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As Edginton & Brooker had to for Scarlet Traces
Had to? They didn’t have to do anything. They decided to.

That's certainly my understanding. Edington and Matt Brooker took the offer to Tharg and dealt with it all very amicably from what I've read.

Might not be right, but to state anything else as fact appears to be a bit silly and could even be said to be an attempt to stir up "tedious forum-drama"

Games / Re: Nintendo Switch
« on: Today at 10:30:42 am »
Oh and while I'm thinking in has anyone played either of the 'Holy Potatoes!' games? Both 'A Weapon Shop?!' and 'We're in Space?!' look emmense fun.

Games / Re: Nintendo Switch
« on: Today at 10:25:10 am »
JUst bought Paper Soilders from the sale for like 89p and that's some silly fun.

Anyway my main question is has anyone played both Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 or Lego DC Villians both at a good price in the sale and I'm wondering which to try as I've not played Lego game before and they seem kinda fun and good for the kids.

I was thinking DC as idea of creating and playing our own villian seemed kinda fun... but for some reason I keep going back to Marvel as my choice. Any wise words?

Books & Comics / Re: New Comic Book Day Megathread
« on: Today at 07:45:56 am »
Best thing about this comic haul is that we get the news that there's MORE Gunning for Hits to come after issue 6 brings this series to a close, more of that later. Any way this isn't cos this is a weak haul, far from it, rather the fact that Gangstas, Goths and Guns (what a title) has got me super excited!

Anyway to matter other than that this is a pretty damned fine haul. Criminal 5 continues the problems I have with this series. I feel I seen the downtroded, hard bitten characters I see in this comic. If not in comics in various other media. While the stories are good I'm just not getting anything fresh off all this. I think I'll give it to the end of the current story, about a gumshoe falling hard for the woman he's been asked to find... not fresh I know, and decide whether to cut this one of not.

Mind I've had similar periods of not really loving Paper Girls but issue 29, the series' penultimate brings things together and leaves me wondering what issue 30 will offer. This feels like a bittersweet end in itself so I'm super intrigued to see what's next and also to do a re-read some time soon(ish).

Black Hammer '45 4 is the last of the mini that have so illuminated the main series. Two issues of the core title to go and while for most cases a cross over with Justice League would seem a vanity project, in the hands of Jeff Lemire I suspect it will be so much more. I'm happy to spend as much time exploring this universe as I'll be allowed!

James Bond Origins 10
has the series best issue to date. I just loved Bond out of the environments you expect him. He's in the back streets of London and unlike the Bond I know primarily from the movies having to appeal to folks in away I've never seen. Great stuff.

Immortal Hulk 18 continues to this series fine, fine form... though I don't quite get the idea that its Marvel's answer to Alan Moore's Swamp Thing its not that good.... its BLOODY GREAT, but not that good....

Dick Tracey Forever 2 just goes to show sometimes you have to be in the right place for a comic to click with you, struggled with this last time ADORED it this.

Immortal Hulk 19 makes a mockery of my comments of 18. This is the first issue where I've genuinely gone OH MY GIDDY AUNT thats's why this gets all that fuss. Its bloody supreme! And was soooo close to being book of the haul, but alas for it it came up against...

... Gunning for Hits 6. When there's a trade of this series it will become the go to comic I give to my music loving friends to tempt them into reading comics. Just divine. It lands the ending SO well. Its just brilliant. Its like the very best crime thrillers, managing to brilliantly wrap up all the plot twists and turns in one thrilling finale while doing what Criminal doesn't for me by doing it with fresh and original characters due to its music industry settings. Just a delight if a series and I can't recommend it enough to you fine folks who read comics and love music. Oh if there's a better cover this year than Billy Butcher's cover to issue 6 I can't wait to see it. Jeff Rougvie and Moritat come back to us soon. Please!

Prog / Re: Prog 2136 - Last Chance To Shine!
« on: 15 June, 2019, 09:16:20 pm »
Yeah, Niemand does it again with this opener - fab stuff

Doesn't he just.

Grand Prog if a four thrill bill. At least we get another delightful double.

But lets get back to Kenneth who produces a brilliant Dredd, just brilliant. Really nice set up epsiode and then bang that ending. Glorious art by Staz Johnson too.

Scarlet Traces switches back to The Moon but doesn't switch to being anything less than superb. While Thistlebone may down size to five pages but doubles double on the atmophere and thrillpower. This has the making of a classic about it already. Lets see how it holds up.

Loved the opening to Absalom and action packed rest doesn't quite hold up to the its suitably chaotic and bursts this thrill back by raising the stakes and setting the scene.

A great Prog also serves up some great news as we get a 'Thrills of the Future' for Dabnett and Elson returning to us with 'Feral and Foe' ... this could be more from the world of Kingdom with that title right? Right? And we get the news we will be getting a fullseries of Full Tilt Boogle so ya know that's some great news too!

Well gosh dammit if you don't make a compelling case for 1999 as 2000AD's best year, even though I'd never have picked it out just from an off-the-top-of-my-head sample.

You know I was surprised myself and just like you would never have pulled it out the air.

Nikolai Dante and Sinister Dexter are both very good, aren't they, even if for entirely different reasons. I do think there's a case to be made that the one-off funny SinDex episodes were better than the one-off funny Dredds - and typically had more interesting art - in this period, anyway.

You know, if you're looking for controversial opinions on this thread.

You know I could certainly see how that case could be made... I'd need to look back but it very possible.

Prog / Re: Thrill-Coma 2010
« on: 13 June, 2019, 06:15:43 am »
Wow has it really been five years since we got so excited about Simon Davus taking over in Slaine! Doesn't time fly and all that. And to think it all started so well...  but.... well I need to do a read - I'll get there eventually, but being up to Secret Commonwealth in my re-read this was certainly a step up.

