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Prog / Prog 2104 - The Watchers in the Walls!
« on: 20 October, 2018, 01:24:01 pm »
Judge Dredd: Once again Flint knocks it out the park with his great art and action in this episode. This story is continuing to build up into a very suspenseful story. Just when you think you are making progress to working out what is going to happen, THAT happens in the final panel...

Brink: Continues to underwhelm in both artstyle and plot. Definitely not for me, but I still accept it has it fans.

Fiends: There is just something about seeing a vampire ripping a wolf in half with his bare hands that makes you know your reading a quality story!

Skip Tracer: This got really weird, really quickly.

Kingdom: A lot of exposition in this episode. Still stellar artwork.

Prog / Prog 2103 - Demons of the mind
« on: 13 October, 2018, 07:24:07 pm »
Dredd: Continues apace with great art and a compelling plot. All these possibilities only half hinted at. It looks like the best way to read this story is in its entirety after its conclusion.

Fiends of the Eastern Front: very atmospheric and chilling. The horrific origins of the vamprie, with nods to East European folklore.

Skip Tracer: Difficult for me to follow this story but it is worth the effort for the artwork.

Kingdom: second best story after Dredd this week. So many different factions vying to win in this post apocalysic Earth, most of them out for themselves.

Blink: Not a fan of the story or the art style. They leave me cold but I understand that other readers like this story.

The standout of this week has to be 2000AD's tribute to Carlos Ezquerra. I wish I had the words to express how profound his work has touched me since my earliest days reading 2000AD. His work on Dredd and Strontium Dog has always been sterling. I can only echo the tributes paid in the Nerve Centre, the Obituary and the letters page. But by far, it was without words that the greatest tribute was made. I teared up when I first saw the art by Damian Edwardson. Thanks for that picture. It will remain with me.

Prog / Prog 2095 In the Eyes of the Law
« on: 18 August, 2018, 02:13:38 pm »
Hello all. Another Saturday and another Prog for me.

Dredd: Plot threads from the past are being used in this return of the Sons of Booth story. In especially the last panel, I took a sharp intake of breath. Just imagine the possibilities of this organisation with the Stupid Gun in their possession.

The Order get weirder by the episode making it more difficult to follow the overall story. The introduction of good wurms in the last book is being developed more in this book and even Anna Kohl is showing more sympathy for them.

The 3riller builds up to a gruesome end by this episode. It reminds me of Stargate SG-1.

Mechastoheles is starting to grow on me: Demons versus mechademon? What's not to like/

Grey Area: After last week's revelation about Kymn and Bitch, I wonder how long it will be before the ETC team learn of this.

All in all, an enjoyable Prog with Dredd's set up for his new story being my favourite.

Prog / Prog 2065 - Snow Escape
« on: 20 January, 2018, 02:12:48 pm »
Dredd: a nice Segway from the previous story to this new one of Dredd in slavery. This story reintroduces a previous character from an older story and brings out some new ones. It will be interesting to see how these new potential plot threads play out. I am especially interested in the red haired character Nuala.

ABC Warriors: I know that the warriors are being set against each other to discredit them and their mission but it is still exciting to see them fight one on one again. Not since the time when Blackblood/Joe Pineapples, Mek-Quake/Mongrol and Hammerstein/Dreadlock have we seen this happen and then it was stopped before it could get really good. Let's see how this plays out.

Brass Sun: I'm still finding this more difficult to get into. Perhaps it's because it was so long since the last instalment.

Savage: This weeks episode has lots of foreshadowing that bridges Savage to the ABC Warriors storyline. Once again the war has been declared a lie, with the established reasons behind it being revealed to be a cover for those really behind it - just like in Bad Company, the V.C.s and pretty much every war story in 2000AD that has been retconned from it's original run. Did we really need to be told that there are more than one way to see a war? We know that the reasons behind wars starting are not black and white.

And speaking of Bad Company...I'm still having trouble that the likes of Thrax and Mad Tommy are alive in this story. I can just about get on board with Flytrap but when I read this I am still wondering if it will be revealed what is happening here. With Bad Company it was presented that Kano and his men were misfits who come together to fight he Krool in their own mad way while the other earther soldiers were more like normal people. But now it seems that no one got out of Ararat without physiological or physical damage. Even on Ararat there were hints that Bad Company were not the only lunatic squads out there - we had the Skull Posse and those poor souls that the Krool had experimented on but in this series it looks like everyone were seriously screwed up.

Megazine / Meg 392 - Dredd vs Death
« on: 12 January, 2018, 05:09:33 pm »
Sorry guys, missed out a number...

