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Off Topic / The Grauniad of Nox?
« on: 04 February, 2008, 04:12:37 PM »
Picked up my papers this morning and had a quick flick through the Guardian G2 supplement only to be confronted with a pic of Doomlord being compared to Rudy Giuliani. It was submitted by Gareth MacLean, a name I'm sure I recognise from here, so own up - which one of you was it?

Gave me a giggle anyway :-)

General / Which Rebellion trades have had new editions?
« on: 29 October, 2007, 07:10:15 PM »
Hope someone can help with this. I lost track of exactly which of the Rebellion/DC collections have since been republished in the standard Rebellion trade dress (sometimes with minor tweaks, like Bad Company's corrected print) and I'm looking for a list of all trades reprinted to date.

Can anyone assist? And if I want to order one online, is there a surefire way to ensure I get the new edition and not the old?

Megazine / High Rise of the Robots! -- Megazine 261
« on: 23 July, 2007, 06:39:46 PM »
Cover -- Lovely stuff

Dredd -- Gorgeous art & a great surprise (or it should have been - more in a mo')

Anderson -- Plodding along, this hasn't really engaged me yet & the strip art lacks something that the cover has

Satanus -- Mental art & mental script. There's little point complaining about it, so I'm just enjoying the lunatic ride & treating it as fan-fic from some obscure indy comic

Reapermen -- Still great, and one of the great 2K missed opportunities IMO

The Angel Gang -- Fun, but beginning to lose me a little in spite of some clever moments & some gorgeous art from Roberts

Text Features -- Molcher & Berridge hit the mark while  the film articles miss as usual

Small Press -- Meh.

Letters -- I must admit I did have a little snigger at Matt's skewering in the last letter. Sorry!

...and back to my Dredd complaint:

What idiot thought it would be a good idea to ruin the surprise in this month's Dredd by plastering it on the cover of the Meg? Thanks a bundle, whoever you are.

Prog / Prog 1532 -- Breaking the Law
« on: 07 April, 2007, 11:37:48 AM »
...avoiding the second part of the tagline so as not to spoil it for anyone who hasn't read the last prog or two :-)

ORIGINS climbs up another notch with some fantastic scenes between Dredd & the erstwhile President of the United States - Booth's bitter speech about his release from suspended animation being a particularly good one.

The appearance of Fargo - the "God Judge" - alive & well, albeit still in suspended animation, suggests he may rise to serve his city one last time. Perhaps just long enough to convince the NMA to turn on Booth?

Meanwhile SAVAGE rockets toward its conclusion. This has been a less OTT story than previous "books", but no worse for it.

SINISTER DEXTER is on good form as well, and watching Finny's plan coming together (Finnigan Peppard?) has been great fun. Great art from Davis as well. The only real question left is: Will he get Ramone out of there?

A cracking FUTURE SHOCK from Al Ewing with some decent art from Edison George. Like the best of Ewing's shorts, this has echoes of the Golden Age of 2000AD Shock's without ever feeling like a pisstake. You get the feeling that Ewing really loves the OTT dialogue and settings, and his excitement leaps off the page - it's hard not to read this with a smile on your face.

Finally, NIKOLAI DANTE returns to Rudinshtein. Opening with a surprisingly poignant panel & closing with yet another of Dante's promises to this broken city, this promises to be a bleak break from the main storyline. Some cracking art from John Burns - much better than his last work on the series - adds to the mood.

It's not often we get a prog with no weak links, but this is definitely one. Enjoy it while it lasts, because this is Thrill Power at its finest!

Film & TV / Doctor Who Season 3 - Episode Previews...
« on: 27 March, 2007, 07:22:46 PM »
Picked up the new Radio Times today & it comes complete with Russell Davies' rundown of all 13 episodes of the new series of Doctor Who. For anyone who's interested - and can bear spoilers - here they are, starting with:


Writer -- Russell T Davies
Guest stars -- Anne Reid, Roy Marsden

"Welcome on board, Martha Jones!" says Russell T Davies. "She's 23, a medical student, and her family's going into meltdown. Dad's run off with his secretary, Mum's boiling with fury, brother Leo's got a six-month old baby, and sister Tish is all ambition, thinking only of her next job. Martha's stuck in the middle, as the peacemaker. Just the sort of woman who needs an escape."