I really enjoyed Outlier and think the subsequent two books took the story to interesting places. Again a re-read is called for but looking forward to this one.

Prog 1183 - Secret War

Now of course I could have gone Tsar Commonwealth - it would have meant as much but this way I can pretend I'm going for some kinda super smart comparison to various Marvel event nonsense... I'm not I'm just mushing too titles I'm comparing together... still we can pretend there more to it if we like huh.

Anyway Prog 1183 has two stories return with 'big' storylines and they couldn't be more different. Secret Commonwealth sees Slaine return to Ireland and its not very good. It might not be as bad a it first appears but frankly David Bircham's art is all its remembered for. Murky and unclear, both in style and stroytelling. Its hard in the eye to be honest. Its doesn't however mask a good story. Slaine re-introduction lacks any real power or impact. Uncle Pats story doesn't do much and lacks in any real character, guile or wit.

Nikolai Dante's return in Tsar Wars is also everything its remembered for, but for all the right reasons. John Burns art is viseral, clear and gritty. Its ugly and power as needed and carries the emotion of Robbie Morrison story just perfectly. The story is injected with all the things that Uncle Pat's lacks. In just six pages, two a double page spread, and what a classic double page spread, achieves so much. The battle of Tolsburg is brilliantly and brutally realised. It doesn't stop there. We see the change in Dante after recent (in re-read time) events we meet Dmitri and Dante and his dad's relationship is perfectly presented, all be it with more deferance in our changed lead. Morrison and Burn set up the situation and even raise the stakes and give use an ending that is so much more than 'I'll give ya a scrap for this dwarf you don't even know' as we get in Slaine.

Oh and in barely 7 or so panels the character introduced here to demonstrate Dante in the way the dwarf (not Ukko) is used to show Slaine's is given so much and serves the presentation if Dante so well. This is comics perfection.

So yeah two hyped returns and so very very different.

This is all such good news. When the last edition of Ballard of the Salt Sea came out 7 years (or so) ago and got slated I couldn't have imagined we'd have a complete set of neigh perfect English language editions in only 8 years. I was happy just to finally have got hold of some of this classic stuff. Its a big tribute to IDW that they've pulled this off.

Prog / Prog 2135 - Beware the woods...
« on: 08 June, 2019, 01:23:23 pm »
Well its a four thriller and to be honest it feels like a four thriller. Not that those four thrills are bad, just it means the Prog feels a little light, like its missing something.

That feeling is not helped by a light weight Dredd. I know last weeks split opinion some what and I wonder if this one will also, with me this time in the less impressed camp. It just felt...insubstancial, even a little flabby... that'd be insubstancial flab then... anyway. We don't like robots, we get threatened by robot supportser, we get saved by robots (well one of them does) and Dredd tut tuts. Mind looked lovely.

Scarlet Traces is only solid this week we get some interesting hints at backgrounds and origins, but that doesn't really feel like it adds anything, the end is intriguing but nothing here really builds on the thumping events last week.

Thistlebone opens really well. It uses its 10 pages not to cram things in to fill the page with more action, plot or character, rather it uses the extra space to establish tone and pace. There's really nothing here that couldn't have been easily covered on a normal 5 or 6 pages BUT Eglington and Davis use the extra room to create atmosphere and make the big moments really strike. Its really done well and a fantastic start.

Kingmaker comes to an end well. It still still carries the problem of quite how potent Crixus might be.... or it does until possibly that last page cliffhanger! Still it also carries the idea that a true leader or king might have the power but their true power comes from their constraint. Oh and that cliffhanger I mentioned. Its a doozy.

So a Prog not to the standard of last weeks but still doing okay.

General / Re: Forthcoming Thrills - 2019
« on: 07 June, 2019, 12:44:58 pm »
McCarthy wrote and drew a wonderful Spiderman/Doctor Strange team-up called Fever which is well worth a look

This absolutely. Fever is such fun.

Welcome to the board / Re: forgot to say Hello
« on: 04 June, 2019, 05:38:12 pm »

Books & Comics / Re: Robert Kirkman tropes
« on: 04 June, 2019, 06:11:47 am »
If you’re a fan of Invincible, you should check out Savage a Dragon, since it’s what Kirkman drew upon the most when creating Invicible.

I've been long intrigued by Savage Dragon but haven't got around to picking it up (see comments on the amount I have already on my to read list!). I always liked the idea of a superhero comic by the same person for about ... is it 300 issues yet?

One day I'll get ot it.

Books & Comics / Re: Robert Kirkman tropes
« on: 02 June, 2019, 09:14:20 pm »
Knew there was a thread discussing Invincible. Just started working my way through the first compendium, over two years after saying it was on the way, sigh my 'To read' list is WAY too long. Anyway about half way through (issue 26ish) and its everything I predicted.

Its is The Walking Dead of superhero comics. Its a rip snorting page turner. Yes its full characters that are interesting to read about and engaging but ultimately cliche. Yes it creates some apparently fascinatating scenarios, but they don't really hold to scrutiny. I'm a big fan of superhero comics, but of late I'm increasingly don't feel I need to read any more than I already own and this isn't anything anything really new to the host of caped comics I have in my collection and love and will return to...

... yet I find it hard to believe I'll be putting it down anytime soon and will almost certainly be picking up when I next see it on sale. What a fascinating thing it is... or is it me. Unlike Psychogoatee (and others around here) I don't think its anything like great BUT unlike IndigoPrime I clearly do get on with Robert Kirkman's writing, even if I'm fully aware its not as good as folks think it is???

Well that certainly seems to be an open and shut case! I'm waiting for a couple of things to come out and I'll do this thing. Anyone want the Titan editions for like fiver each?

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