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Games / Re: Recommend me some PC Games??
« on: 19 May, 2009, 09:09:33 AM »
How did you get on with those Big Daddies Shutdown man?

I've read the preview for Bioshock 2 in PC Gamer and considering how much I enjoyed the original I am not that excited by it. It just looks like more of the same and they gave away a lot of the story in the preview.
Plus I don't really want to go back to having to interact with the little sisters. Perhaps because I have a little daughter but I couldn't suspend my disbelief and had to protect all of them, any time any of them got injured I would reload!

General / Re: Your favourite Judge Dredd 'epics'
« on: 19 May, 2009, 09:04:48 AM »
1.The Pit
This is the one story I would give a first timer interested in seeing what Dredd is all about. It introduces Dredd brilliantly with the whole 'stickler' routine, brings the city to life with Grotpots, homeless, hoverliners, lux-apts, it has real criminal villains as the badguys and shows the flawed human face behind Justice Department. Also, huge last ditch shootout at the end.

2. Apocalypse War
Sattelat, Rowdy Yates, prone to hysteria, heart shot, Strato V, cooking laser, Souster, twister, "Request Denied" BOOM. If that doesn't make you want to read it again, you are probably dead.

3. The Day the Law Died.
Barking mad and awesome, but some of the context of Justice Department and how the city works is now looking a little dated imho. Still, good job on the wall Cal!

That is great stuff Grimmbro but MAN doesn't your Dredd here look like Batman from the Dark Knight Returns?
He scares me.

Games / Re: Recommend me some PC Games??
« on: 15 May, 2009, 11:21:02 AM »
Quote from: "Bouwel"
Re Big Daddies. Try electric bolts and high power weapons such as grenades. Freezing them works as well.


Absolutely. Electroshock then explosives/bullets, then run away around a corner, not in a straight line because of the shoulder charges.
I found the first Big Daddy WAY harder than any of the others. Maybe because you have limited weapon options the first time.

Games / Re: Recommend me some PC Games??
« on: 15 May, 2009, 07:52:40 AM »
Did you get as far as  having to take on your first Big Daddy yet?
That was scary, so damn fast!

Games / Re: Recommend me some PC Games??
« on: 14 May, 2009, 04:54:08 PM »
Ooh yeah, another vote for BIOSHOCK, it is brilliant, brilliant and lovely!

And steam is a great platform.

Welcome to the board / Re: The Haunting of Sector House 9...
« on: 14 May, 2009, 04:51:52 PM »
Quote from: "His Lordship rac"

who is your favourite Dreddverse supporting character and why?

Mrs Gunderson came up in converstaion during the weekend (It was a comic convention, what do you expect!)- so I think I'll plump for her at the moment, though another may come to mind later...

So did you plump for Mrs Gunderson for similar juvenile fantasy reasons that I went for Dekker your Lordship?!

Quote from: "ThryllSeekyr"
While I'm not sure if it's the same Prog your talking about. It did cover one of the "Dragonheist" episodes that ran along side "The Haunting of Sector House Seven" The cover drawn by a artist I had always mistaken for Glenn Fabry, but it's not his work.

I remember Slaine and his stolen dragon, amazing mid-air combat leaps. And I remember being very sad when they chopped off dragon heads for the jewels conveniently inside.
But it was the freaky artwork on the Haunting of Sector House 7/9 that got me. Crazy mouths swearing at Dredd out of the brickwork, and the whole idea of that Psi-amp box as a no way back option. Brilliant. Did untold damage to my impressionable imagination it did!

Games / Re: Recommend me some PC Games??
« on: 14 May, 2009, 04:33:39 PM »
Crysis is indeed supposed to be the best looking game of recent times. Too good for my machine to play!

I would buy Stalker: Clear Sky if I were you. Despite the minor glitches (enemy grenades always land on your shoes!) I have enjoyed it more than most games I've played for ages. The day/night cycle and radiation zone you explore look and feel amazing.

If you want to play against/with other people then Left4Dead is some awesome zombie action.

And Half Life 2 has great storytelling as well as shooting/driving.

Welcome to the board / Re: The Haunting of Sector House 9...
« on: 14 May, 2009, 11:31:30 AM »
Thank you one and all.

Quote from: "peterwolf"
I probably dont need to introduce myself so i wont.

Yeah, that is the weird thing when you have been a lurker, feels a bit voyeuristic when you delurk, like I've been videoing you all in the shower. Which I have, but that is not necessarily the case for all the lurkers out there.
To even the scales a bit more I am 34, married for 12 years, 3 kids (boy and girl twins 20mths, baby girl 4 days!), 2 cats, new bannisters and fingernails that need cutting.

Quote from: "His Lordship rac"
And I think I'm duty bound to point out that Bou is still very much in her prime!

Noooooo I've managed to insult the Queen in my very first post! No insult intended. I just meant that Bou and Trout used to post a lot more frequently that's all.

Quote from: "King Trout"
Hello, Minky. That's an interesting name. I grew up in Dundee, where people who are "minky" don't smell very nice.

I was the Monkeyboy when I was the new boy on a project at work many years ago and basically made the tea. That morphed to Minkyboy Inspector Clouseau style, then Minky. But I do stink, yes.

Quote from: "Godpleton"
That's your mum that is.

Ah now I really know I am welcome, I got my very own insult from Godpleton.
That lovely lady has a few pounds on my mum, and a lot more hair. I would like to think that my mum would make a better go at singing that song too. At least a more enthusiastic attempt anyway.

So tell me something I don't know about you boarders then, as Dekker is my Hero (for her attitude, discipline and being the first lady Judge in tight uniform a young man encountered) who is your favourite Dreddverse supporting character and why?

Welcome to the board / The Haunting of Sector House 9...
« on: 13 May, 2009, 09:19:42 PM »
...that was my first experience of Dredd, when as an impressionable 9 year old my dad bought me my first 2000AD.
Shortly afterwards Dekker became one of my heroes and she still is, despite the tragic waste of killing her off in the sub-standard Judgement Day, at least she died stoically, with her boots on like a good Judge should.

Tooth has had me in it's grip ever since. I redecorated my ceiling with prog covers 380-500 as a kid (ouch), infected my uni mates with my addiction, stopped reading for that bit in the 90's and have had a sub for the last 4 years or so. I was even tempted by the freebies and subscribed to the Meg this year for the first time too.

I've been lurking here for years, since the days before DD went walkabout, when Bou and Trout were in their rampant prime and all was young and fresh with the world. Don't know what is making me come out really. The new board is if anything even friendlier, lots of new blood being welcomed and I have the shared issues of a common age, young kids, cynicism and a love of 2000AD.

Oh and I know about naked Sundays. And your cheeseburgers are in the post Godpleton.


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