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Prog / Re: Prog 2124 - The New Normal
« Last post by Colin YNWA on Today at 09:05:23 pm »
That's a step back in the right direction.

Dredd was really enjoyable, fun, wonderful art and exciting. Simple, if familar story done well.

Kingmaker continues to be really good, nice conclusion to the mini-story that has opened this new series.

Survival Geeks remains fluff, but I must admit I enjoyed this piece of fluff.

Max Normal now this I really enjoyed. I loved way way both art and dialogue catch Max really well, all be it as discussed on the Thrillcast a slightly toned down Max but it really worked. The mood, atmosphere of of ruined times past and the new things that spring up in there place was just fantastic. Yes it was just set-up but damned good set up.

Grey Area hurtles to a conclusion I'm not ready for and I don't think the strip is either, still its a delight and lets face it Dabnett nows a damned sight more than me.

As I've said before, slight changes tweeks and tune-ups can make the Prog sing when it might have stuttered.

Oh liked Driod-life too.
Classifieds / Re: Megazine Art Prints
« Last post by Bojay1997 on Today at 08:47:38 pm »
E-mail sent.  Thank you.
Classifieds / 2000ad & Judge Dredd Original Art
« Last post by Geoff on Today at 07:18:18 pm »
Just out a few pages on Ebay.

There's a lovely vintage Ian Gibson Robo Hunter, an equally vintage Mick McMahon Dredd sketch and a couple of others

Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« Last post by Mardroid on Today at 07:11:48 pm »
Prog / Re: Prog 2124 - The New Normal
« Last post by Geoff on Today at 07:03:53 pm »
That cover is great...Quite Frankly.

Was hoping against hope that Davis Hunt would be drawing the strip too, but it was still great to see Max back and Cornwell's art rather suits the strip.

The first page of Dredd was so promising, Goddard is a fantastic droid and the opening had an intense feel to it.  And then all of a sudden cannibal sovs who've been living inside a strato v for 35years! What!?

And another existential threat to the Meg...   
Classifieds / Re: Megazine Art Prints
« Last post by I, Cosh on Today at 06:57:43 pm »
PM with offers of cold, hard, cash or trades.
I've got a bag of ice cubes shaped like dolphins right here...

Classifieds / Megazine Art Prints
« Last post by hippynumber1 on Today at 06:14:37 pm »
Up for grabs: all 12 cover prints from 2018’s Megazine. I have no idea what these are worth, if anything, so PM with offers of cold, hard, cash or trades.


Prog / Re: Prog 2124 - The New Normal
« Last post by Eamonn Clarke on Today at 04:30:33 pm »

Jon Davis-Hunt to the Max
General / Re: Drokk!! - a rival to SpaceSpinner 2000??
« Last post by JayzusB.Christ on Today at 03:15:44 pm »
Aye, Rich and Flint worked well as a double act.  But later on if you'd taken a shot for every time "cheesecake" was mentioned you'd end up in detox.

(Edit: I don't really have a problem with either type of cheesecake)
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