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Help! / Website shop megazine back issues
« on: 30 May, 2011, 03:53:00 PM »
Either throught stupidity or pure ignorance i have neglected the back issue section.

Which brings me to the question im after the brit cit babes GN that comes free with 299 megazine.
Amongst others

Would this be included with the megazine if i buy it from the back issues section?

Help! / Internet Explorer 9
« on: 19 May, 2011, 06:48:37 PM »
Is there much difference in layout between IE8 and IE9? And if i go with the upgrade will it keep my current favs list without me having to save them first?

Help! / Personal history/article help
« on: 21 April, 2011, 09:31:11 PM »
 Back in the late 80's i took part in a 24hr famine with my then school for charity it made the local paper at the time and included a picture.

Anyone able to tell me were would be best to start looking for the article.

I have problem regarding dates and months i believe it would be around 1988/89 i just dont want to be jumping in looking for a needle in a haystack...or is there someone i should ask at a local library that would hold records of old papers? that i could pop along to and ask for help?

Help! / Discovery magazine help
« on: 21 April, 2011, 09:24:40 PM »
Back in the late 80s/90s there was a monthly magazine called discovery which included a free tape with actors acting out various roles.

The magazine was based on british history ie :-

Elizabeth the first and Guy Fawkes iirc. Does anyone remember this or have some knowledge of how far the publication went,and if there is any way of getting hold of the work from the tapes?

Maybe the work on the tapes had been release previously and was being re-used for the discovery magazine???

Film & TV / More film help confused???
« on: 15 April, 2011, 04:08:02 PM »
After posting in the slaine/facebook thread it got me thinking back to flesh and blood.

Was there a character that could go invisible and did it rape a woman? i watched it not so long ago and there was none of this yet.

When i watched it or something similar in the 88/89 it did have these scenes question is am i thinking of this or a film that was similar in name and genre?

Help! / Question regarding ace trucking co
« on: 12 April, 2011, 11:21:17 AM »
Is ace trucking co volume 1 out of print? wife ordered volume 1 from waterstones nearly 3 weeks ago they have none in warehouse and are awaiting stock.

Is it still in print or do i need to be looking at cancelling the order and looking elsewhere? or just wait?

Help! / which slaine
« on: 03 April, 2011, 10:17:20 AM »
Does anyone bave any idea whicb slaine gn if any features air ships.?

The story was in black and white and may possibly have been an annual story?  Again just wondering if it was featured in a gn,can't rememberif it was a one off story or not .

Film & TV / Film help thread
« on: 30 March, 2011, 05:29:52 PM »
There's been a few times in the past (like today) ive puzzled about films that ive enjoyed but had a vague recollection of.

As such i wanted to start this thread not only for the benefit of myself but anyone who may find themselves in the same shoes.

Help! / Film Help......
« on: 30 March, 2011, 05:01:56 PM »
I remember watching a film in the mid to late eighties maybe early ninties..i would class it as a horror? memory is very vague BUT

I do remember some of it was set in a subway train and i remember a man in a lift splitting in 2 from the head down to reveal a mutant/monster/thing underneither

There was a fight/battle on the subway train...again vague not sure if anyone can help but if so id be over the moon to know what it was

Help! / Predator graphic novel help?
« on: 12 March, 2011, 10:16:56 AM »
Predator graphic novel help?

As the title suggests i remember a comic tie in with predator 2 movie is this now in part of the graphic novel collection of "predator"??

And secondly was there an alien comic around about the same time? if so any idea if its now in graphic novel format?

Help! / Megazine graphic novel help
« on: 03 March, 2011, 03:26:07 PM »
Well after a 25 year gap ive started buying 2000ad every wednesday and the megazine every month.

The last 2 megazines had samantha slade GNs with them im assuming the free GNs have been with a fair few megazines?? is there a complete list of GNs that came free with particular megazines and is there anywhere i could buy back issues?

Off Topic / Figures/toy's collecting
« on: 29 January, 2011, 03:16:21 PM »
My son has just turned 4 and is a big ben 10 fan..........as such ive started buying figures for him and im just wondering where i can buy more not just ben 10 but the usual image/marvel/dc/spawn/type figures for him at a reasonably cheap price?

I used to collect a few years ago till i gave them away :( but forbidden planet was exspensive back then and i assume still is.

I dont mind paying shipping from somewhere like america if im getting a deal on figures etc for him

Off Topic / End of the world 2012?
« on: 22 January, 2011, 01:15:20 PM »
George Lucas says world will end in 2012
Seth Rogen, a comedian and actor, said that he was left speechless by a recent conversation in which George Lucas, the producer of Star Wars and other Hollywood hits, told him of his belief that the world would end in 2012.

Lucas made his claims at a meeting with the actor and Steven Spielberg, the director, to discuss a film project.

Rogen told the Toronto Sun: "George Lucas sits down and seriously proceeds to talk for around 25 minutes about how he thinks the world is going to end in the year 2012, like, for real. He thinks it.

"He's going on about the tectonic plates and all the time Spielberg is, like, rolling his eyes, like, 'My nerdy friend won't shut up, I'm sorry ...'

"I first thought he [Lucas] was joking ... and then I totally realised he was serious and then I started thinking, 'If you're George Lucas and you actually think the world is going to end in a year, there's no way you haven't built a spaceship for yourself ... So I asked him ... 'Can I have a seat on it?'

"He claimed he didn't have a spaceship, but there's no doubt there's a Millennium Falcon in a garage somewhere with a pilot just waiting to go ... It's going to be him and Steven Spielberg and I'll be blown up like the rest of us."

Anyone have any thoughts on this? or N.A.S.A's claims regarding the suns solar storm???

Or are like me are you sceptical that this is another millenium bug?

Help! / Podcast problems on my mp3 player
« on: 17 January, 2011, 02:41:13 PM »
As teh above title suggests im having rpoblems with my mp3 players and podcasts

I generally load up my mp3 player with any podcats ive downloaded IE Everything comes back to 2000ad, whilst listening to either the above podcast or any others my mp3 player cuts out and i have to power them up again and start miles away from where i was listening...

I dont think mp3 players are broken and teh podcasts play fine on my PC so im stumpped anyone had any problems like this and if so any idea why?.

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