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Film & TV / Re: Avengers: Endgame Spoiler Thread
« on: 30 April, 2019, 11:03:40 pm »
As a "film" in and of itself, not so good.
Quite messy in parts and extremely continuity heavy. The less you know about all of the other films, the less you will get out of it.

Hasn't this been the case for almost every Marvel movie since Civil War? I honestly can't really judge them as individual films any more - they are all essentially episodes in an ongoing TV show, and they generally all share the same strengths and weaknesses every time out, to the point where it's hardly worth mentioning any more.

Much more than any of the other films –even Infinity War– the Universe part of MCU is the raison d'etre of Avengers: Endgame (The clue's in the title).

I think most people who are seeing it early are at least familiar with that aspect of the franchise.

Film & TV / Re: Avengers: Endgame Spoiler Thread
« on: 30 April, 2019, 10:54:37 pm »
I believe Steve did go back to Peggy in the core timeline, hence his presence on the bench, but like I was saying upthread, maybe 15 years on from the crash of the Valkyrie. And yep, Bolt is right, that places 4 Steves in 2012.

Steve(s)'s paradoxical time-schmozzling looks like a set-up (or fudge).

In the end, Steve Rogers goes on a solo trip to restore the Infinity Stones from the other time dimensions to the moment they were taken, thereby bringing them back into alignment with the main timeline.

He also takes Thor’s Mjölnir hammer, though not necessarily as his own weapon. That has to be taken back to The Dark World era to set the timelines straight, too.

But then …he doesn’t come back. At least, not as we know him. He finds Peggy Carter and stays with her.

So, has Cap been living in the past this whole time — or did he go and live in another dimension?

The directors say it’s the latter.

“If Cap were to go back into the past and live there, he would create a branched reality,” Joe explained. “The question then becomes, how is he back in this reality to give the shield away?”

The brothers smile.

“Interesting question, right?” Joe said. “Maybe there’s a story there. There’s a lot of layers built into this movie and we spent three years thinking through it, so it’s fun to talk about it and hopefully fill in holes for people so they understand what we’re thinking.”

There are other questions in this sequence that set up this future story…


Film & TV / Re: Game of Thrones: the last series
« on: 30 April, 2019, 12:15:49 am »
Game of Thrones has done better night battles –The Watchers on the Wall– and it was always going to be a challenge shooting/rendering scene after scene of fighting dark, leathery hordes of the undead in pitch blackness, but I suppose the wintry chaos played its part in the brutally unsentimental, silent deaths. I'd liked to have seen the battle graduate to the dawn and seen a bit more as the repetition of dark hacking and slashing shots from Brienne et al. make The Long Night feel a bit of a stretch at 80 minutes – but then again this is still TV and budgets only go so far. A great ending for Arya, though, despite the deadites going down like the Trade Federation's droid army.

The Night King served his purporse in depleting the armies of the North before the end of the story, aka Cersei's plan, and unless there's some other twist involved, taking down the Night king was a good choice and now means it's not quite the same anti-climax – acting purely as an elemental threat with little dynamism he holds nowhere near the meaning of a face-off between the Targaryens and Cersei Lannister.

Film & TV / Re: Avengers: Endgame Spoiler Thread
« on: 29 April, 2019, 02:29:41 am »
I don't buy into the idea going around that because this is pre-snap Thanos he's diminished as a character. He still knows everything that happened with Stark and the lads through Nebula's memories and adult Thanos from just before this period is still Thanos – the Titan that sees every other race as beneath him and still believes we should all go halvsies. He's really worse since he aims to go back to year zero.

Film & TV / Re: Avengers: Endgame Spoiler Thread
« on: 28 April, 2019, 07:23:21 pm »
Oh no arguments there!  But there are a lot of CGI nasties fighting in a dark, burning wasteland, so it does look a bit like the average scene from a DCU film... Compare it to the broad daylight of the CW Airport fight and the IW Wakanda battle, or even the inventive shifting landscape of the moonsteroids raining down on Titan.  It's a much more typical 'everything's on fire, everyone's hitting things' setting, although on a really huge scale, and with nice little component sequences (Spidey's journey across the battlefield with the gauntlet, for example).

Aye; it's ALL the battles.

As much as the whole film recaps MCU history I suppose they had to make the re-do of Infinity War's ending the negative of the bright plains of Wakanda. Not just to make it look different but feel the greater reckoning for all the primary characters. As you say, it's the the small stuff that makes it, like Steve with the Hammer (probably the loudest genuine gasp from an audience I've ever heard in a cinema) and the slow push-in on Strange (who's never been used better) giving Stark 'the finger', that ties-in so well with his sacrifice for Stark on Titan after losing to Thanos the first time.

It's the huge cumulation of moments, replays and pay-offs that blows any misgivings about hanging the story on time shenanigans into insignificance.

Film & TV / Re: Avengers: Endgame Spoiler Thread
« on: 28 April, 2019, 06:38:30 pm »
BTW, I think the thing that feels a bit odd about the final battle is that it looks more like a DC film in terms of aesthetic...

