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General / Re: 2000 AD Cover of the Year 2019!
« on: 03 January, 2020, 11:20:56 am »
1. 2137 by a country mile, one of my fave covers ever (and I was snippy about it in that week's prog review. Idiot.)
2. 2119
3. 2116

-but I'm feeling sad to leave out 2140 and 2142.
Love these hard numbers threads, so much decoding!

News / Re: RIP Ellie De Ville?
« on: 03 January, 2020, 11:14:13 am »
Sad news to great the new year for me; Ellie De Ville was a true legend of the Prog and Meg. Rest in Peace.

General / Re: Season's Greetings - I have a question?
« on: 20 December, 2019, 09:46:59 am »
Man, I'll miss Frank if he's truly gone.  :(
Nothing helpful to say about the stickers, except it doesn't look at all like O'Neill's style. Makes sense if it was Doug Church, and I wish I'd been alive in 1977 to buy the comic so I could attach those suckers to my body!

General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« on: 06 December, 2019, 11:36:07 am »
In terms of re-evaluating Tribal Memories, it can't be stressed enough that a), as Frank points out, the story is more or less directly lifting from one segment of Brave New World and b), yes, Tony Riot Wright has brown skin. (see also Simon Harrison, although he wasn't asked to draw any explicitly BAME characters until his own co-creation Revere debuts).

None of this has any bearing on whether or not you think it's a good story! (Personally I think it could have done with stretching out over a few more episodes, and maybe drawing more attention in-story to the whole Brave New World thing. Although I always appreciate that Milligan believes his readers are as well-read as he is. Frankly I spend too much time reading 2000AD to squeeze any novels in, let alone literary classics)

Just for the sake of it, I'm sharing a link to an old series of blog posts I wrote about 2000AD's history with BAME characters.

General / Re: Drokk!! - a rival to SpaceSpinner 2000??
« on: 02 December, 2019, 03:33:12 pm »
I've been enjoying this podcast, although I'm a couple of episodes behind. The pair do go on a bit, but somehow it's always in an engaging fashion, and it's definitely fun to hear the analysis from the perspective of two comics fans who seem to be more steeped in US comics culture (even Graeme, despite growing up in Scotland as a regular reader of the usual British comics including 2000AD).

I don't think I've ever heard people comparing Wagner/Grant Dredd one-offs to Will Eisner's the Spirit before, but they make a good case. And, much like the SpaceSpinner crew, they seem to agree with general consensus on which strips are great and which ones aren't.

I get a kick out of their attempts to identify general trends in what Wagner 'n Grant are doing with each Case File, too, another different type of analysis from what I've heard/read in other places.

Prog / Re: 2000 AD in Stages
« on: 25 November, 2019, 01:10:45 pm »
Stage 23 is exactly the point where I'd outgrown both the Beano and Whizzer 'n Chips, and embraced 2000AD hard.
I didn't understand a lot of the strips, didn't get a lot of the jokes (especially on Ennis Dredd), but at the time assumed it was because I wasn't quite old enough and would find it all utterly brilliant in a few years. By the time we got to Babe Race 2000, I realized it wasn't actually me who needed to do more growing up...

NB I'm still waiting to be old enough to understand Revere.

General / Re: Mega City 1 Judge ID tattoo question
« on: 20 November, 2019, 09:05:52 am »
Since this is a science fiction story, I wonder if judges might have a tattoo that is only visible when viewed through a judge's helmet visor (one way to spot a jimp?), or, perhaps more likely, they all have some sort of tiny embedded chip that sits under the skin somewhere that can be scanned - using an IR-beam from the helmet, praps.
These sort of chips exist in today's world, used on pets. They're about the size of a grain of rice, I believe. Not sure what you need to scan them with, I guess oyu can get an app on a phone though.

Neither of which leaves much for an artist to have any fun with! Sorry.
(I suppose a helmet-cam setting that makes use of some as-yet undiscovered part of the energy spectrum could have some funky visuals in it, a la Predator)

General / Re: How do you read yours?
« on: 14 November, 2019, 04:50:37 pm »
Like so many, I read the Prog in the order it arrives, invariably starting with the 'Damage Report' segment. Except on occasions when one particular story has some week-to-week thrills going on (that tends to be something written by Wagner or Abnett, who have that writing skill well-honed!), and I might jump straight to that. Reading out of order digitally is a bit of a pain - you have to take a bit of a stab at guessing which page from the list at the bottom of the screen will jump to the correct point. Trying to re-read each episode of a single thrill using my digital progs becomes a bit of a chore, which often doesn't do the story any favours. It's almost as if they want me to buy the collected editions.

Conversely, I get the Meg in original paper format, and typically read each thrill (and some of the articles) in random order, perhaps because I enjoy the ability to leaf through it in a way that I can't do digitally.

I'm also long overdue a Dredd re-read focussing on the Carroll-scripted efforts. I suspect he's been seeding certain plot elements for a lot longer than I've noticed.

