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: Far Cry 5.
: Pete Wells 17 April, 2018, 08:24:31 AM
I’ve always enjoyed the Far Cry games and this one is just phenomenal! The Edensgate cult is absolutely terrifying and the story is taking some glorious twists and turns. It has some really dark and nasty themes as well as some moments and dialogue that have had me in stitches!

The immersion you feel in the world is exceptional, with some very clever narrative touches as well as some devastating exploration of mind control. Something BIG has just happened in the story which was incredibly well crafted, and absolutely unique in terms of exploiting the first person genre.  Sadly, this plot point was spoiled for me as some of the NPC’s discussed the event before it actually happened on a couple of occasions, so I kind of guessed. Still, every time I hear a particular song now, I’m sure I’ll get chills – so job done Ubisoft! Sorry to be vague here but I really don’t want to spoil this for anyone else.

I’ve been playing the game pretty solidly for about three days now and I’m about halfway through the main story. It’s absolutely huge! There are masses of distractions such as huntin’ and fishin’, hilarious 70’s style stunt challenges, solving puzzles to find stash, climbing and flying in your wing suit as well is about dozens of entertaining and enriching side quests - oh, my real life family too! The arcade missions are a hoot too.

However, it’s the main characters that have me hooked. The cult leader very charismatic, enigmatic and truly dangerous; The  opening scenes where you enter his compound to arrest him is extremely tense and getting up close to those David Koresh-like  glasses is truly scary! I’ve defeated one of his main disciples (the cruel Jacob, the guy responsible for training soldiers for the cause and thinning out the weak) and am now taking on the beautiful, manipulative Faith. The scenes where she gets in your head are wonderful, and really add to the sense of rapture and brainwashing the cult members display.

If you hadn’t guessed, I’m loving this game and highly recommend it. This game shows why computer games as entertainment medium can be more involving, and more affecting than any other.
: Re: Far Cry 5.
: JamesC 17 April, 2018, 08:58:48 AM
This is on my 'to play' list. I loved 3 and 4 and primal was pretty good too.
I have so much to play and such little time to play it though!
: Re: Far Cry 5.
: Steve Green 17 April, 2018, 10:24:44 AM
Finished the main story, just mopping up the side missions now.

Enjoyed it, but felt like there was too much overlapping content - missions popping up/getting dragged away by other missions. Plus the AI wasn't that great.

Was expecting some trains to pop up, but no...

Bit bored of Hallucinatory missions as well, it doesn't really do much to change the gameplay considering they could distort the landscape and do something a bit different with it - also thought the ending would have been better as an opening to a final section and had the player continue in that environment