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General / NEW 2000AD/Dredd audios
« on: 09 February, 2002, 05:14:04 pm »
Big Finish (responsible for the series of Doctor Who Audio plays) are bringing out a range of Dredd/2000AD audio plays - a free sampler disc will be given away with the April Megazine.  

Any news on who is in these and what stories we are going to see - adaptations of old stuff or new material?  Prefer the former - those Radio one Apocalypse War and Cal were great.

Film & TV / League of extraordinary gentlemen
« on: 06 February, 2002, 03:27:26 am »
Small piece in the Times today saying that Sean Connery has signed up to play Quartermain in the LOEG film.  No mention of Alan Moore or it's comic book origins.  Wonder oif they still want to ditch half the cast and put in Tom Sawyer!!  Dear God, please do not let this film come to pass....

Prog / Farewell Bish-OP...
« on: 02 February, 2002, 11:44:26 pm »
And so the final Megazine helmed by Dave Bishop hits the mat. He will be remembered for keeping the thrill flame burning in the Megazine, when it was all but snuffed out over in 2000AD.  He'll also be remembered for being someone who genuinely cared - I often disagreed with his choices and his opinions as expressed in the letters page/editorials, but they were passionately held.  

I take it the cover is in tribute?  

As for the issue itself  (SPOILERS AHEAD!), Dredd has been good in a "The Pit" sort of way (although Wayne Reynolds art didnt really suit the story IMO).  

Wardog is not as bad as people make out - I think a lot of people made up their mind not to like this because of the tie-in factor, but it's solid (if fairly unoriginal) stuff.  

DeMarco is not good - once again Robbie Morrison uses the threat of rape in one of his scripts - this time by an ape - a serious subject once again used as titilation/cheap drama?

The Visible Man is a weird choice for reprint - you could have had two unseen Daily Star Dredds for the same space - I know which I would have preferred.  Button Man is as ever, great.

Anyway, I say good luck, Bish-OP - without him fighting the comics corner, who knows if 2000AD would have even survived to be taken over by Rebellion?

News / The future sounds interesting...
« on: 31 January, 2002, 11:38:07 pm »
The watcher has cast his astral self into the future (and not in any way read Previews), to bring the following predictions....

Bad Company series one to be reprinted in the Meg, starting either issue 8 or 9.  There is also a very interesting sounding multi-part feature about the secret history of 2000AD - is this why Rebellion were trying to contact the writers of the Mega History I wonder?

Over in 2000AD (1285-1288) we have Dredd in 'Escape from Atlantis', while Sinister Dexter travel to Greater Britain, and Dante and Telguuth return

General / Future Thrill..
« on: 01 January, 2002, 08:12:47 pm »
Following prog 1280, the 25th anniversary prog, we'll be seeing a new story from Abnett/Elson called "Atavar"(Sp?).  Apparently it's an Alien Epic!  Wonder when we'll see more about this?

Suggestions / Droid Profile
« on: 27 December, 2001, 04:16:32 am »
While sulking around the house bemoaning the lack of 2000AD/Dredd annuals again this year, I was reminiscing about annuals past.  It struck me that I'd always enjoyed the droid profiles, which listed droids favourite films, books, TV and comics etc.  

Given the new faces at the command module, surely such a survey would be a great way to find out more about Tharg's new little helpers!  How about asking the three new editorial droids the following, which could be put on their profiles in the Creator section - top 5 films, TV, albums, books and comics, as well as first prog read and favourite 2000AD character/story? Any chance, Wake?  It might help us readers form a better picture of the newbies!

General / Voting:Robot Wars
« on: 23 December, 2001, 05:03:05 pm »
Here we go with another set of stories to cast your critical eye over - Some classics, some clunkers!

It would also help to boost the voting if you would vote on the other stories in the progs these links send you to.

First up is Robot Wars.  No, not Craig Charles, but the very first Dredd Multiparter, which introduced Walter the Wobot on an unsuspecting public and rocketed Dredd to the top of the popularity charts.

Link: Vote Now!

General / More voting....Slaine:Time Killer
« on: 20 December, 2001, 05:37:14 am »
The voting moves on apace, with 183 stories now registered.  Here is the next batch of stories teetering on the brink, starting with Slaine: Time Killer.  Fabry's first work on Slaine, and a new direction for the strip.  Just click on the link below.....

Link: Vote Now!

Website and Forum / Wake - the megs aren't all there!
« on: 16 December, 2001, 10:08:17 pm »
Wake - I went off to vote on my favourite part of the Megazine Vol3 - Daily Star Dredds, only to discover they aren't listed!!  Can you put them on, so that I can vote for them?

Also, any more news on the Daily Start Dredds that have yet to be reprinted...?


General / voting update.. & Horned God
« on: 16 December, 2001, 05:11:37 pm »
The votin is going well, with 156 stories now registered.  Both lists are starting to look a little more representative, but here is a list of even more stories which require only one more vote.

first up is Slaine: the Horned God, the Mills/Bisley classic and many would argue last great Slaine tale...

Link: vote now

General / more voting!
« on: 14 December, 2001, 03:27:18 am »
Many more stories teeter on the brink of recognition, needing only one more vote....  

First off the classic Judge Cal storyline - The Day the Law Died....

PS feel free to vote on the other stories in these progs while you are there!

Link: vote now!

General / Apocalypse War
« on: 13 December, 2001, 04:16:40 am »
The Apocalypse War needs just one more vote to register:

Link: Vote Now!

Suggestions / 2 good reasons to get voting...
« on: 12 December, 2001, 06:06:34 am »
The first is that the list of top and bottom thrills has been extended, so you can see the top/bottom twenty.

The second is that a number of classics already have 4 votes and are awaiting their 5th vote in order to register!  Go to prog 194 for 'The Fink', prog 200 for 'Portrait of A Mutant' or prog 387 to register Nemesis Book iv: the Gothic Empire - your vote is all that is needed!!

General / Hurrah!...
« on: 09 December, 2001, 07:20:10 pm »
Outlaw has become the first old strip to enter the worst thrills list, with a score of 4.6 (about midway on the top ten).  However, with only 5 votes thios could go either way still...

However the following have yet to receive 5 votes - I've listed the prog number to make them easier to find when you go to vote -

Mean Team   437
Chronos Carnival   676
Dry Run     688
Junker      708
The Clown   774
WireHeads   803
Babe Race 2000     883
A Life Less Ordinary   1063

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