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Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« Last post by Professor Bear on Today at 02:40:07 pm »
Linehan is a cop.

Gaming Youtuber Jim Sterling has never made any secret of his left-wing leanings in his videos about the entertainment industry's products, but he may have reached a sweet crossover patch between his political beliefs and his hobby in his piece about how the business practices of AAA videogames publishers are deliberately destroying videogaming.
I absolutely fucking hate online multiplayer gaming, so this one struck a chord with me as someone watching the games industry ravage once-great studios and franchises in order to switch the default gaming model from "product" to "service" that they may stave off the inevitable and completely unavoidable collapse of their profit margin.
Events / Re: Thought Bubble 2019
« Last post by Jim_Campbell on Today at 02:32:27 pm »
Sadly, it means any tentative plans I had to go this year have been abandoned. It's a pain in the arse to get to by train, unfortunately.
Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« Last post by Keef Monkey on Today at 02:30:22 pm »
Got to Resident Evil: Afterlife on my rewatch and it holds up pretty great! The action scenes at the start and end are pure CG assisted over the top craziness, but the main meat of the movie in the prison is surprisingly restrained (for Resi) and a tense, and feels a lot more like the confident pace of Extinction than the ADD onslaught of something like Apocalypse. It looks great too, I own the others on regular Blu-ray but this one was 4K and the difference was stunning in places. It borrows a fair bit (landing on the roof is pure Escape From NY) and as soon as they set up the shower room it's hard not to roll your eyes at how obviously they're craning to set up a 'soaking wet hot women fighting big hammer wielding beast thing' situation but when it happens it does look fantastic so it's hard to mark it down for it.

After that the Wesker fight doesn't really impress too much, although it is (I think) the first time* they use the Danny Lohner remix of 'The Outsider' by A Perfect Circle to soundtrack a fight and that's one of my favourite pieces of music ever so I've always got a real thrill out of hearing it there.

Still enjoying this Resi-rewatch, and thought on a revisit this stands pretty comfortably alongside Extinction as maybe the best couple in the series. I can't remember a great deal about the next film so curious to see how it holds up.

*The remix was actually done for the second film, but despite appearing on the soundtrack album I've still to spot it appearing in that movie, so I guess it's particularly nice they finally found a spot for it! I'm sure it pops up again in subsequent films too. That drum sound is the BEST.
Games / Re: Last game played...
« Last post by Theblazeuk on Today at 02:30:05 pm »
I reckon you need a 'nade to get through that last bit, flash or otherwise.
Events / Re: Thought Bubble 2019
« Last post by Bolt-01 on Today at 02:21:41 pm »
And you beat me to it...

Interesting- but will the move rob TB of it's atmosphere and render it just another gig?

Time will tell.
Books & Comics / Re: Bargains/deals thread (?)
« Last post by I, Cosh on Today at 02:18:38 pm »
Big IDW sale on Comixology at the moment. I almost bought the Anderson trade until a nagging little voice at the back of my head sent me off to doublecheck. Sure enough, there was the IDW Dredd humble bundle sitting forlorn and undownloaded in my inbox for more than a year.
Events / Re: Thought Bubble 2019
« Last post by Bhuna on Today at 02:15:57 pm »
Now moving to Harrogate!!

Games / Re: Last game played...
« Last post by Keef Monkey on Today at 02:08:58 pm »
There is a great sweaty-palmed thrill to every attempt and no mistake! He doesn't always appear on the stairs for me, only on some attempts. I've wondered if perhaps it depends how far ahead of him you get by that point - if he's lagging behind too much then it maybe warps him onto the stairs. That stairway is a real squeaky moment so the flashbang idea is a good one, will be trying that.

The part that's screwed me the most times is when you head out onto the roof because that little balcony is pretty busy and if the big blob beast thingy (I'm bad with names) is in the way of the ladder and Mr X is behind me then I tend to get destroyed.

I did manage to get outside the station with the final gate in sight yesterday but had no melee items left and that last stretch is MOBBED with enemies! Got munched, then quit out to avoid frustration. One day I'll get it!
Prog / Re: Prog 2119 - Cops and Robos
« Last post by norton canes on Today at 10:42:13 am »
Can't say much more about Dredd than I said a couple of weeks ago - this is one of the best comic stories I've ever read, simple as.

(Did anyone else read the line-up of strips and do a double-take? I counted five and thought no surely it's six and then slowly realised... Brink wasn't there :) )

By coincidence the other three regular strips were a bit slow-burn, with more exposition than usual. Good reads though. The F-Shock was a bit too verbose and overly intricately plotted I thought, could have been stripped back a bit and might have been more effective as a result.

And the cover... as I do occasionally mention I'm not a massive fan of guest cover artists. I know it's great for upcoming droids to get some exposure and variety is fantastic and all that but I just find that nine out of ten guest-drawn covers don't really work. I mean this one is fine and I'm honestly not denigrating the efforts or abilities of Luke Preece (give him a strip, Tharg!) but I'm guessing he didn't get the correct reference material 'cause that's clearly nothing like a Judge droid on that bike. Sorry but I'd rather have seen a MacNeil cover complementing the story </rant>.
Creative Common / Re: Torquemada cosplay
« Last post by Sinx on Today at 10:19:03 am »
That mask is just amazing. AMAZING!  :o
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