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Prog / Re: Prog 2161 - Organ Malfunction!
« Last post by Richard on Today at 09:54:05 pm »
That would have been a better ending.
Feikki, for cross-referencing help, Douglas Wolk has two great lists of uncollected stories on his site under the posts Housekeeping #1 and Housekeeping #2. http://dreddreviews.blogspot.com/
I've found the 2000AD shop very helpful so far.

For my money, Return of the Taxidermist ties with Swimming in Blood as best Dreddworld story the Megazine ever ran. Hell, it's knocking on the door of Song of the Surfer and The Dead Man, the near-untouchable giants of the broader Dreddworld genre. Some of the most exquisite art of Ian Gibson's career, and an absolute tour de force of inspired, hilarious lunacy from John Wagner - yet one that still retains an emotional core. Just about as good as it gets.

It's definitely some of the best character work I've seen so far.
I have it all in spreadsheet form here

Grab a copy and you can easily add a column for Collected In Trade - the hard part will be all the cross-referencing.

Love a spreadsheet - thanks for sharing sintec!

Feikki, for cross-referencing help, Douglas Wolk has two great lists of uncollected stories on his site under the posts Housekeeping #1 and Housekeeping #2. http://dreddreviews.blogspot.com/

Prog / Re: Prog 2161 - Organ Malfunction!
« Last post by IndigoPrime on Today at 09:18:16 pm »
I was half expecting Dredd to say something about the robots being considered human now, and then being banged up for 50 years for handling stolen goods.
Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« Last post by radiator on Today at 09:17:56 pm »
We are moving to a US model. We will become a low-tax/small-state place, where the rich are rich and the less wealthy too often consider themselves temporarily embarrassed soon-to-be-rich, and so fight against the higher taxes that would make their lives better. (Arguably, that’s already happened in this GE run, with the bullshit about people under Labour “on average” paying £2k+ more tax. Yes. Because some people are super-rich and that monumentally skews things.)

As for voting Tory, it’s never been my bag, but I’ve in the past understood it. I know people who have voted Tory in the past. They’re not bad people. We don’t share politics, and they may be a bit "head in the sand” on certain issues (along with – mostly – being insulated and privileged), but they weren’t bad. Now, I’m past that. In this GE, you’re either ignorant of reality or flat-out horrible if you’ve voting Tory. And that we’ve 40%+ looking at voting for a repainted UKIP, that doesn’t say good things about the future of the UK. (Although if the Tories get a majority, I don’t think the UK as an entity has a future.)

Pretty much agree with you word for word, though I personally have never fully agreed with the 'temporarily embarrassed millionaire' reasoning for the poor being convinced to vote against their interests. Most poor people I know are aware they will always be poor. It's more that the right wing leans heavily on social issues and culture war rhetoric to keep the plebs on their side. Here, it's things like guns, abortion and immigration, over in the UK it's Brexit and immigration.

I live in the US, and feel deeply conflicted about it. On the one hand, I'm personally pretty comfortable (at least I am for the time being). I'm financially stable and have 'good' health coverage. However I don't see myself staying here for the rest of my life, because due to healthcare and sky-high property taxes you only realistically stand a chance of ever retiring, or even perhaps transitioning to working part time in your old age, if you have a rock-solid private pension plan (which due to the ever more precarious state of work, vanishingly few people have anymore). Workers rights are non-existent - I didn't even realise before I moved here that you can literally be sacked for no reason and given no notice, and most people get by on 10 days or less of holiday a year, with sick days being deducted from that. They sell all this by calling it 'freedom'. You are 'free' to leave your job at any time, just as your employer is 'free' to get rid of you on a whim.

I would not wish the insurance-based American healthcare system on anyone. It is a literal nightmare on every level.

You have to sit through tedious, impenetrable insurance seminars. You sometimes have to have a separate policy just to cover your deductible. You have the constant stress of worrying about losing your job, because that also means losing your health coverage, exponentially increasing the anxiety of job security (its no wonder that there is such a mental health crisis in this country).

And even if you are 'covered', you really aren't ever 'covered'. If you travel to different state for example, your coverage may vary completely and you could still be on the hook for thousands if something goes wrong. On our old policy, apendicitis was not covered. At all. Weeks after we switched to a different provider (which you have to do constantly for boring reasons) my colleague got apendicits. If we hadn't just switched providers, he would have received a bill for $20,000+. And that's with insurance. Another acquaintance had complications with the birth of their child. They still had to pay a lot out of pocket, but if they didn't have insurance, their bill would have been almost $300,000.

It really is almost inconceivable to a Brit. Never get complacent about the NHS. It is a godsend.
Film & TV / Re: Worzel Gummidge Specials
« Last post by von Boom on Today at 09:11:12 pm »
When I saw Crook was both relieved and excited. I think Crook will handle this very well.
Other Reviews / Re: Devlin Waugh: Red Tide collection
« Last post by Colin YNWA on Today at 09:08:06 pm »
NECRO - beat this NECRO if you can.

Anyway just finished the new edition of Devlin Waugh - Red Tide. Its a very different collection to this one I suspect including stories from a good number of Megazine's in the 200s. Red Tide is joined by Bite Fight, Vile Bodies, All Hell and Innocence and Experience. All the stories are delight and brutal in equal measure, the light and dark shades of our leading man just a breezy joy as he takes up down dark paths, both his own and those of the world's he inhabits.

Red Tide is a tense action thriller in the mode of a zombie movie and when you read it you know the stories aren't going to top it. The you get to All Hell and realise you were wrong as Waugh journeys into hell in quite fantastic style. So that's going to be the best ... until you get to the history lesson and origin story that is Innocence and Experience which is sublime...(actually I didn't enjoy it as much as All Hell but that would have spoiled what I was after.) John Smith just finds ways to keep the stories thrilling and yet astonishing smart and engaging. The character is an absolute joy to read and while his adventures are brutal and horrific he grants them and idefinible quality of pomp.

All this and art of Colin MacNeil, John Burns, Peter Doherty and some pages from Jock's aborted Red Tide which I didn't know about and while the previous package might have been a diappointment this is one of the best 2000ad collections I can remember reading.
Prog / Re: Prog 2161 - Organ Malfunction!
« Last post by Colin YNWA on Today at 08:52:34 pm »
As you were. Dredd solid and entertaining. Maybe not Mike Carroll's best but its a good story.

Defoe ends and I've really not got much to say the series has never really worked of me and this one is no different. Mind the art as improved in the second half and I look forward to seeing how S K Moore's work continues to develop.

The back end of the Prog is just dreamy. Brink continues to be a procedural delight. Its sharp, clean with art to match - yet under it all its so full of human life and drama.

Hope Under Fire sticks its landing to perfection. Again the art perfectly matches the story and its gruesome fitting ending. This series has been superb.

As has The Fall of Deadworld Mortis echoing Dredd's strike back in a suitably gloriously morbid way. This is world building in its most apocalypic form. Just superb ending.

Nice cover next time too and looks like we'll get more Deadworld - I assume a one off and a pretty nice line up to see the year out.

So Tharg's final line-up of the year has been great, not perfect but bloomin' close at times and the end of year Prog suggests we'll be entering the new year in equal good spirits.
Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« Last post by TordelBack on Today at 08:47:18 pm »
Nativity 1 and 2. Daft fun with a heart-warming message, perfect seasonal entertainment.

There is nothing about the premise, and little enough about the casting, of those two films that would interest me one jot. And the finale of the first one makes absolutely no sense. And yet I agree wholeheartedly: warm, silly fun that I end up watching whenever they happen to be on.
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