Prog / Re: 2000 AD in Stages
« on: 12 November, 2019, 01:38:58 pm »
Funt Solo, I am jealous of how thorough, pithy and accurate your reviews are! A real treat to read.
I'm very much looking forward to your sarcasm circuits being fully engaged, perhaps even overloaded, as we go through the next 3-5 stages!

General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« on: 11 November, 2019, 04:54:06 pm »
(sadface emoji) the podcast directory on my iphone has reverted to the old SpaceSpinner2000 logo - any idea how I can get the sinhy new one back again? I'm just going through Apple's podcast directory to get my thrillfix - is this the root of my problem?

Other Reviews / Re: The completely self absorbed 2000ad re-read thread
« on: 14 October, 2019, 11:10:44 am »
Yeah, Sci Fi hospital dramas really ought to work in 2000AD - I wonder if the problem is that no writers in a position to deliver such a strip have actually worked as medical professionals or even in a hospital setting - I think it's one of those things where you need a bit of real-world knowledge to bring a story to life.

Anyway, on to Prog 1300 and beyond - thrills are going to start ramping up, I'm sure of it!

Other Reviews / Re: Musings on The Small House.
« on: 04 October, 2019, 12:45:54 pm »
To my mind, because of Dirty Frank, The Small House really begins with the first Low Life story. On that basis, can anyone provide an order of reading of all relevant/connected stories leading up to The Small House, and whether or not they've been collected?

Too lazy to do it myself, but if there is a sequence of books collecting the full story line, I'd be tempted to get them all and put them on the shelf together. I might even get a second set and send them to a friend in New Zealand.



If you're going to bring Low Life into it, and you should, the ultra-complete reading order, as available in collected form, would be:

Judge Dredd Mega Collection Vols 20 and 21 (all Low-Life all the time, + the first bit of Titan)
or else Mega-City Undercover Vols 1, 2 and 3 (All of Low Life + Lenny Zero + Max Normal)


Judge Dredd: Titan (Which covers Titan + both books of Enceladus)

Judge Dredd: Cold Wars (which has a couple of Williams-scripted bits about Sov stuff - but you could easily skip this volume)

Judge Dredd: the Small House (which includes a vital pre-Small House story, and a neat epilogue)

That pretty much has it all. There are a couple of uncollected Rob Williams Dredd stories you could arguably throw in that delve into the Dredd-Hershey relationship, and introduce SJS Judge Gerhard, and heck why not all the stories with Sensitive Klegg, but you don't need to read those to follow the overall story. Plus, I can't remember what they're called or which Progs/Megs they were in.

If you're being super thorough, you might want to hunt out some uncollected Gordon Rennie and Al Ewing stuff, to see where the Kazan Clone came from (Gulag, I think?), and to meet Account Judge Maitland (The Bean Counter?). The Rennie Stuff will come up in the Case Files soon enough...

General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« on: 04 October, 2019, 10:30:16 am »
There is an awful lot of 80s nostalgia going on in my TV watching / podcast listening habits of late, and none can touch the 80s glory of the new SS2000 logo.

But what's SpaceSpinner2000 going to look like in the year 1990?

General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« on: 16 September, 2019, 04:30:08 pm »
Best art: Ewins / J.McCarthy for Bad Company
Best writing: Wagner/Grant for the double-whammy of the Rammy and the Blimps from Alabammy
Best overall Thrill: Bad Company, not least for getting a decent sequel ready for print within just 6 months of the first book being a smash hit.
Best Month: a toss up between February and November; reckon I'll side with November on a technicality - I think I've bought reprints of ALL five thrills multiple times (Oz, The Rammy, Bad Company II, Zenith phase 1, Nemesis VII and no Future Shocks...)
Best Year: I'm sticking with 1986. RAGE!

Best overall moment: Fox getting married! Many congratulations / herzlichen Gluckwunch as they may or may not say in Germany these days.

Other Reviews / Re: Musings on The Small House.
« on: 13 September, 2019, 11:00:51 am »
Having just re-read the Small House in collected form, with the prologue, I liked it even more than when it was first in the Progs. I remember it felt like a breakneck thrill-ride at the time, with not enough explaining what was going on and what it all meant - but in collected form that's really not a problem at all. I sort of wish there were another couple of earlier stories in there bridging the Rob Williams 'saga' in between Titan/Enceladus and Act of Grud, but that's the thing with Dredd - it is possible to break it into satisfying chunks, but to get the absolute most out of it, you've just got to read basically ALL of it!

In all, a hugely satisfying conclusion to the Trifecta / Titan sequences; a slight shame that the 'ramifications' basically amount to a couple of character deaths (I will miss you forever, Dirfty Frank!) Hershey resigning and us getting a new chief Judge - one of these days Wagner or someone is going to dare to relax the iron rule of the Judges into some sort of democracy. Can you imagine if Dredd has to step back to being merely Judge, but requiring another person / body of people to take over the jury/executioner parts...

or maybe that would break the whole concept of the character/story too much.

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