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: Lawgiver signed items for charity auctions on eBay
: Eamonn Clarke 28 May, 2018, 03:48:07 PM
Plenty to enjoy at the splendid Lawgiver IV with awesome art droids, some fabby cosplay (the Synthetti Man was my favourite), and plenty of great conversation with all the lovely 2000AD fans. One of the highlights for me was the number of people who very kindly gave me items for my charity auctions. Big thanks to Tim, Dave, Steven, Ryan, Rachael, Sheridan, AlexF, Guy, and Rex Banner. I confess I was quite moved by the genorosity displayed. Thank you, all you lovely peeps.

Couldn't get to Lawgiver and want some signed items? Well here you go.

Progs 184 (No one apes the law!) & the recent 2079 both signed by Mick McMahon

Progs 83 & 89 signed by Mick McMahon

Prog 1536 and the Scream Misty special signed by Henry Flint. Donated by Tim

Prog 1871 the Dark Judges have returned! signed by Henry

Progs 1746 & 1825 Zombo! signed by Henry

Progs 2025 & 2069 signed by Clint Langley

Progs 1980 & 2062 signed by Clint Langley

The VCs Back in Action trade from the personal collection of Dan Abnett, signed by Dan and Henry Flint.
This was donated by Dave Heeley from the 1977-2000AD facebook group

The convention Zarjaz programme signed by
Steven Austin
Simon Bisley
Ryan Brown
Lee Carter
Mike Collins
Dan Cornwell
Peter Doherty
Glenn Fabry
Henry Flint
Tom Foster
Ian Gibson
Patrick Goddard
John Higgins
Clint Langley
Mick McMahon
David Millgate
David Roach
Dylan Teague
Paul Williams
and the convention organiser Su Hadrell.
It was also signed by someone called John Burdis which will probably reduce the value by a pound or two.

Prog 1986 and the Scream Misty special signed by Glenn Fabry. (Donated by Tim)

The Anderson the Deep End US size one shot signed by Alec Worley and Dylan Teague

The Charles Lippincott production art booklet from the 1995 Judge Dredd film. I believe this was an exclusive in the first 100 goody bags? (Kindly donated by Rex Banner)

Prog 1919, the 38th anniversary Tharg cover signed by John Higgins

Progs 442 Halo Jones & 466 Robo-Hunter, both signed by Ian Gibson

Brink vol 1 signed by Dan Abnett

Prog 499 signed by Mike Collins

A Dredd sketch by David Broughton. This was donated by David along with a copy of his Spectre Show comic.

Judge Dredd art print signed by Ryan Brown. Donated by Ryan (and by Rachael and Sheridan while I was in another queue)

Steven Austin Dark Judges art print signed and donated by Steven (again thanks to Rachael and Sheridan for getting these prints from the artists)

And finally a copy of the FCBD 2000AD Regened prog donated by Alex

As ever these are all 99p starts, with free second class P&P, and all 100% for cancer research UK. So make a bid or retweet me from @MCBCpodcast

As is traditional I am now off to lie down on the couch with a damp prog on my forehead after a hot bank holiday of eBaying.

And stay tuned for some more signed items coming from another well known collector, including a rare Planet Replicas Mk II Lawgiver still in the box. Hopefully I'll get those up tomorrow.

: Re: Lawgiver signed items for charity auctions on eBay
: Tjm86 28 May, 2018, 06:32:59 PM
Sorry I missed you on the day.  Spent most of my time in the queues for Ian Gibson and Mike McMahon.  Mind you, I think I timed Mr Mcmahon quite well, just after he arrived.  Interesting chat with his wife who turns out to be a secondary school Home Ec teacher.  We seem to share the same perspective on time (normally insanely heavily regulated and tends to fly, hence the love of holidays when we're not dictated to by the clock)! 

John Higgins was incredibly informative in his chat while the guy in front of me (Ben) was getting a sketch.  Talking about the 520 cover and how that was the first time he'd done a lot of the characters.  He seemed to think it was one that he'd done with Dave Gibbons but wasn't 100% sure.

Mike Collins was equally genial.  I'd asked if he could sign prog 493 and it turned out it was his first ever Tooth cover.  He was reminiscing over his work on the strip at the time.  He was quite taken aback when I said that I actually preferred his work at the time to Glen Fabry's. 

Speaking of whom, having him ask for directions to his table was a tad bemusing.  Like many others he had clearly had a good time the night before and wasn't quite sure where he should have been.  Lovely gentleman though.

In fact that was the overriding feel of the day.  Laid back, genial, supportive, enthusiastic.  Anyway, sorry I missed you.  Should have worn the yellow carnation.
: Re: Lawgiver signed items for charity auctions on eBay
: Eamonn Clarke 13 June, 2018, 05:42:41 PM
All sold and posted
Running total is £7030.90 for cancer research UK