Only it's fun, has a villain and earns its blasted earth apocalypse.

Film & TV / Re: Avengers: Endgame Spoiler Thread
« on: 28 April, 2019, 04:54:46 pm »
I get what you saying TorderBack but there is to many illogical gaps in the story. For example when Nebula killed herself, how can she still exists ? Maybe it is impossible to make a movie which the hype is bigger than the end result.

It's explained that Time travel, in Endgame, doesn't work linearly. Travelling back and changing the past doesn't change the future that exists for the travellers and their own time/space reality.

Although the idea of two Caps occupying the same time-stream is an interesting dilemma that I'm not sure is resolvable.

Film & TV / Re: Avengers: Endgame Spoiler Thread
« on: 27 April, 2019, 12:55:53 am »
Steve and Mjolnir.

Steve in the lift, again.

Centennial Steve.

Steve versus Thanos.

Steve versus Steve.

The idea of Steve subsequently sneaking back with the Scepter into Stark Tower where there already two other Steves...

Oh look, I like Captain America.  Sue me.

Steve and dat ass.

Film & TV / Re: Star Wars Episode IX
« on: 19 April, 2019, 01:07:15 am »
JJA strikes again.  Clearly the aim was something that evoked Return Of or Revenge Of so as predicted they're already rolling back from that whole "a clean break with the past" theme that ran through TLJ.

And so it goes.

I don't think there was a 'clean break with the past' theme in TLJ: although both Luke and Kylo aspired to one, they were both completely frustrated in their aims.

Whatever we may think of the story so far and the execution – figuratively and literally – of legacy characters, nothing in that title suggests a roll-back or ret-con. At least from a superficial reading it feels like a genuine continuation of the last act of TLJ which set-up TROS and indicates a merging of what came before in TFA and TLJ – which is precisely what the last film should logically be, a synthesis. It's been clear since the end of TLJ what direction Episode IX was, or at least should be, going in for the trilogy to work at all at this stage of the game.

Luke declared the Rebellion is reborn, and he'll not be the last Jedi, and the legend of Crait reached Broomkid and the Back-street Boys who are the first stirrings of the what I assume is the rise of the Skywalker legacy across the galaxy. It might not be the literal resurrection of Luke some fans want but it makes sense, if it happens that way.

What raises alarm bells for me is the temptation for fan-service with Abrams & co. going back to the bizarro world of Prequel era notions of Skywalker parentage and the murky virgin birth lore with Palpatine rubbing his loins at a distance (if we're really lucky they'll have had a moment of divine inspiration and managed to make it work, even if only in the moment).

I'm fine with the Death Star/Emperor set-up if it's for flashbacks and explains how his own imperial legacy led to the First Order and why the galaxy is the way it is – context that shouldn't really be a mystery at all and been given in TFA. I don't really want to see him alive. Maybe they'll surprise me with that one given that these are all old Lucas ideas.

It's been clear since TFA that JJA and Kasdan structured the whole thing backwards leaving the explaining to do later or when they'd figured it out. Giving them the benefit of the doubt and the chance there was at least some vague plan at work, RJ was either told to leave certain things alone or wasn't interested, obligated or too distracted by the task at hand to do more about it.

Of course it could be ringing and blowing all the SW bells and whistles, be entertaining while watching, but not make any reasonable sense at all – like a lot, and some of, the best Star Wars.

No doubt Vader will pop-up again.

Film & TV / Re: Star Wars Episode IX
« on: 18 April, 2019, 03:45:02 pm »
It's 1981. It's always been 1981.


Film & TV / Re: Star Wars Episode IX
« on: 16 April, 2019, 04:40:18 pm »
(I can actually remember where I was when I first heard about Attack of the Clones, now that was a howler)

Thankfully that moment was captured for posterity.


Books & Comics / Re: Whats everyone reading?
« on: 16 April, 2019, 03:37:05 pm »
Anyone know if the unaired pilot from 2011 ever made it out to the inter-webs?

There are 2 pilots:

Dreamworks/FOX (2011)

"Mark Romanek directed the hell out of it. It had a $10 million budget."


IDW/HULU (2018)

"IDW self-financed a Locke & Key pilot for Hulu at a cost of $13.6m"




Netflix aren't using the HULU pilot.

Film & TV / Re: Star Wars Episode IX
« on: 16 April, 2019, 12:45:41 am »
Ignoring everything else, that’s a terrible title.

And Star Wars Episode IX: Triumph of the Whills would've tied the saga up so well.

Film & TV / Re: Star Wars Episode IX
« on: 15 April, 2019, 02:44:01 am »
Werner Herzog just told me the Star Wars galaxy is now fucked.

One subscription for Disney+, please.

Film & TV / Re: Star Wars Episode IX
« on: 12 April, 2019, 11:37:23 pm »
Not only the Death Star but they're even bringing out the sports-day medals.

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