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It had the better build up, it had an epilogue.

It had the Dark Judges.

But Apocalypse War also had Dark Judges called Ruskies

It had the better build up, it had an epilogue.

It had the Dark Judges.
Easy choice: The Judge Child The Apocalypse War.
General / Re: Carlos Ezquerra's 2000ad & Judge Dredd colouring book
« Last post by Bolt-01 on Today at 08:12:37 AM »
Back in 2013 (blimey, didn't realise it was that long ago) I commissioned the much missed Nigel Dobbyn for an Illo of Kid Knee.

Nigel was an absolute gent throughout the process and once the final work was complete -- all digital remember -- Nigel sent me a couple of different resolution copies as well as a fantastic hi res print that he made sure showed his art off to its full glory.

Last time I saw Nigel we were chatting and he just casually told me that he'd deleted the files to the commission once completed. I was aghast but he laughed it off and said as far as he was concerned it was the best way to make sure that the single print he did for me was as close as possible to an original page.

His reasoning was that he viewed the piece as work for hire. He completed his part and passed the work to me as the owner to do as I wished.

Another view of this is the wide variety of covers commissioned for Zarjaz. As I'm sure I've bored you all before Zarjaz is a not for profit zine, so I can in no way afford to commission the glorious works on the cover at market rate, but I offer the droids a gratuity to cover oil and bribes for Mek-Quake to look the other way.

This has resulted in some of the most astounding work to grace a fanzine but the point is that all I'm asking these artist for is first use. What they do with the work afterwards is their business.
Oh, The Apocalypse War.

Thanks for running this, Colin- as usual so much has come up that I have found myself immediately wanting to reread. The main one being The Judge Child- which I have decided to read *in the original progs* for added thrillchills.

News / Re: Jim Baikie
« Last post by Colin YNWA on Today at 07:56:10 AM »
Wow astonishing find. Those are fantastic so unlike Jim Baikie as we know him, yet still identifibly Jim Baikie. What a talent.
Carlos vs Carlos? A fitting tribute to the king!

Easy win for Apocalypse War for me. Iconic.

Ps. Many thanks to Colin for running this ongoing poll, it’s been great!
General / Re: Carlos Ezquerra's 2000ad & Judge Dredd colouring book
« Last post by Jim_Campbell on Today at 07:18:27 AM »
I would have assumed that the artist retains copyright on the work, and is effectively selling you a copy or a print of something they can reproduce if they wish to.

Again, not if it's an image of something they don't own the copyright to. In most instances, a drawing of the Millennium Falcon/Serenity/Enterprise A through Z would have more value to a commissioner than "random spaceship the artist made up in their head" and that value in part comes from the IP that someone else owns.

An artist can draw anything they like, but at the point of monetising the work then, if it's a pre-existing piece of IP or demonstrably derives from one, then ownership of that IP comes into play and the artist should only sell it to the owner of that IP, or to a third party with the owner's explicit permission, for which they would be entitled to demand a contract and a cut of the proceeds reflecting the added value.

It's grey area because of the long-established precedent of publishers/licensors turning a blind eye to one-off commissions and very short run sketchbooks and prints, but different IP holders set the threshold for where their tolerance runs out at different levels.
Well here we are. Many thanks to Colin for running this thing, it's been a lot of fun and has prompted many fascinating comments and placings. So which Carlos epic is it to be? For so many memorable, quotable, influential, shocking and iconic moments, it has to be The Apocalypse War.
Apocalypse War
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