"Before you know it, mysterious storms are sweeping across London, sinister motorcycle couriers are stalking the hospital and Martha finds herself transported to the Moon! That's just the beginning of her troubles, as the alien Judoon arrive in a fleet of mighty spaceships - big, brutal space police! Only one man seems to know what's going on: a patient called John Smith. And he claims he's some sort of Doctor."

"When we first introduced Rose [in 2005], we were introducing a whole new audience to the concepts of Doctor Who at the same time, so sci-fi events invaded her life gradually over the first episode. With Martha, it's the opposite - she's thrown straight in at the deep end, away from Earth, surrounded by aliens and struggling to save the lives of everyone around her. I did think of calling this episode 'Baptism of Fire'!"

Writer -- Gareth Roberts
Guest stars -- Dean Lennox Kelly

"Martha's baptism continues. With any new companion, it's important to show them the sheer range and breadth of the Doctor's life, so we've taken her back to 1599, when Shakespeare's at the height of his powers, in London's Globe Theatre. But if you're ten years old and the word 'Shakespeare' makes you groan, then rest assured, this isn't just a history lesson. There are witch-like creatures at work, strange deaths - a man drowns on dry land! - some terrible puns and a fearful plot dating back to the dawn of the universe."

"I think this might be our most lavish production yet. We try to film in and around Cardiff, but there aren't many Elizabethan settings around here, so the team had to travel to Warwick, Coventry and to the Globe itself for some magnificent location filming. And many thanks to the Globe for allowing us in - I hope we increase ticket sales!"

Writer -- Russell T Davies
Guest star -- Ardal O'Hanlon

"Martha's eyes are opened even further, as the Tardis returns to the year five billion, on the planet New Earth, where the Doctor and Rose fought off cat-nurse nuns and zombie patients. It's a bit like the Doctor taking Martha to places where he took his ex - which Martha soon notices! But before long, greedy Pharmacists, hapless kidnappers and terrifying Beasts from Below have thrown her into danger. And all because the Doctor told a lie."

"I love these futuristic, far-off adventures because it's a chance to see every single design department working at full tilt - sets, costume, make-up, prosthetics and CGI, all creating an extraordinary and deadly world. At the heart of which, the Doctor's old friend, the Face of Boe, is waiting with a secret."

Writer -- Helen Raynor
Guest stars -- Miranda Raison, Hugh Quarshie & Ryan Carnes

"Another baptism of fire - this time for our script editor, Helen Raynor, who's an equally fine writer. Sometimes I give writers a shopping list of elements, and this was the barmiest one yet: 1930s New York, Pig Men, sewers, showgirls and the Empire State Building. Oh, yes, and Daleks too. Make a story out of that!"

"Helen's done a brilliant job, combining the Depression with the Daleks' desperation to survive and adding a good bit of 'The Island of Dr Moreau'. Not to mention 'Frankenstein'! Be prepared to see the Daleks as you've never seen them before."

Writer -- Stephen Greenhorn
Guest stars -- Mark Gatiss, Thelma Barlow

"Marvel Comics! That's what I said to Stephen Greenhorn. Give us a good old mad scientist, with an experiment going wrong, and an outrageous supervillain on the loose."

"This episode also marks a return to modern-day Earth and a chance to find out what's been happening to Martha's family in her absence. With every series, we've woven in a small linking theme, which gradually builds to the series climax - series one, we had the mystery of Bad Wolf, and series two saw the creation of Torchwood. This time, pay attention to the enigmatic paymaster of Professor Lazarus as a trap plotted across the whole of time and space begins to close..."

Writer -- Chris Chibnall
Guest star - Michelle Collins

"The 42nd century, a spaceship in a far-flung galaxy, saboteurs at work, crew members possessed, and the terrifying catchphrase 'Burn with me'. To be honest, I love that title as I can't wait to see the Radiot Times billing for this episode: (7/13. 42). Dial that number, you get a free pizza."

Writer -- Paul Cornell
Guest stars -- Jessica Hynes (formerly Stevenson), Harry Lloyd

A very different sort of story - though still with monsters and scares galore! But when you're got David Tennant as your lead actor (call me biased, but The Best Actor in the Land, frankly), then you want to write stories that push the Doctor into completely new territory. And these two episodes take the Time Lord to places he's never been before, all in the haunting setting of a boys' public school in 1913; the winter before the War, with a chill in the air, and mysterious lights in the sky. If ever you thought scarecrows were scary, you ain't seen nothing yet."

