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Welcome to the board / Re: Hello From The Doctor Alt 8
« on: 27 January, 2010, 06:46:43 PM »
But are you an "X"?

I should hope so, otherwise you are simply "The".

An X what?  :o

Off Topic / Re: Seen any good snowmen?
« on: 27 January, 2010, 06:04:36 PM »
We had a huge snowman build on the grass outside my home last Feb.

And in the middle of the night....

Someone STOLE IT!

(And I do mean stole, there was no melting and no suspicious piles of cumpled snow to indicate vandlisum)

Still, that's Croydon for you.

Off Topic / Re: Pussie Thread
« on: 27 January, 2010, 05:56:45 PM »
A friend who works in mental health listened to that cat related 999 call and was absolutely horrified and outraged that this clearly unwell woman had been exposed to public humiliation in this way. Certainly made me see it in a different light, that's for sure.

I'm sorry but unless it was discovered later that the caller did actually have mental health issues I would be very weary of this as an exsplination. NO health proffessional can diagnose a mental health issue on such flimsy eveidence no matter how exsperienced. It may be comforting to think that people have a mental health issue... instead of the nasty truth that there are some very dumb people out there... A belife that dosen't do the genuine sufferes no good at all. (Just like the very very rare cases of violence infliced on others when those who do have mantal health issues are far more likley to cause halm to themselves.)

Links / Re: Youtube Gold
« on: 26 January, 2010, 01:33:58 AM »
Yes... but you still wouldn't want your credit card to be refused in that place...  ::)

Games / Re: Anyone for Mornington Crescent?
« on: 25 January, 2010, 03:35:32 PM »
Damn it...

I have no option but to go for the old sexual inuendo of...

(All together now) COCKFOSTERS!

General / Re: why isn't there a St. Georges flag t-shirt?
« on: 25 January, 2010, 03:28:48 PM »
This is a bit of tough one.

There's no reason why the English should be any less happy about being English than the Scots are about being Scottish or the Welsh about being Welsh or the Irish about being Irish. However, because of a bunch of vile braindead thugs, the English flag is tainted and easily misappropriated. I don't know if it's possible to win it back.

However, I do have a suggestion:

A new piece of art recreating The Schicklgruber Grab - Hitler on his knees with Alpha's gun at his head, flag in the background.

If you want to be provocative, add the caption: 'Taking back the flag, one fascist at a time'.

Dredd would have us for incitement, of course.



Oh I Agree.

And I like the T shirt Idea. But they never seem to do them big enough for my mate... and they lose perspecive on my chest...

General / Re: Life Spugs because...
« on: 25 January, 2010, 03:25:22 PM »
I would refrain from taking the advice from the poster above me....

At least if you are going to follow it ... film yourself. That is the kind of stupidity that'll bring you instant fame.....

Games / Re: Anyone for Mornington Crescent?
« on: 24 January, 2010, 12:35:08 AM »
Why thank you kind sir....

Battersea Bridge

Welcome to the board / Re: Hello From The Doctor Alt 8
« on: 23 January, 2010, 09:01:48 PM »
BTW: How many posts do I have to make before I stop being a sub-basement sewer droid?

Not that I am a post whore or anything like that...

Games / Re: Anyone for Mornington Crescent?
« on: 23 January, 2010, 08:56:40 PM »
You tricky barsteward!


Off Topic / Re: Pussie Thread
« on: 23 January, 2010, 08:47:10 PM »
Stringing along: audio reminder by police for public not to abuse 999Recording of woman who dialled 999 to report string-playing cat released by police to highlight misuse of emergency service

Two hours of a cat playing with a piece of string probably does not warrant a call to emergency services. Photograph: Larry Wadsworth/AP
As the woman surveyed the scene, she knew she had to act, and act quickly. Not only was her cat playing with string, it had been doing so for two hours.
Luckily for her, she was able to dial 999 and report the matter to Greater Manchester police.
The force has released an audio recording of the call to remind people the 999 emergency service should not be abused.
In the audio clip the woman, who has not been named, explained she had reached breaking point after a torrid two hours of relentless string play. "It's doing me head in," she said, in a voice that appears to be slurred.
Woman reports cat to the police Link to this audio
In another incident a man called 999 after becoming stuck on a patch of ice in Bolton.
Greater Manchester police said it received almost 1,377 calls between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, only a fraction of which were genuine emergencies.
The people of Greater Manchester are not the only 999 offenders. Cambridgeshire police have fielded calls from "a woman with a plummy accent" who was distressed that she couldn't find Homebase and another who wanted Tony Blair's number so she could tell him he was "her sort of chap".
Avon and Somerset's website has a whole section dedicated to inappropriate 999 calls, including a woman concerned about a squirrel with no hazelnut trees and another caller who wanted to know "what year the internet first came out." (Regular readers of this site will know, of course, that it was in 1969.)
Back in Manchester, a weary Superintendent Karan Lee, head of call handling, said: "We are still expecting a high volume of 999 calls on New Year's Eve. Research tells us that a very high percentage of these will not actually be related to an emergency."
• This article was amended on 5 January 2010. The original reported Greater Manchester police as saying they received almost 1.4m calls between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. This has been corrected
more stupidity HERE http://themuseumofincompetance.yuku.com/directory

General / Re: Life Spugs because...
« on: 23 January, 2010, 04:26:44 PM »
That sounds nasty. Make sure whoever sees you is AWAKE and not at the butt end of a 50+ hour shift...

Off Topic / Re: Pussie Thread
« on: 23 January, 2010, 04:12:12 PM »
Depends on your personality.
Do you admire independance... or need SOMETHING totally devoted to you...  :P

General / Re: Life Spugs because...
« on: 23 January, 2010, 03:49:59 PM »
Well let's see.
I can't get people to visit my sites..
When I adopt RPG chreters to help other players out...they inevitably leave without so much as a bye-your-leave, explination or appology... leaving muggings here to "run" the whole blasted team which spoils the fun...
I'm "stuck" on my stories and people hate my comic writings..

General / Re: why isn't there a St. Georges flag t-shirt?
« on: 23 January, 2010, 03:43:45 PM »
Personally I object to St George being our patron saint.
The reason being that "he " probably didn't exist... and even if he did .., he has absolutly no connection to England. I say that if your still going to have a patron stain then they should at least meet the qualifications of
1/ existing.
2/ a strong connection to the country who has adpoted him/her.

That isn't too much to ask, is it?

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