I very rarely comment about the Megs, as they are far and away a lot more eclectic than 2000AD progs. I find that most months I can only like about two stories, be okay with one and not like the rest. But this month I find the perfect storm of stories I like!

I love Dredd's story and the reintroduction of our favourite gorilla judge Heston. That panel with the giant footprint in particular gave me chills. I also liked the shout out to a previous Judge Anderson story with the giant ape.

Lawless had been an okay story with a solid storyline and good art but this months instalment with the cathartic experience between Nerys and Hetch was very moving.

Devlin Waugh sometimes goes over my head with its obscure references to the occult, but this months episode was light on this and more centred on the two brothers' backstory coupled with a prolonged fight scene.

Cursed Earth Koburn: What else is there to say? It's Carlos Freakin' Ezquerra up to his usual high standard, and a great opening episode that hopefully starts another good story for his unconventional character.

Which takes us to Dredd vs Death. I had qualms about the introduction of such a supernatural entity into this version of Dredd's multiverse but this opening episode story along with Flint's excellently dark artwork dispelled those doubts. I don't want to spoil it but the last page is absolutely brilliant.

Well done guys. 

Prog / Prog 2059 - Fiends in High Places
« on: 25 November, 2017, 06:54:51 pm »
Dredd: Dredd shows that he is still the man to be reckoned with as even with his hands tied behind his back, he can still be a force to be reckoned with.

Slaine: Pat Mills really, really doesn't like Christianity.

Sin/Dex: I like where the story is going at the moment. I've waited a while to see some kind of resolution for this thread.

3riller: Started well last week but started to wane a bit. Hopefully it will end strongly.

Absalom: Another episode that juxtapositions two separate stories constantly throughout. I'm not really happy with what the "good guys" did with those kittens though...

all in all a better than average prog with Slaine and 3riller being the low points.

General / Commission
« on: 25 April, 2016, 04:03:32 pm »
Hey guys, I was wondering if it was possible to get Carlos Ezquerra to do a commission. Does anyone know how I would go about getting in contact with him?

Prog / Prog 1974 - When Nerds Collide
« on: 29 March, 2016, 10:43:40 pm »
I can't believe that this hasn't been posted up already - or am I missing something? Anyway...

Cover: Pretty cool cover, but for flip's sake - pull up your trousers! What's the matter with you?

Dredd: An explosive shoot out and frontier justice meted out while its political talk back in the Meg.

3riller: Possibly better as a Tharg's Terror Tales actually. Still don't know what is going on here.

Survival Geeks: A getting to know you episode. I was a bit disturbed by the two stoners going at it on the couch - I mean to paraphrase Red Dwarf, "You pieces of filth.  How could you commit an act of carnal knowledge?
 What could possibly  have made you contemplate making love to yourself?"

Tainted: The terror and insanity grows in this episode. I get a feeling of futility from the colours and the artwork as the very weather seems to understand that the end of humanity is coming.

Aquila: A little more explanation for this current story is revealed in a flashback. That guy at the end is a flippin pyscho!

So a good prog again with the least entertaining for me being the 3riller.

Prog / Prog 1973 - You Wanna Argue With Him?
« on: 18 March, 2016, 03:44:35 pm »
Dredd: Good opening. I especially liked the evocative scenery of the Cursed Earth in this story.

3riller: Story was a little flat to start with, lots of talking. Things didn't really get going till the last page.

Survival Geeks: The first thing I thought was Ghostbusters reboot! We'll just see how this plays out.

Tainted: I enjoyed the last run of tales from Deathworld. The humans here looked pretty messed up already.

Aquilla: Certainly a departure in art style for this story but a nice introduction to the story anyway.

All in all a good prog with Dredd being my favourite.

General / Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders
« on: 09 August, 2015, 06:54:24 pm »
I came across an article regarding Marvel Comic's Battleworld event that is currently running. Apparently there is an area in Battleworld not unlike Mega City one...

Here's the article:


 Just found this in the newsagents. Apologies if this has been spoken about already. Chuffed to see who was included in the big four franchises along with Star Wars, Star Trek and Godzilla!

Prog / Prog 1848 Of Gods & Monsters!
« on: 31 August, 2013, 01:45:29 pm »
Cover: Beautifully rendered if simplistic art from an old master in McMahon

Dredd: Judge Bender continues to take things further and further. In the old days, I would think his first infringement would have led to a trip to Titan, but what with the pressures on Justice Dept, he is literally getting away with murder.

Age of the Wolf: The prospect of a great fight for the future of the world peters out into one page. A little disappointing.

