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Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« on: 15 June, 2019, 09:44:44 am »
It's been well known that's he's a lying scumbag for years - Eddie Mair called him out 6 years ago:

Classifieds / Re: Dark World Creations Dredd on Lawmaster for sale...
« on: 12 June, 2019, 11:51:07 am »
Ah - I wonder whatever happened to Thryllseeker - reckon he's killed anyone yet?

Film & TV / Re: Swamp Thing cancelled
« on: 11 June, 2019, 07:22:09 pm »
The tax break thing now seems to have been largely debunked.

some hilarious comments on that piece - like the guy who STILL thinks it's NC's fault because he "knows" things

Film & TV / Re: Current TV Boxset Addiction
« on: 11 June, 2019, 02:02:43 pm »
I really loved Russian Doll - in fact, I might give it a rewatch to spot all those subtly changing details, which I never do so soon after watching something.

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 11 June, 2019, 12:09:33 pm »
Got halfway through Wizball though. Mood: joyful.

oooh, is that the one with the little paint-drops? I'd forgotten that, but I used to love that game!

Off Topic / Re: Squaxx Telling Jokes
« on: 09 June, 2019, 01:46:23 am »
Before my surgery, the anaesthetist offered to knock me out with gas or a boat paddle.

It was an ether/oar situation.

General / Re: Forthcoming Thrills - 2019
« on: 08 June, 2019, 02:58:02 am »

General / Re: Forthcoming Thrills - 2019
« on: 08 June, 2019, 01:45:09 am »
If you a fan of McCarthy you can always try out "Dream Gang" (written and drawn by him).

McCarthy wrote and drew a wonderful Spiderman/Doctor Strange team-up called Fever which is well worth a look

I love all of the above, although I'm not sure I'd recommend them as ripsnorting narratives. McCarthy's solo work is best enjoyed as decompressed variations on his Artoons; a series of wonderful images, ideas and evocative phrases.

All true, but god bless the editor who let McCarthy do his take on Kirby-era Dr Strange cosmic shit

General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« on: 07 June, 2019, 04:34:22 pm »
one last comment from this week's ep - Middenface didn't shoot the kreeler in the leg - as he exclaims, he gets him in "the butties" - I wonder if Carlos needed special translation/direction in order to draw the correct part of the anatomy being hit  :D

General / Re: Forthcoming Thrills - 2019
« on: 07 June, 2019, 12:30:19 pm »
McCarthy wrote and drew a wonderful Spiderman/Doctor Strange team-up called Fever which is well worth a look

Off Topic / Re: Objet de désir
« on: 05 June, 2019, 07:39:51 pm »
I think I only went camping for so many years because I bloody love the gadgets! I'm not even sure how many stoves, lamps or torches I own!

Off Topic / Re: Basic Argumentation, And The Causing Of Offence
« on: 05 June, 2019, 06:53:47 pm »
he didn't answer a simple and polite question. I explained why I found the implication in that troublesome — it felt to me like a personal attack.

This is the problem - perception: you think your posts are "simple and polite" but other people's are full of "implications" - others may believe the opposite.

personally, I switch off from any of your arguments once you start going down the "you said that I said that you said" route

General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« on: 05 June, 2019, 12:25:10 pm »
I almost came here spoilin' for a fight, but you pulled it back at the very end - I was amazed you could review Slaine the King without even mentioning Fabry's stunning art, but Fox saved you in his best/worst round-up.

And how could I never have noticed "featuring Santa Dredd" in all these years?  ::)

Film & TV / Re: Good Omens Series
« on: 05 June, 2019, 11:53:21 am »
I'm halfway through the series (I find it too dense for binging, but it's a perfect one-a-night show) and whilst I don't mind a bit of intro before the credits, ep 3 was taking the piss - I checked the timer and it was over half way through the show before the credits ran - I thought I'd accidentally skipped to the next episode.

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