Writer -- Steven Moffat
Guest star -- Carey Mulligan

"The King of Terror, that's Mr Moffat. He was the genius behind that gas mask child with his sinister lament of 'Are you my mummy?' and the tick-tock clockwork droids who stalked Madame de Pompadour. But this one!"

"To be honest, Doctor Who rarely scares me, because I've seen all the behind-the-scenes prosthetics and computer trickery, and I've lived with the scripts for months. But when I watch this episode - I'm not kidding - I'm scared to death! Go on, I dare you. Close the curtains. Turn the lights off. Huddle round the TV. Clutch your loved ones. And shiver."

Writer -- Russell T Davies
Guest stars -- Derek Jacobi & John Barrowman

"Jack's back! As John Barrowman's Captain Jack Harkness comes storming back on board the Tardis - with an arrival like no companion has had before - it's time for the Tardis's wildest ride yet! It hurtles out of control, taking the crew to the distant planet Malcassairo, where a lonely and patient professor is giving his all to save his people from extinction."

Writer -- Russell T Davies
Guest stars -- John Simm, Tom Ellis & Nichola McAuliffe

"The season finale! And the trap closes, as the Doctor, Martha and Captain Jack find themselves in a desperate fight for survival."

"Who are the Toclafane? What is the power of Archangel? And what terrible secrets are stored at the heart of the Valiant? It's an epic and heartbreaking story, as the Doctor faces his greatest enemy yet. Now, I wonder who that could be..."

General / February Art Comp winners - and suggestions for March
« on: 05 March, 2007, 10:48:48 PM »
Very, very delayed (more of which later...) but here are the winners of February's Art Comp:

1st Place -- Johnnystress
2nd Place -- Woolly
3rd Place -- Petemaskreplica

Congratulations to all of you, and thank-you to everyone who took part.

The voting thread saw some... heated... discussion about voting and number of submissions, and after reading what everyone had to say and thinking about it, I'd suggest this:

Boarders should feel free to submit as many pieces as they want - however, one piece must be selected as their nominated entry for voting purposes. Hopefully this one little guideline will let the more prolific boarders entertain us and themselves but keep the voting a little clearer. I hope it sounds fair to everyone involved.

Also spinning out of that thread were several suggestions for the next competition. The three most promising are:

2000AD Culture Clash -- 2K characters in unusual cultural settings - anything from literature, cinema, television etc.

The Big 2000AD Day Off -- what do characters like Devlin Waugh, Dredd or Slaine do away from the "office"? Is Nemesis the Warlock really a sales clerk by day?

Tharg at 30 -- Old Green Bonce has been with the comic for 30 years, in many different guises. Illustrate your favourite version, or best moment, or imagine Tharg in a future/alternate guise.

What do boarders think of these suggestions?

OK, one last thing before I wrap up. I've enjoyed doing this over the past several months, but there are a number of other things going on in my life and time is becoming more and more precious. I just can't guarantee I can give the time anymore - to the comp, or to the 'net in general - and it means that these competitions just aren't getting my attention as much as they should. So, the March comp will be the last I try and organise, but I'd like to see someone take over running the submission and voting threads. Anyone interested, drop me a line by email.

Film & TV / Anyone still watching Primeval?
« on: 24 February, 2007, 09:08:58 PM »
Quite surprised this hasn't been getting a bit more board-love, as it's turning out to be quite a fun sci-fi series.

Tonight's episode was particularly enjoyable, opening with death-by-mosasaur, and following that up with the swift dispatch of a plumber at the hands of some angry birds!

It benefits from generally good performances all round, with a lead who brings some subtlety and depth to a relatively slender character and supporting actors who handle their roles ably. Though the episodes so far are basically "anomaly opens, team investigate, it closes" the writers are developing an interesting story arc tying each event together. It helps that the actors are engaging, and the monsters well-realised - and that the writers are having fun putting them into unusual suburban locations - but the basic framework is pretty solid.

Far more deserving of attention and praise than the Beeb's shitfest, Torchwood (or, indeed, several of the episodes from Series 2 of New Who) especially when it's coming from ITV!

