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Wow. That's very generous, and just when I need to order Brink Vol 3. :)

Film & TV / Re: Game of Thrones: the last series [SPOILERS]
« on: 16 May, 2019, 09:49:24 am »
Intense. Quite the viewing experience. I mean, how often is TV going to put us in the middle of a city being WMD'd by a fire-breathing dragon? Pretty stunning stuff.

Structurally amd narratively it has similar problems to other recent episodes. They're really going to have to pull something special out of the bag next week, but with nothing left to resolve except Jon vs. Dany and who takes the throne, if anyone, I don't see how they can. I'd love to be schooled on that though.

Over the years I've learned not to let disappointing sequels tarnish my love for earlier films in the series (Alien 3 taught me that), but it's a little sad the writers felt they had to resort to narrative tricks that would be beneath a show of much less importance than Thrones.

Film & TV / Re: HBO Watchmen
« on: 09 May, 2019, 09:41:54 am »
A bit of extra background for anyone interested:


Anything with Jeremy Irons in is going to be worth a watch.

Film & TV / Re: Game of Thrones: the last series [SPOILERS]
« on: 09 May, 2019, 09:40:05 am »
What was always more of a platonic relationship of mutual admiration – I'm glad someone like you exists in this world – that culminated in Jamie knighting Brienne, was suddenly turned into a bizarre episode provoked by an out-of-character line from Tyrion that results in both Jamie and Brienne responding with I'll show you virgin! – as if they ever need to prove anything of the sort to Tyrion or themselves.
It was entirely *in* character for Season 1 or 2 drunk Tyrion, and emphasising those elements reinforces the divisions that are happening amongst the good guys, especially wrt Varis, who would have had no love for the old Tyrion. He's still the imp, and he's regressing into the alcoholic he was before leaving King's Landing.

There's a ton of stuff to dislike about the most recent episode, but I can't get behind this criticism.

Film & TV / Re: Game of Thrones: the last series [SPOILERS]
« on: 08 May, 2019, 03:01:52 pm »
Yeah, I agree if Tyrion had have been killed it would have been more of an enjoyable shock, but I think Denaerys maybe wouldn't have been quite so angry, given Missandei has become a genuine friend and confidant rather than a tool to achieving her aim as such. She was already pissed off Jon was getting all the kingly accolades despite her being the acknowledged queen of the (mostly) non Lannisters.

The one thing that really didn't work for me was Jaime deciding to go back to Cersei, but on reflection there's ambiguity as to whether it's actually to support or kill her - he could be implying all the bad shit he's done was for or because of his relationship with her. He doesn't explicitly say which it is and there'd be a certain symmetry in him being King Slayer and a Queen Slayer.
The Jaime moment worked very well for me. You can't escape the fact that in the first couple of seasons, he was absolute scum, whatever nobility he may have discovered now. And now his character has recognised that tension as well. How can such a man possibly have a future with the most honourable character in the whole saga? Answer: he can't.

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 08 May, 2019, 09:19:06 am »
Hellblade: Senua's sacrifice Amazing game. Never played anything like it.

Yup, loved this too. The performance is fantastic and it was a really unique game that really stuck with me.
I have it, but have not yet felt in the right frame of mind to play it!

I followed the production (the behind the scenes vlogs are outstanding), then read a couple of reviews that made me think I should probably be at peak self before playing it. :)

Film & TV / Re: Game of Thrones: the last series [SPOILERS]
« on: 07 May, 2019, 09:17:44 am »
Plenty to enjoy in that one, but holy fork, could they make Euron any more annoying? Now he's stealthed an entire fleet of dragon-killing ships in a rocky cove. I will enjoy his inevitable death, but he should be studied by future TV writers as an example of what not to do with a late-comer in a long-established character drama.

Why not just kill the second dragon in the battle against the Night King? Why not have Drogon race to kill his brother (sister?) before the Night King could raise a second dracolich? If they were going for a curve-ball, they missed the mark. It has a whiff of last-minute change about it, IMO.

All that said, they are handling the escalating tensions between our heroes very nicely, demonstrating that the writers are still mostly in firm control of the arc. The last-chance face-off at the gates of Kings Landing was a gripping prologue to what I assume will be carnage next week.

Film & TV / Re: Avengers: Endgame Spoiler Thread
« on: 02 May, 2019, 04:14:55 pm »
Finally got to see this last night!

I was *slightly* disappointed. In itself, Endgame is an excellent film, but I felt it was a step down from Infinity War, which was in knock-it-out-of-the-park territory.

Perhaps it was because my own expectations were thwarted. I imagined the solution to the snap was going to lie in the Spirit Stone, which had perhaps in some fashion stored those who had been killed, or shifted them to the quantum realm, or something. The time-travel solution seemed second or third-tier. It gave us some nice moments, but it didn't mine the potential motherlode of the team interacting with their older selves, Back to the Future Part 2-style (aside from Cap's excellent self-pwn). When it was obvious they were pursuing it, I did for a second think that Marvel was going to next-level-genius the whole bloody lot of us by revealing hints from the earlier phases that this was always their plan. Alas, it seems even Feige couldn't see that far ahead, although I'd bet money that the next major arc *will* be planned out all the way to the end.

That said, there was so much to love. I might have had something in my eye when Tony bought it, and I definitely did have something in my eye when Cap got his dance (perfect). Stunning ageing on Chris Evans for those final scenes as well. Demi-Hulk tickled me a lot, and fat grizzly Thor was bloody hilarious. So many good ideas on-screen, and a cast more than happy to go with the flow.

Overall, bloody great cinema, just a bit of a 'meh' from me on the whole time-travel thing.

Film & TV / Re: Game of Thrones: the last series [SPOILERS]
« on: 30 April, 2019, 03:58:07 pm »

I'm wondering about where Bran went during the battle.  Was that just something that ended up on the cutting room floor, or was there some relevance to his warging?  Did he know he wasn't going to die?
That's the biggest outstanding mystery to me as well. We assumed he was off somewhere to mess with the Night King. The POV raven flock sequence was very cool, but if there were any clues in the geography, it was all too blurry on Sky for me to make out.

Film & TV / Re: New 'Salem's Lot' Movie
« on: 29 April, 2019, 09:40:58 am »
I'm in for a remake, sure. I have a spft spot for the Tobe Hooper version, though.

Screw all that noise, I loved almost every second of that, blast doors notwithstanding. I can't be bothered with a longer, spoiler-redacted post, but I will agree with the detractors above that Pike's Enterprise, as realised in Discovery, would make a brilliant show all of its own.

I enjoyed the Mudd one. The idea that the Star Trek universe has interesting things going on outside of a uniform is refreshing.

I think Runaway's link to the main series was done clumsily, as opposed to The Brightest Star.
Runaway was definitely the weakest, which is kinda stupid given her importance to the plot. The weird way that they didn't *quite* cast Tilly's mother also suggests she'll be coming back.

Shame anyone legitimately paying to watch Discovery in the UK via legal means is deliberately excluded from part of the story by CBS' Short Treks bullshit.
They are right there on Netflix, so no.

In answer to your spoiler section, the possibilities are intriguing.

I didn't even *know* about those Short Treks until last Friday night, but luckily the recap for last week's episode included stuff we hadn't seen, so we figured there was something we missed. Very good they were too.

Film & TV / Re: Star Wars Episode IX
« on: 15 April, 2019, 11:56:11 am »
Ep 9 trailer got me seriously hyped, especially the last few seconds. Yup, I'm on-board.

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