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Welcome to the board / Re: Hi from a complete Newbie
« on: 10 August, 2012, 08:59:38 PM »
Hi Pure Magic!!

Do not worry, you may encounter some grumpy Judges or some stone faced ones (like me), but you are the welcomed among us!!!

It's great to have new readers to The Galaxy's Greatest Comic ever. You will have your weekly doses of thrills!!!

Just pray The Mighty Tharg To Bless You With His Glorious Light.

All Hail The Mighty Tharg.

Welcome to the board / Re: Hello again, Citizens.
« on: 10 August, 2012, 08:55:43 PM »
Yup. I know it. And what your comment has to do with mine? Hm??

I do a black humored comment in the tradition of 2000 AD's best sentences and this is the result??

Maybe I am not in a good mood to understand your comment. So, I will stay here with you. Perp.

Welcome to the board / Re: Hullo from QuickQuag!
« on: 10 August, 2012, 08:51:24 PM »
QuickQuag? Humr... Citizen, stay out of my sight, punk, or you will have the great pleasure to meet my Lawgiver MkII, a day or another.

QuickQuag... Perp. Drokk.

Welcome to the board / Re: I may only be a rookie, but I'm ready
« on: 10 August, 2012, 08:47:33 PM »
Rookie. You want to live into the streets of Mega-City One? Do not play as a perp. Maybe I will forget that you are a rookie.

Ask to be transferred to a Wally Squad. That way, I am sure to forget you as a rookie.

Now, move.

Welcome to the board / Re: Greetings. Been out of the game a while.
« on: 10 August, 2012, 08:38:02 PM »
Welcome, citizen.

Stay out of my sight and The Law will have nothing to do with you. Do an error, and you will see me if you are lucky enough or my Lawgiver MkII canon in the worst case.

Now, move. Perp.

Welcome to the board / Hello again, Citizens.
« on: 10 August, 2012, 08:34:20 PM »
Here is the Judge MANSON. I am returning from my long trip into the Cursed Earth and I am stronger than ever. So, beware, creeps. Break the Laws and I Will Break You.

Now, move. Public meetings are illegal into the streets. Report to your main block entry gate. Any transgressor will be sentenced to death with immediate execution. A 10 creds fee will be charged for the Resyk processing. Have a good day, citizens. Grud.

All Hail The Mighty Tharg

News / Re: BARNEY updated! Props to The Cosh
« on: 18 April, 2012, 09:39:51 AM »
Damn... I have given my scanner to an young scholar to help him for his studies...

I have some issues in these regions...

I can not afford to buy a new scan (huge budget cuts in my hobbies... :( )

News / Re: Brett Ewins hospitalised by police
« on: 18 April, 2012, 09:34:42 AM »
Damn... He could have been released for his trial. He is no more a danger for someone else or for himself.

I hope that the sentence will be at its maximum a general collectivity working hours punishment and nothing more.

I know what it is when you "lose" your mind in a violent nervous breakdown crisis: I suffer from this.

In my personal case, if I was implied in a such affair, I would have pled guilty with this arrangement of general collectivity working hours and public excuses to the hurt Policemen.

I think that this punishment would be a strong benefit therapy for my mental disease. But it is me. I am not  Brett Ewins.

May he finds at last some peace in his tired mind. Because, believe me, perps, it is a really tiring disease...

News / Re: Judge Dredd vs. The Big Two!
« on: 17 April, 2012, 09:23:36 PM »
How I love the glorious black and white first image of this topic!!!

Citizen of Mega-City One, every super-pukes will be arrested and ex-traded to the penal colony on Titan.
Any attempt to escape this order will be hereby sentenced by death with immediate execution. Thank you for your understanding.

Control, prepare the meat-wagons. Grud.


 A new glory bloody gory era is coming!!!! Long Live to the Dark Judges!!!! All Hail The Mighty Tharg!!!! Grud.

Citizen, it is a message from your Judge MANSON. Every citizen who wants to escape the death sentence of The Dark Judges will be hereby sentence to death with immediate execution. Control, prepare the meat-wagons. Thank you for your understanding.

Suggestions / 2000 AD boxes
« on: 28 February, 2012, 11:20:23 AM »
Hello Citizens of Mega-City One.

I wish to inform you that I will contact Control to study the case of some 2000 AD boxes to protect our weekly Books of The Law.

These boxes should be made with 100% recycled paper. They should contain an annual published 2000 AD Progs. To lower the costs, I propose to let them in glorious white colour with only the 2000 AD logo on the spine. Some stickers should be provided to mark these boxes for each year.

All commentaries are welcomed. All flood commentaries' authors will be prosecuted and sentenced to 20 years in Cube.

Have a nice day, Citizens.

Announcements / Re: The future is 35 years young in February!
« on: 23 February, 2012, 12:04:54 PM »
Happy Birthday 2000 AD!!!!!! 35 years is very young in The Almighty Tharg Timeline!!!!

I am older of only 6 years...


Beg The Almighty Tharg For His Glorious Pardon!!!

All Hail Tharg!!

Prog / Re: Prog 1770: Judgement from on High!
« on: 16 February, 2012, 04:41:35 PM »
Grud!!! I still have not received MY Prog!!!!!  >:(

The posties, these perps!!!, will be immediately sentenced to death penalty. I am not in the mood to send them for a lifetime sentence on the Titan penal colony...

Did you have any problems since the Prog shipping with this clear plastic bag?  :-*
It is not the first "lost" and I fear that this new one will no be the final one...  :'(

Books & Comics / Re: Eagle Awards
« on: 29 January, 2012, 02:09:10 AM »
Fred? Is that you? I didn't know you were here! Bon sour, Mon ami; et merci Aussie pour la vote. (crikey, my francais is so bad)

Yup, it's me!! I also have voted for "Favourite British Comicbook: Black and White: Futurequake"!!!
Do not worry about your French, my English is not so perfect: I am always lost in the verbs conjugations of the past times and I lack some true English vocabulary from the UK...

I think it is a problem of language programming during the cloning process. It is a real shame for a Judge... Grud!!

OK, I return to patrol in the streets of Mega-City One.I think that my Lawgiver will be very hot this night!! So many perps...

See you later, Citizen Bolt-01!!

Books & Comics / Re: Eagle Awards
« on: 28 January, 2012, 10:13:58 PM »
Who did you pick then, Logan? Be interetsed in seeing those choices.

I've yet to vote this year, so thanks for any nominations for FQ etal. To be honest- losing four times in a row saps the enthusiasm.

Hi Bolt-01!!

I have voted for you!!!
(Favourite Letterer: Bolt-01)

For the Roll of Honour, I have chosen Ezquerra, I hope that John will pardon me...

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