General / February Art Competition - Voting Thread...
« on: 19 February, 2007, 09:54:41 PM »
All the entries are in for February's love-themed comp, and while it's been a fairly quiet month for submissions, there are some nice pieces from boarders on show.

Now, voting. As usual, pick your three favourites & list them in order - 5pts for first place, 3pts for second, 1pt for third. Votes will be tallied next Monday.

In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions for March's competition, feel free to add them here!









General / February Art Competition - A Love Like 2000AD...
« on: 31 January, 2007, 11:37:14 PM »
OK, all - we missed January but the monthly art competition is back on track, and this month's theme is (unsurprisingly!)...



That's right, it's a Valentine-themed comp, complete with as many bad love-related jokes as I can shoehorn in! Time to break out those pencils & open up your shrivelled, blackened hearts to come up with a piece that brings love to the Galaxy's Greatest.

To get you started, here are a few ideas to spark the imagination:

2000AD Couples' Night

It's a quiet Friday night at the Nerve Centre and Tharg has organised a Couples' Night for his characters. If you were a fly on the wall, who might you spot snogging in the corner? Would Jack Point finally score with Miss Ann Thrope? How many of 2000AD's classic female characters would Dante (try to!) pull?

I Love 2000AD!

How big a 2K fan are you? Have you dedicated yourself to the cause of spreading Thrillpower? Does your obsession with the comic come before your special woman/man/Betelgeusian (delete as applicable)? Why don't you come up with a piece that illustrates your love for the Galaxy's Greatest?

"Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Here Comes a War Robot to Crush & Smush You!"

Forget flowers, sad-eyed dogs & frilly decoration - Tharg's breaking into the lucrative Valentine's business with his own range of 2000AD-themed cards. What kind of message & illustration would you pick for your beloved?


Maybe none of these appeal, so feel free to go with something of your own choosing - just keep with a love theme & link it to 2000AD.

This competition thread will be open for entries until February 14th after which I'll start a voting thread so that boarders can pick their favourites. There won't be any prizes this time, I'm afraid, but I hope that won't deter anyone from taking part!

General / December Art Comp - The Winners!
« on: 10 January, 2007, 02:05:41 AM »
That's voting done for December's comp. Votes have been tallied - it was fairly close at the top of the pack - and the winners are:





Congrats to the winners - contact me to sort out your prizes - and many thanks to everyone who participated.

The January competition thread will be up and running as soon as possible, but until then enjoy the pics here & have a great New Year!

General / What's new in 2007?
« on: 06 January, 2007, 12:07:19 AM »
New Year, new thrillpower - so what can we expect from the prog in 2007? I've tried to put together a brief list of the titles we already know about, but I'm sure it's not comprehensive, so if anyone has something to add feel free to pitch in - and if any droids are lurking and willing to drop a few hints about upcoming projects, feel free!


Alan Grant & Dave Taylor

Although it's seemingly been trailed for ages, judging by the preview images posted at Dave Taylor's blog - linky here - this story certainly seems to be worth the wait.

Pat Mills & John Hicklenton

After a prolonged absence from the comic, this year will see the return of Hicklenton's crazed artwork on this latest installment in Mills' saurian saga. Hopefully the script will match the art this time!

John Wagner & Arthur Ranson

What next for Harry Exton? Having apparently tied up all loose ends at the conclusion of book III, what could draw Harry back into the fray? Hopefully that mystery will be resolved soon...

John Smith & Lee Garbett

The one-page ad in prog 2007 doesn't give much away, but the cave paintings hint at a possible prehistoric theme. That said, with Smith on writing duties it's always best to expect the unexpected!


Absolutely nothing is known about this one, so let your imagination run wild - perhaps it's the long-awaited return of Michael Fleisher with a mega-epic illustrated by Shaky Kane? ;-)

Pat Mills & Ramon Sola
Prog 1526

Apparently a one-off special for the 30th Anniversary prog, this sees the original Flesh creative team reunited for the first time in decades.

