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Off Topic / Re: Live, Laugh, Love
« on: Today at 09:09:37 PM »


Off Topic / Re: Yes I was away...
« on: 03 April, 2020, 12:14:27 AM »

Welcome back, Huffy - hope you at least enjoyed Cuba!

Off Topic / Re: Day of Chaos 2: a.Covid-19 thread.
« on: 02 April, 2020, 03:28:24 PM »

"Lift a stone and you will find me. Split a piece of wood and I am there."

Creepy crawlies, too.

Website and Forum / Re: Avatars
« on: 02 April, 2020, 12:20:10 PM »

No avatars for me, either. Also, all my notifications have stopped.

Off Topic / Re: Day of Chaos 2: a.Covid-19 thread.
« on: 02 April, 2020, 12:17:47 PM »

Good job you didn't - it might have gone viral.

Off Topic / Re: Growing for the Apocalypse
« on: 02 April, 2020, 07:38:48 AM »

A word of advice, if you'll indulge me...

Most people give up on self-sufficiency because it's next to impossible. Think of it, instead, as a process of moving towards self-sufficiency. To my mind, the goal is to de-centralise as much as possible, both for yourself and your community. Grow some food between you and swap, use farmers' markets and local shops, exchange your time and services with each other, develop a local currency, form little groups to deal with all the things that come up, join the Agora - things like that. We can't do everything for ourselves - that's why there's so many of us.

Aim for somewhere between self-sufficiency and centralisation - I think that's a good and practical ambition.

*walks off-stage to the rapturous applause of his own footsteps*

Off Topic / Re: Day of Chaos 2: a.Covid-19 thread.
« on: 01 April, 2020, 07:56:20 PM »
Quote from: Tjm86
Quote from: Richard
... does anyone know what a flock of crows is properly
I thought it was a "murder of crows", no?

Not if there's just caws...


Ain't I a stinker? ;)

Off Topic / Re: Life's so drokking fantastic because (the rebirth)
« on: 31 March, 2020, 08:05:13 PM »

That's cool.

I used to donate but nobody wants my blood any more - well, except for Jim, of course...

Off Topic / Re: Threadjacking!
« on: 31 March, 2020, 02:40:45 PM »

Hi Doc - good to see you again.

Off Topic / Re: Day of Chaos 2: a.Covid-19 thread.
« on: 25 March, 2020, 08:20:02 PM »


Lots of coffee.

Off Topic / Re: activities of the trapped
« on: 25 March, 2020, 04:48:39 PM »

Me too!

Off Topic / Re: RIPs
« on: 24 March, 2020, 07:28:12 PM »

So sad.

When I was very young, about 8 or 9, I came across two Asterix books in a tourist shop in Southport. I could only afford one, which I bought, and then (I'm ashamed to admit) I stole the other. It's the only book I ever pinched - and got a good hiding for it when I got home. It didn't dampen my love for Asterix, though, a love which has only grown over the years. Goscinny and Uderzo were the first comic creators whose names I learned and Asterix was the first comic I fell in love with.


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