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General / Happy Birthday 2000AD!
« on: 27 February, 2002, 02:55:54 am »
Congratulations on the silver one, green one!

Anybody out there know the exact day 2000AD hit the newstands? I know it was cover dated 26th Feb, but predumably that was the off sale date?

General / DREDD: The final solution
« on: 22 February, 2002, 04:20:52 am »
I think most people have felt that Dredd goes into a lull when Wagners not writing it - In particular we've had to put up with some dodgy fill-ins from Ennis and Grant over the past year.

However, Gordon Rennie has proved he has what it takes to do good one parters - why not try him out on a multi-part Dredd?  Also, Scojo has reminded me how good Lenny Zero was - it really captured the spirit of Dredd and the Mega-City, like no other story I can recall that wasnt by the Mighty Wagner.  So why not draft in Diggle and Rennie as the regular stand-ins if possible...

Dredd could also do with a return to the glory days of a set of 4-5 regular artists doing the majority of the art chores - I'd nominate Colin Wilson, Cam Kennedy, Jock and Kev Walker as regulars.  I'm not sure how impractical this is in the modern world of comics, but it seems odd that so many new artists are tried out on Dredd - surely thats what Future Shocks are for?  

Prog / 1278 continued...
« on: 13 February, 2002, 01:31:51 am »
Given this thread mutated, I thought I'd revive it here...  Bits in quotes from Nathans original post...


The Storming Heaven cover is once again a fantastic image.  The strip itself was beautiful to look at but ultimately didn't have anything to say - in 45 pages, Trips sets up a psychedelic paradise, Caliban wrecks it, Caliban gets done over.  2000ADs equivalant of a supermodel - gorgeous but vacuous.

The Dredd is another below par effort from Alan Grant, which contains a couple of real no-nos.  Dredd is seen about to execute a perp and then recommending torturing him.  These grate for a number of reasons:

Both are pretty well established as totally illegal.  I know Alan likes to paint Dredd as a bastard, but the idea that the Judges will keep mass murderers alive (in suspended animation if needs be)just so they can serve their sentence is surely even more sadistic and relentless. Plus the fact that finding out why they did it before pulling the trigger would be a good idea!

The mask revelation is a bit weird - the perp shows no surprise about Dave having been in disguise.  

The idea of the Darwin Society had a lot of potential.  IIRC, the Darwin awards are given out to people who kill themselves in incredibily stupid ways.  It would have been more "Mega-Cityish", imaginative and funnier if the Society had littered the city with obvious death traps and let natural selection take its course rather than just shoot people.  PJ Holdens art is pretty good though, and has it's own style that given time could become a real winner.

"Shakara looks great too, but Morrison hasn't given Flint as much to work with as Irving has had from Rennie. And while I'm comparing the two, Storming Heaven wins hands down on the story front too. Shakara has neither the atmosphere or density of ideas with which Rennie has laced Storming Heaven."

I have to take the opposite view here - Storming Heaven has a superb central premise, but fails to capitalise on it, instead opting for a 'faceless, generic "gonna eat your face" bad guys kill faceless, generic good guys' plot.  Shakara has yet to develop, but the script has given Flint the opportunity to draw some fantastic images that are as much Morrisons as Flints (the last scene of this prog for example).  While it has posed more questions than it has answered, it has at least posed questions, the answers to which I'm still interested in, despite little by way of explanation so far.

Agree about the future shocks - these are utterly pointless - by all means print FS by new writers where the quality is high enough, but to fill week after week with these tired old re-runs just isn't on.  Hopefully, the new editorial crew will have the time and resources to get commissions a little more in advance, so that when a story falls through (like Dante?), there won't be a rush to fill the vacuum.  

Help! / 2000AD Top Trumps
« on: 10 February, 2002, 08:11:30 pm »
What I'm thinking of trying to put together is a set of 2000AD based top trumps, with a set of 64 cards - 32 'goodies' and 32 'villains', with a good mix of old mand new stories:  It'll have slightly different rules to top trumps, but I'll explain that later...

What I need help with is who to choose, what categories to use and what scores to give.

As an example:

Judge Dredd

Weapons:  Lawgiver, Lawmaster, Bootknife and trusty daystick (9)

Combat: 15 years at the academy have turned Dredd into a fighting machine (10)

Support: Dredd can call upon the entire weight of the  Justice Dept!

Abilities:  Bionic eyes give enhanced vision (5)

Intellect: To enforce the Law requires a keen mind and sound judgement (7)


Weapons: Holder of Excessus, the Sword Sinister (6)

Combat: Spitting Acid and fireballs, nemesis is a formidable opponent (10)

Support: Purity Brown and other members of Credo, the alien resistance organisation (5)

Abilities: Levitation,mind control and other diabolical powers  (9)

Intellect: Unfathomably alien, totally Khaotic (9)

General / NEW 2000AD/Dredd audios
« on: 09 February, 2002, 05:14:04 pm »
Big Finish (responsible for the series of Doctor Who Audio plays) are bringing out a range of Dredd/2000AD audio plays - a free sampler disc will be given away with the April Megazine.  