Pat Mills & John Higgins

A "spiritual successor" to M.A.C.H. 1 according to Tharg, so we can probably look forward to a fresh look at the government supersoldier concept, complete with a dose of Mills' caustic political commentary. At best, it could be the new Savage - at worst, the new Satanus ;-)

Pat Mills & Charlie Adlard
Starts Prog 1526

Vashkov has been assassinated, Tom Savage has met with a fatal "accident" & Bill is on the warpath. This should be an explosive follow-up to Book II, and I'm sure fans will be expecting no less having waited for this since late 2005!

Rob Williams & Dom Reardon

More superheroics from Rob Williams, this time joined by Dom Reardon, flexing his colour art muscles for the first time in the prog.

General / December Art Comp - Voting Thread...
« on: 28 December, 2006, 11:40:04 PM »
Late as usual!

OK, voting is the same as always - pick your three favourites and list them in order, with 1st place garnering 5pts, 2nd place 3pts and 3rd 1pt.

Prizes are:

FIRST PLACE -- A year's subscription to 2000AD, or a prize of the winner's choice up to an equivalent value. If the winner is overseas, I can really only offer the price of a UK sub, as the price of the overseas sub is substantially higher.

SECOND PLACE -- A 2000AD tee-shirt, plus a trade paperback of your choice. If the winner would prefer two books - or two tee-shirts, or a separate prize of equivalent value - that can be arranged.

THIRD PLACE -- A 2000AD tee-shirt or a TPB of the winner's choice.

Before we get started, I must give a massive thank-you to everyone who's contributed. It's been great seeing everyone's take on each topic & I hope we'll see more from everyone in the New Year.

Good luck & all the best for 2007!


















Let me know if I've missed anyone out!

Games / Got Wii?
« on: 09 December, 2006, 01:40:53 PM »
Thanks to Amazon, my console arrived today & I'm now the proud owner of Wii - plus Wii Sports, Wii Play, Monkey Ball, Red Steel, Zelda & Call of Duty 3!

Just got everything hooked up, downloaded a few Virtual Console games & am creating some Mii & then I'm going to have a pop at Wii Sports.

My Wii number is: 1185 1841 9282 7323, so if anyone else out there wants to add me to their address book feel free. If you were lucky enough to grab a console, pop your number up here as well.

The interface is fucking great so far, and after the initial period of getting used to a new controller I'm whizzing round the menus & typing away on the onscreen keyboard with no hassle at all. Can't wait to see how the games play!

Help! / Swimini Tulkas!
« on: 22 November, 2006, 11:12:13 PM »
Sorry for shouting :-)

I've tried sending emails to the address your message came from, but I don't think any of them are getting through. Your prize - a TPB worth up to £15 or something of equivalent value - is still available, so just email me a note of what you'd like & where to send it and I'll get it off to you ASAP.


General / December Art Competition - Have A Merry 2K Christmas!
« on: 15 November, 2006, 10:29:23 PM »
Title says it all, really :-)

The theme for the end-of-year competition will be "Christmas at 2000AD!" What you take from that is very much up to you. Perhaps you'll draw a nice, homely pic of Johnny & Wulf huddled by a campfire, roasting their chestnuts (a-hem!). Or maybe it will be Tharg and his droids at Christmas, enjoying a drop of oil under the Thaxian mistletoe (watch out - it kisses YOU!). How about Christmas in the trenches of Nu Earth?

Feel free to run riot, provided you keep it 2000AD & keep it festive!

The competition will be open until 18 December & voting will run during that week so winners can be announced before Christmas. Hopefully that will give everyone plenty of time to come up with an idea & submit it. I'd love to see this comp be the biggest yet, so I'm hoping more people will contribute this time around.

As it's a slightly special time of year, the prizes will be slightly special as well. Unfortunately, my funds will be tighter in 2007 so this is going to be the last comp I can offer prizes for, but let's go out with a bang:

FIRST PLACE -- A year's subscription to 2000AD, or a prize of the winner's choice up to an equivalent value. If the winner is overseas, I can really only offer the equivalent, as the price of the sub is substantially higher.

SECOND PLACE -- A 2000AD tee-shirt, plus a trade paperback of your choice. If the winner would prefer two books - or two tee-shirts, or a separate prize of equivalent value - that can be arranged.

THIRD PLACE -- A 2000AD tee-shirt or a TPB of the winner's choice.

Hopefully that'll entice a few more people in & offer a little something extra for the winners to enjoy post-Christmas.

Anyway, enough blether - get thinking about what you can draw!

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