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Off Topic / Re: What d'ya look like then?........
« on: 13 March, 2004, 06:53:06 am »
And here's your friendly neighbourhood Mike...

Off Topic / Re: What d'ya look like then?........
« on: 11 March, 2004, 05:58:29 am »
Tonight, Matthew, I'll be wearing a red tie, a white shirt, and grey trenchcoat...

Starr's in their Eyes

Suggestions / Re: @:) = Tharg
« on: 09 March, 2004, 04:58:22 pm »
::^|  = Abelard Snazz

Off Topic / Re: Firefly ---> Serenity............
« on: 04 March, 2004, 09:33:41 pm »
A mate of mine bought the Firefly DVD box set in the states, and lent it to us...

Without a doubt, it was one of the best SF TV shows I've ever seen. And I've seen them all! It even rivals Bablyon 5 and Farscape at their best.

In the US, the episodes were broadcast out of sequence (they showed the pilot AFTER all the other episodes), so it's no wonder that it didn't grab the fans' interest.

General / Re: Mecon, anybody?
« on: 08 March, 2004, 09:22:43 pm »
Nope, that would be my old pal Michael Scott... But I'll let him know that you like his book!

Just got back from Mecon... It was a very quiet con, but good fun. Unfortunately, guests Glenn Fabry and John Meaney didn't make it, but all the others did - had some great chats with Paul J. Holden (and got a good look at his upcoming Rogue Trooper six-parter - excellent stuff!) Robert Rankin was, as ever, a true gent (still quite, quite mad, though), and Ian McDonald was his usual subdued but witty self (he brought a bunch of us to an excellent Chinese restaurant called - IIRC - Tong Dynasty).

General / Re: Mecon, anybody?
« on: 05 March, 2004, 03:18:40 pm »
>BTW... Talking about names, have you done the 'Google-your-own-name-when-bored-at-lunch' thing?

> I'm an astronaut, a folk singer, a US football coach, and best of all-- a cocktail and a gay porn star!

There's a lot of Mike Carrolls out there, the most prominent being a space artist (i.e, he paints landscapes, or spacescapes, which is probably a more correct term). If anyone knows how to get in touch with him, let me know: I get an awful lot of his fan-mail (despite the prominent message on my website saying that I'm NOT the Michael Carroll who paint space pictures). I can only presume that all my fan mail is going to him. It's certainly not coming to me...

Link: My website

General / Re: Mecon, anybody?
« on: 04 March, 2004, 11:21:14 pm »
Who am I? Er... I dunno.

There appears to gave been a mix-up of some kind! (Or should that be Micks-up?)

I'm Michael Carroll, and this is not the first time I've been confused with a Michael Collins: the cover of one of my books, which I created myself, was incorrectly credited to a Michael Collins on the back cover, too late for me to change it!

I will now attempt to sort out my profile thingy...

Apologies for any confusion (that is, any confusion related to this matter: I can't take responsibility for any other confusion that might be happening n the universe).

General / Re: Mecon, anybody?
« on: 04 March, 2004, 04:28:40 pm »
Robert Rankin writes the Brentford books (among other things). Check out the link below for more about him. I've known Robert for many years now, and he's a nice chap.

Mad as hatter, mind you, but nice.

Link: Sproutlore

General / Mecon, anybody?
« on: 04 March, 2004, 06:29:21 am »
Just wondering: who's going to Mecon 7, then?

For those of you not in the know, Mecon is the annual convention of the Queen's University of Belfast SF&F Society, taking place from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th.

The comics guests are Paul J. Holden and Glenn Fabry, both of whom I've met before; sterling chaps and always up for a sketch or a signing!

Plus there's the chance to meet top authors Robert Rankin, John Meaney, Ian McDonald. And some hack whose name escapes me at the moment.

The missus and I are making a weekend of it (we're planning to get there nice and early on Friday to take advantage of the city's numerous top comics shops) so I'm hoping to meet up with some of you guys there...

Link: Mecon

Off Topic / Re: The worse publicity photo EVAH...
« on: 13 February, 2004, 08:45:23 pm »
Don't know who the gentleman is, but the lady is top SF author Anne McCaffrey.

News / Re: 'That' film is in a new box-se...
« on: 29 July, 2004, 09:37:03 pm »
Ah, guys, guys...! Enough with the Killiney and Dalkey bashing! As a former postman who worked in that area I can tell you that there are parts of both Killiney and Dalkey where someone is considered posh if they can speak a whole sentence without using the F-word, and where if a girl isn't pregnant by the time she's fifteen she's ostracised for being a snob.

Granted there ARE parts that do deserve the "West Britain" label, but that's true of pretty much everywhere in Dublin.

But getting back to Colin Farrell's accent... At times it's pretty ropey, but he's still far, far better than any Americans attempting to do the same. Consider Richard Gere in The Jackal, Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson in Back to the Future Part 3... Not good! And now consider Joe Virtelli in Shallow Hal - surely the worst "Oirish" accent ever? Or can anyone think of a worse one?

- Mike

Help! / Re: I'm an uncle! Get me out of he...
« on: 21 July, 2006, 09:09:49 am »
Congrats, LMS! The offspring of siblings are always tremendous fun - you can buy them cool toys and [ahem] show them how to use them!

Suggestions / Re: Judge Dredd Crossovers you wou...
« on: 23 September, 2003, 04:15:21 pm »
How about the ultimate lawman against the ultimate crook? Judge Dredd versus The Stainless Steel Rat!

General / Re: The Big Itch
« on: 10 July, 2003, 06:11:29 am »
Yeah, I always get itchy after reading it too! Great story - and of course it features one of the BEST Dredd lines ever: "I've got them. I'm just not scratching."

In a similar vein, I always get a cold when I'm reading Stephen King's epic novel The Stand...

News / Re: Thatcher: dead
« on: 27 June, 2003, 06:59:28 am »
Not being British I've never understood this: If everyone hates Margaret Thatcher so much, why did you guys keep voting her into power?

[Please don't hit me!]

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