Any news on who is in these and what stories we are going to see - adaptations of old stuff or new material?  Prefer the former - those Radio one Apocalypse War and Cal were great.

Film & TV / League of extraordinary gentlemen
« on: 06 February, 2002, 03:27:26 am »
Small piece in the Times today saying that Sean Connery has signed up to play Quartermain in the LOEG film.  No mention of Alan Moore or it's comic book origins.  Wonder oif they still want to ditch half the cast and put in Tom Sawyer!!  Dear God, please do not let this film come to pass....

Prog / Farewell Bish-OP...
« on: 02 February, 2002, 11:44:26 pm »
And so the final Megazine helmed by Dave Bishop hits the mat. He will be remembered for keeping the thrill flame burning in the Megazine, when it was all but snuffed out over in 2000AD.  He'll also be remembered for being someone who genuinely cared - I often disagreed with his choices and his opinions as expressed in the letters page/editorials, but they were passionately held.  

I take it the cover is in tribute?  

As for the issue itself  (SPOILERS AHEAD!), Dredd has been good in a "The Pit" sort of way (although Wayne Reynolds art didnt really suit the story IMO).  

Wardog is not as bad as people make out - I think a lot of people made up their mind not to like this because of the tie-in factor, but it's solid (if fairly unoriginal) stuff.  

DeMarco is not good - once again Robbie Morrison uses the threat of rape in one of his scripts - this time by an ape - a serious subject once again used as titilation/cheap drama?

The Visible Man is a weird choice for reprint - you could have had two unseen Daily Star Dredds for the same space - I know which I would have preferred.  Button Man is as ever, great.

Anyway, I say good luck, Bish-OP - without him fighting the comics corner, who knows if 2000AD would have even survived to be taken over by Rebellion?

News / The future sounds interesting...
« on: 31 January, 2002, 11:38:07 pm »
The watcher has cast his astral self into the future (and not in any way read Previews), to bring the following predictions....

Bad Company series one to be reprinted in the Meg, starting either issue 8 or 9.  There is also a very interesting sounding multi-part feature about the secret history of 2000AD - is this why Rebellion were trying to contact the writers of the Mega History I wonder?

Over in 2000AD (1285-1288) we have Dredd in 'Escape from Atlantis', while Sinister Dexter travel to Greater Britain, and Dante and Telguuth return

General / Future Thrill..
« on: 01 January, 2002, 08:12:47 pm »
Following prog 1280, the 25th anniversary prog, we'll be seeing a new story from Abnett/Elson called "Atavar"(Sp?).  Apparently it's an Alien Epic!  Wonder when we'll see more about this?

Suggestions / Droid Profile
« on: 27 December, 2001, 04:16:32 am »
While sulking around the house bemoaning the lack of 2000AD/Dredd annuals again this year, I was reminiscing about annuals past.  It struck me that I'd always enjoyed the droid profiles, which listed droids favourite films, books, TV and comics etc.  

Given the new faces at the command module, surely such a survey would be a great way to find out more about Tharg's new little helpers!  How about asking the three new editorial droids the following, which could be put on their profiles in the Creator section - top 5 films, TV, albums, books and comics, as well as first prog read and favourite 2000AD character/story? Any chance, Wake?  It might help us readers form a better picture of the newbies!

General / Voting:Robot Wars
« on: 23 December, 2001, 05:03:05 pm »
Here we go with another set of stories to cast your critical eye over - Some classics, some clunkers!

It would also help to boost the voting if you would vote on the other stories in the progs these links send you to.

First up is Robot Wars.  No, not Craig Charles, but the very first Dredd Multiparter, which introduced Walter the Wobot on an unsuspecting public and rocketed Dredd to the top of the popularity charts.

Link: Vote Now!

General / More voting....Slaine:Time Killer
« on: 20 December, 2001, 05:37:14 am »
The voting moves on apace, with 183 stories now registered.  Here is the next batch of stories teetering on the brink, starting with Slaine: Time Killer.  Fabry's first work on Slaine, and a new direction for the strip.  Just click on the link below.....

Link: Vote Now!

Website and Forum / Wake - the megs aren't all there!
« on: 16 December, 2001, 10:08:17 pm »
Wake - I went off to vote on my favourite part of the Megazine Vol3 - Daily Star Dredds, only to discover they aren't listed!!  Can you put them on, so that I can vote for them?

Also, any more news on the Daily Start Dredds that have yet to be reprinted...?


General / voting update.. & Horned God
« on: 16 December, 2001, 05:11:37 pm »
The votin is going well, with 156 stories now registered.  Both lists are starting to look a little more representative, but here is a list of even more stories which require only one more vote.

first up is Slaine: the Horned God, the Mills/Bisley classic and many would argue last great Slaine tale...

Link: vote now

General / more voting!
« on: 14 December, 2001, 03:27:18 am »
Many more stories teeter on the brink of recognition, needing only one more vote....  

First off the classic Judge Cal storyline - The Day the Law Died....

PS feel free to vote on the other stories in these progs while you are there!

Link: vote now!

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