Slaine: The stand out for this prog with some great Bisley art. Not the glorious painted effect of the original but very worthwhile nonetheless.

Past Imperfect: The art in this story didn't really do much for me. Interesting ending though...

The Ten-Seconders: I've found it hard to get into the series this time round. Basically, we're down to three characters, everyone else is dead or missing.

Star scan: An older Slaine depicted by a very talented artist in Nick Percival. Haunting eyes; he's seen a lot in his life.

Creative Common / Post Chaos Day
« on: 28 February, 2013, 09:10:57 pm »
I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me some feedback on this short story that has been in my head for a while now. Please be kind, but truthful.

Post Chaos Day
 It’s early evening but it’s getting later and the Girl is walking down the street. After a long day, she’s on her way home. She tries not to look around in this crowded street. There are too many haunted faces, bearing witness to lives they no longer care to live. There has been too much death, too much grief in a city that never showed too much hope in the first place. Millions have died; no one was spared the death of at least family member or friend. If she was to think too much about it, she probably wouldn’t be able to function anymore, so she chooses to exist instead of to live. But even with this attitude, she can’t help but notice a pile of rags against the wall of the street. Looking closer she realises that it is a beggar sitting on the pedway. He sits there huddled in his filthy clothes with a little bashed metal cup in front of him. An empty cup. The Girl finds herself wondering how a tramp could stay out in the open for so long without the Judges moving him on or picking him up for sparechanging. But she supposes they have bigger problems at the moment than one more piece of human refuse that is alone in the city. It’s just one more tragedy in a city that has many to spare. She isn’t sure why she should bother, or even why she should care but the Girl drops a coin in front of beggar and walks on. Only when she comes to the cross city Zoom station does she realise that she doesn’t have enough money for her journey anymore and will have to walk. Even as she makes her way home, she can’t find it in her to regret her actions earlier. It has been a while since she has had to make the journey on the streets and she soon makes a wrong turn. The Girl walks out of the crowd of people and into a dark alley. A blind alley.

 It has been said that the Devil's best trick is to persuade you that he doesn't exist. The figure that now looks up from below is sure that is the case. In the city and in the Cursed Earth beyond, there had been previous pretenders. Those that would wear the mantle of the fallen angel. But all were defeated, by those of hardly an inkling of what pure evil was. The world feared him at one time. They sang hymns and prayed and tried to follow absurd rules in an effort to avoid his domain, but in the end mankind grew up and put aside such childish notions of good and evil. And now the world was more of a Hell that he could have envisioned. And now where once he would have had to be invited, now he could travel at will. Yes, he will return to the world above, but who will be the first to join his unholy congregation of the damned? With a smile that betrays no warmth he makes his choice and leaves his kingdom to forge another.

 The girl has realised her mistake in coming down this alley and is about to turn back when she notices some movement. She can’t understand why she hasn’t seen it before; she thought there was no other way out of the alley. A figure walks out of the darkness but in human form. It is a man in a dark but very smart suit. The Devil regards the Girl with a cool contempt. She is to be the first of many, but for her he will make the experience more memorable. The Girl goes from being startled by the man’s sudden appearance to being scared. Even in this form there can be no mistaking his intentions. The Devil advances on her. As he gets closer the thought of what he is about to do drives his emotions to betray his control. His skin begins to darken and redden and two points appear on his forehead. The Girl stands transfixed in horror as the Devils immaculate suit begins to tear as his frame begins to prove too much for it. Then with a roar, two large leathery wings erupt from his shoulder blades. In all his terrible glory now, the Devil exults in his demonic form. The Girl is in absolute terror now, all thoughts of escape have long since left her.

 Just as the Devil is about to take her, a figure appears at the entrance of the alleyway. It is the tramp. It is difficult to see the tramp in the dark and he has a scraggy beard and unkempt hair under a dirty, threadbare hat. The Devil in his arrogance and pride barely cares at this intrusion.  But then the tramp begins to smile at the scene. It is a simple smile from such an unassuming face but it has a spark. The tramp begins to glow, first from his face, then from all his body and from within his clothes. The glow becomes a blinding light until all there is is light. There is nothing else.

 When the girl eventually opens her eyes she is on her knees with tears on her face. A silhouette of the Devil is on the far wall of the alley slowly disappearing. The tramp is gone as well. A disembodied but very comforting and loving voice speaks, “That which you do for the least of my brothers you do for me.”

After all, who said the Devil would not be opposed on Earth?

General / Alan Moore
« on: 24 March, 2008, 07:45:54 am »
Did anyone see Alan Moore on the Simpsons on Sky One last night, just after The Colour of Magic? I was quite surprised myself!

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