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Books & Comics / The Complete Zenith now exists in hardback
« on: 27 June, 2008, 03:51:30 pm »
Alright I got all the back issues including the specials, annuals, pin-ups and covers and got a bookbinder to make it for me,
It's about 400 pages and in black leather.

I've got a spare earlier version as well. I'd really advise anyone else to to it as 2000ad issues in bulk are really cheap on eBay and frankly there's no other way its going to come out.

Small probalem was the annual story and zzzzzenith.com being on a4 size paper (ie thinner than the rest of the book) but you can solve this.

Also included that bizarre spanish artist recap. Seriously go and make your own books if they don't exist. Don't know what's next - The Best of John Smith? tempting. Did think of the Summer Offensive as a book but it didn't stand-up too well on second reading!

Pages: 1 ... 41 42 [43]