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Classifieds / Dredd & death Bolland door posters on ebay...
« on: 28 August, 2012, 12:40:10 AM »
Some more of my stuff on ebay... more to follow as those bills just won't go away!!

Jugde Decay... not familiar with that one....

General / Re: Ebay watch.
« on: 17 August, 2012, 10:48:22 PM »
It is with a heavy heart I am listing this 2000ad original artwork on ebay....

Ian Gibson Robo Hunter 'Farewell my Billion' and a Kev Walker THARG cover from prog 1313.


Please let them go to a good home.... with visiting rights..... sob!

Film & TV / Re: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
« on: 09 August, 2012, 01:38:15 PM »
Seen this last weekend and was thoroughly underwhelmed by it.

Hathaway looked good the the Catwoman outfit (but would you really go about climbing in and out of buildings and running around in high heels?)

Banes voice sounded like a pantomime villain. Would have preferred if Nolan hadn't given in to complaints that no one could understand him when the first trailer was released... Sounded fine to me.

And no Dredd trailer either. Humph!

Film Discussion / Re: Dredd (2012)
« on: 09 August, 2012, 01:22:43 PM »
Don't know if it's been discussed before but there appears to be two zebras having sex graffitied on to left side of the corner of the building Dredd is standing atop....

That's odd....

Film Discussion / Re: Dredd (2012)
« on: 03 August, 2012, 02:04:26 PM »
they are much more interested in mediocre product such as Total Recall or Spiderman.

Spider-Man is really very good..... it has it's faults but was much, much better than I was expecting.

I haven't seen Total Recall so I can't comment on that... didn't even know it was on release.

Film Discussion / Re: Dredd (2012)
« on: 02 August, 2012, 08:58:49 PM »

Final poster

Looks like this...

But it is good...

Film & TV / Re: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
« on: 19 July, 2012, 04:03:45 PM »
Not getting the best or reviews..... The guys at Rotten Tomatoes have been getting death threats from mental Bat fans because of their poor review of it.

Dredd will own this film... roll on September.

Film & TV / Re: Thomas Jane makes Punisher fan film....
« on: 16 July, 2012, 06:12:27 PM »
Oh right.... I wasn't aware it was a Marvel film.... didn't notice the Marvel logo. Must have been at the very end.

My bad.

BTW... Spoiler how?

Film & TV / Thomas Jane makes Punisher fan film....
« on: 16 July, 2012, 06:00:24 PM »

Apologies if this has already been posted....


Help! / Re: Harlem Heroes / Inferno Query
« on: 15 July, 2012, 11:32:53 PM »
Or Strontium Dog by anyone except Carlos.

Help! / Re: Hive mind help to name artist of sketch....
« on: 15 July, 2012, 11:06:46 PM »
It's very similar to that Coleby sketch... same head position etc.....

I'll go for Cloeby.

Many thanks.

Film Discussion / Re: Dredd (2012)
« on: 15 July, 2012, 10:51:03 PM »
Its not even out and I have found a negative review...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCJjTsB8epI...was most impressed withthe mention of Judge Whitey ::)
Youtube video bloggers are not even failed journalists and should not be given any attention, just like reply girl boobcams and the people who film themselves opening a variety of things. When I am president of the universe people with personality disorders will be forbidden from owning cameras and it will be illegal for under 21s to purchase microphone headsets.

I'm pleasantly surprised by the reviews so far, even the unflattering ones are positive, and have convinced me to watch this in 3D when it's released. Haven't watched a 3D movie since Krull in the 80's

Banana Republic in Jamaica?
The Apocalypse Now story?

Had to switch off after about two mins.....

Classifieds / 2000ad prog 25 for sale
« on: 15 July, 2012, 10:20:49 PM »
Man does it take an age to list stuff on ebay... take a pic, write description, upload pic... etc... etc....

Anyways... heres prog 25 for anyone interested.


Have more to list from issue 50 - 100 but just dont have the time tonight... will do more later in the week.

If anyone is after particular issues from 50 - 100 PM me and I'm sure we can come to an arrangement.


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