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Off Topic / Copying DVDs
« on: 15 April, 2006, 09:27:51 pm »
Quick query - I want to copy a couple of DVDs for my old man - Partridge, Curb Your Enthusiasm etc, but I've just thought - is it actually possible to copy DVDs on a pc? Are they (esp recent ones) copy protected in any way? Also, do you get all the menus/extras etc?

Off Topic / Brilliant, Brilliant Headline
« on: 24 March, 2006, 10:42:59 pm »

Film & TV / More Spaced?
« on: 23 March, 2006, 07:18:46 pm »
Hi there, just listening to last night's edition of 'chain reaction' on the radio 4 site. Apparently he hints that he'd like to do an hour long special of 'Spaced' to bring the show to a satisfying close. Fingers crossed eh? Still well worth a listen - it's Bill Bailey interviewing.

Creative Common / Colouring in Photoshop
« on: 14 March, 2006, 02:01:30 am »
Hi there, wondering if any kind soul skilled in the art of photoshop can help me out with something. I colour my illos in PS, using a variation of the 'cut and grad' technique, which works great for me.
However, my main problem with using it is actually deciding on a colour scheme or colour palette. I tend to just pick colours at random from the colour picker, and the results sometimes look a bit too bright, busy and scattershot, even after tinkering with hue/sat, and i'd like my images to have a more unified, restrained feel (i'm digging kev walker's palette, for example). Basically, are there any tips/rules about picking a coherent colour scheme i should know about? I've searched high and low on the web, but most colouring tutorials don't really cover this aspect in any depth. If anyone can point me in the direction of one it'd be much appreciated.

Books & Comics / Wanted
« on: 11 March, 2006, 01:48:48 am »
Read this recently, and just spotted this on The V, which made me laugh out loud. Completely sums up my opinion on the book, which left a rather nasty taste in my mouth.

Link: 'I'm Halle Berry as Catwoman. You're Deadshot's so

Film & TV / Peep Show to Return?
« on: 10 March, 2006, 08:31:55 pm »
Apologies if this has been posted before, but despite the rumours of cancellation, the greatest sitcom of the decade Peep Show has apparently been commisioned for a forth series.
If this is true, then this is the best news ive heard all week, and although series three was not in the same league as previous series, it's still IMO the best thing on TV and far preferable over any other 'comedy' show on at the moment.

Link: Scroll down a bit

Suggestions / Rebellion to do Live Arcade games
« on: 10 March, 2006, 08:21:49 am »
Dont own a 360 myself, but read an interesting article about this in a recent edge magazine. Live Arcade is Microsoft's exclusive downloadable game service. Games are fairly simple, and are cheap to buy - 4-8 quid, the developer takes a large share of the profit, and there is scope for episodic content downloads. The developers interviewed rave about it.
Don't know what the rules are regarding 'licensed' games, but hows about it Rebellion? A top down Dredd shoot 'em up? A Dante platformer? Slaine - Golden Axe stylee? A Bad Company RTS? Strontium Dog RPG?
IMO it'd be a good, low-risk way to put out more than one 'big budget' game every few years.
Anyone else have an opinion on this?

Film & TV / Mirrormask
« on: 09 February, 2006, 05:54:12 am »
Apparently this, the directrorial debut of Dave McKean, and written by Neil Gaiman, is out in a couple of weeks. So, whats the word? Positive or negative? Think it came out in the states a while back, but I've heard next to nothing about it. Looks quite interesting visually (as you'd expect from McKean), and Rob Brydons in it as well.

Check out the trailer (with wholly inappropriate music)

Link: here

General / Hewlett's Dredd
« on: 08 February, 2006, 05:18:56 am »
Hi there, wondering if anyone can indulge me.
I've often read in bios that Jamie Hewlett was a Judge Dredd artist, yet the only Dredd pic i can actually remember of his was the one of dredd strung up by fink and mean angel (its on the back of my old titan 'angel gang' gn). So, did he ever do any dredd strips? If so, were they any good?

Books & Comics / Dredd: The Chief Judge's Man
« on: 02 February, 2006, 06:29:56 pm »
This arrived in the post for me this morning direct from rebellion. Fantastic stuff - These new dredd collections are great, and i await each new one with much excitement.

As well as the main story, you also get covers for progs 1246, 1264, 1345, 1348, as well as the full Wagner script for chapter 1 of 'The Chief Judge's Man'.

So get out there are grab yourself a copy, and roll on 'Brothers of the Blood'!

Link: CJ's Man

Books & Comics / 50% off on Rebellion trades at FPI
« on: 20 January, 2006, 05:45:13 pm »
As some of you may remember, i posted a while back about the 'buy one get 50% off' offer on selected rebellion trades at Forbidden planet international. I went ahead and took advantage, ordering five which came to a total of 30quid, making a huge saving on rrp. However, the books are starting to arrive now, and the bastards are overcharging me to the tune of 20 quid, as the deal is seemingly over, yet i placed my order before it ended. I've sent an email of complaint, and hope to sort this out, but for everyone else:


Other Reviews / Judge Death: My Name is Death
« on: 12 January, 2006, 08:39:36 pm »
Recieved this gn is the post this morning, and lovely it is too. So it's out there - Get out and get yourself a copy!

Books & Comics / Buy one get one free on rebellion trades...
« on: 23 December, 2005, 07:36:54 am »
Dont know if everyone knows this, but on the forbidden planet website there is buy one get on free on selected rebellion gns.


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