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Events / Re: Thought Bubble 2020
« Last post by Bolt-01 on Today at 12:45:53 pm »
Applications for 2020 are open:

General / Re: how to do a prog slog
« Last post by Aaron A Aardvark on Today at 12:44:07 pm »
Why, I ‘member one time he worse slippers to kick a man to detah – jus’ so’s it wouldn’t hurt so bad!

One of my all time favourite lines,  :lol:
At least Rebellion’s often catering for the hardcore with the limited-run hardcovers, although I do get the impression that Nemesis one caught them by surprise.)

It shouldn't have! The reproduction on the Nemesis phone books is not good, so as well as the normal demand for specials there are a lot of people who would like a good version of some classic stories.

I'm still irritated about the way Rebellion put those out.
Film & TV / Re: Doctor Who (13th Doctor)
« Last post by Steve Green on Today at 12:25:46 pm »
Film & TV / Re: Doctor Who (13th Doctor)
« Last post by shaolin_monkey on Today at 12:11:14 pm »

One weird thing, I think is, you never get a true sense of how big those tardis interiors are - I suspect it's because the camera is always going to mid/close up shots, so it's rare you get to see a whole human being in context of being inside the tardis. (Mind you I might be wrong, and I'm just being daft)


I've always thought the writers have been missing a trick with that.  The interior of the TARDIS is supposed to be VAST, and this was riffed on slightly in the Baker era if I remember correctly, where people got lost in the passageways and rooms off from the main control room. There's even a secondary control room somewhere.

You could base a whole story around that, or at least be a bit more playful with it occasionally in some episodes.
General / Re: how to do a prog slog
« Last post by sheridan on Today at 11:48:46 am »
2000AD Prog 181: "It's taken my best shot… and it still won't die!"

Front cover: Carlos Ezquerra.  First story (starting on the inside back cover): art by Carlos Ezquerra.  Last story: Carlos Ezquerra.  Back cover: Carlos Ezquerra.  There's some artists who get a bit of a look in in the intervening pages.

Oh, and the Judge Child Quest is completed.  Well, finishes - definitions of 'complete' may vary.
General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« Last post by AlexF on Today at 11:23:34 am »
Thoughts for the end of 1988 roundup episode:

Best art: Liam Sharp - for creating PJ Maybe, a non-descript character with an amazing distinctive look, much harder than it seems. Also, for that panel of Uncle Wilbur's (or was it Fustus?) face mashing into the pavement.

Best writing: Wagner/Grant, mostly 'cos it's the last time they'll work together on a whole bunch of strips. But also Dredd in general had the best stories of 1988, except for...

Best overall Thrill: Summer Magic. Love the change of pace this series brought, and love John Ridgway's horror-tastic artwork. Fox and Conrad's dark reading of the text is also something I'd never considered before, but makes a ton of sense and adds another shade of horror.

Best month: January, obvs.

Best Year: not 1988, no sir. Still 1986 for me.

MVP: John Hicklenton, for being the best at making me feel funny in my tummy, and paving the way for other 'adult' artists like Simon 'Steve' Bisley and Simon 'can't draw dogs but who cares' Harrison.
General / Re: Best 2000 AD strips of 2019
« Last post by AlexF on Today at 11:10:09 am »
Gah, too late to play along this year. For what it's worth, my votes would've been:

1. Thistlebone
2. Defoe
3. Indigo Prime

-which would've pushed Thistlebone up into the top 3.
 I didn't find 2019 to be a stellar year for thrills, to be honest, but there was some lovely, lovely artwork, and that's informed most of my choices here.
Close runner ups for me: Max Normal, Absalom, Survival Geeks and, of course, Brink.
General / Re: how to do a prog slog
« Last post by The Monarch on Today at 11:05:16 am »
ah the green cross code saga one of my fave bits from early spacespinner :lol:
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