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Creative Common / Re: Thought Bubble 2018 Art Competition
« Last post by Sinx on Today at 10:18:00 am »
And the other one  :D

General / Re: Goodbye Carlos
« Last post by Bolt-01 on Today at 10:12:29 am »
Ah, that's just grand.

Thanks for sharing Leigh
General / Re: Goodbye Carlos
« Last post by The Legendary Shark on Today at 10:10:29 am »
Wonderful work, Leigh.
Prog / Re: Prog 2119 - Cops and Robos
« Last post by Richard on Today at 10:04:59 am »
He was joking!
General / Re: Goodbye Carlos
« Last post by Link Prime on Today at 09:26:11 am »
Cracking piece Leigh.
Off Topic / Re: Threadjacking!
« Last post by Link Prime on Today at 09:25:05 am »
We where so close...

One of these days I'll refresh the active topics and there won't be a crackpot screed about the Black Knight Satellite being responsible for the illusion of the distribution of wealth in 1st world economies.

That dark day shall be known as 'Jour du Requin Fantôme'.
Hopefully years away.
Announcements / Re: Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth card game
« Last post by Dandontdare on Today at 08:48:34 am »
Lost my second game, but on the plus side the missus has agreed to give it a go tomorrow.

Good for you - who needs board games?  ;)
Help! / Re: Laptop advice.
« Last post by Bolt-01 on Today at 08:22:01 am »
Cheers Chaps.

Think I'll see what the PC repair shop recommend, but It might be time to retire this machine.
Prog / Re: Prog 2119 - Cops and Robos
« Last post by Magnetica on Today at 07:36:00 am »
Don’t think it can be Jigsaw Disease. If it was she would have random pieces missing.
Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« Last post by Pale fire on Today at 06:14:06 am »
I guess one of the things that's a bit of a shame about the disrupted subscriptions is that the discussion on here is a bit scattered, as we're all on different issues.

I've just finished Bad company - really enjoyed that a lot. I liked the weirdness and the humour and the zombo like death toll which kept you on the edge of the seat wondering who would get picked off next.

I've now got the stront dog, Dante and ace trucking books in my to read pile, having opted to try and pace myself to the one a fortnight release schedule (and then, hooray, getting the most recent batch sooner than expected - hopefully they've sorted their systems now...)

In the meantime I picked up a bundle of Dredd mega collection books from the market. I'm enjoying them alright and for a fiver each they're a bit of a bargain. But I'm not so keen on the relentlessly bleak tone (in comparison to the variety in this collection).

Particularly enjoyed Kingdom 2 and am really looking forward to reading more Dante. Aquilla sounds interesting too (tho I've not got that delivered yet) and I'm looking forward to the conclusion of Shakira. I enjoyed the first book loads.

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