of those things that I've only heard about vaguely when I watch repeats of Great British Bake Off (that's also where I've learned weird stuff about pudding, which is both another word for desert AND a specific kind of cake that's very different from what we have here, which you call custard). The care package we got was a lot of awesome savory stuff, like chips and crisps and stuff, and straight up candies of various types. For the record, I just want to say that these times we all pause to talk about junk food and snacks are some of my favorite parts of doing this show :D

Yeah, kind of a spongey base, not hard like a cookie.
A layer of orange jam/jelly type stuff, sealed in with chocolate.

There was some legal ruling of whether they were cakes or biscuits (biscuits have a higher tax rate) so they're defined as 'biscuit sized cakes'

Seem to recall some definition of whether a thing is a cake or a biscuit as being - if it goes hard when it's stale it's a cake, if it goes soft - then it's a biscuit.

This is why the lawyers get the big bucks.

Film & TV / Re: New Dr Who Trailer
« on: 20 September, 2018, 10:01:09 pm »
One thing I really don't agree with is the switch to a wider aspect ratio.

The argument they've given is to make it look more 'cinematic' - but it's a TV show.

Even for a cinematography nerd like me, it feels a bit unnecessary, like they're a bit ashamed of it.

General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« on: 19 September, 2018, 08:39:15 pm »
Re-reading the hit, 'the princess is in another castle' got old very quick.

I'm not sure how they managed to screw it up so badly.

If it had been 4-6 episodes a hit run over a year, and variety in targets/situations I think it would be remembered much more fondly.

General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« on: 19 September, 2018, 01:03:13 pm »
America has its public holidays, we have unnecessary meals.

General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« on: 18 September, 2018, 11:21:59 pm »
Growing up it was breakfast, dinnertime, teatime.

Now it's breakfast, lunch, and god knows what...

I think the concept of working for a living, sometimes at home, sometimes on the way home has scuppered my concept of what an evening meal is called.

Creative Common / Re: Why Don't I Enjoy Art Any More?
« on: 17 September, 2018, 09:33:18 pm »
I totally get that Radiator - although luckily I don't swing between the feelings talked about as much, I really hate the 'meh' response these days.

It's like enthusiasm, it can be infectious - so can apathy.

Working on the fan shorts - the enthusiasm from the fans fed off each other, and even when you were feeling down or things weren't going to plan, fan power would gee you up.

General / Re: How old is Johnny Alpha?
« on: 17 September, 2018, 08:10:33 pm »
Brick semi.

General / Re: How old is Johnny Alpha?
« on: 17 September, 2018, 04:38:57 pm »

General / Re: How old is Johnny Alpha?
« on: 17 September, 2018, 04:33:50 pm »
Reversing a death with time travel has already been shown not to work (in Rage) - death finds a way of claiming its own.

Is that a Time Drogue?  They've never been presented as anything other than a short-term fix (like, 30 seconds).

 Johnny tracks a bloke who can help him get on the trail of Max Bubba, but he arrives at the bar just in time to see his lead killed as a result of cheating at cards. He uses a time drogue to undo the murder and questions his lead. Then Johnny simply walks off - the man thanks him for saving his life, but Johnny tells him not to bother. Sure enough, the cheating comes to light again (though in a different way) and the lead's murdered a second time as Johnny leaves. The third-person narration explicitly talks about Death never letting itself be cheated out of what it's owed.

It does explain why, in a universe chock full of time weapons, nobody ever so much as attempts to use them to undo death - it must be (fairly) common knowledge that it simply won't stick.

More surprisingly why no-one seems to use it to Biff Tannen their way to billions.
The universe seems to tolerate observation (Mork Whisperer) after all.

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