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General / 2000ad All female creative teams in 2018 Summer Special
« on: 07 February, 2018, 06:41:46 pm »
Annoucement from the Thrillmail linkie to Hollywood Reporter article


Its both good that they are doing this and a shame its such a big deal.

Prog / Prog 2067 - Fire and Fury!
« on: 03 February, 2018, 09:04:13 pm »
Well the rest of the tag line is 'Quartz brings out the big guns.' it could just as easily have read 'Tharg brings out the big guns' in a piece of impecible timing Tharg seems to have all the stories make big statements (or hint at them) to put any remaining doubts to rest... well in my camp I doubt very much this will be any les devisive amongst Tharg's faithful followers.

Dredd well last week (or in the week) I was casting doubt on the way Dredd was acting in the current story, and of course Carroll has played me for the fool I am and it would appear Dredd's apparent servitude was merely him buying the time he needed to get his plan into place... one that on this weeks reading might have gone a little cold... unless that is the plan... but fantastic turn around.

Similarly while I've been getting more and more into Bad Company I've bemoaned the way I've not been able to pull out the theme that would draw all this together and this week, well we get several lines that might well be slamming it home - alas need a re-read to get the pieces, but pretty use Milligan's been playing us and all this talk of Bad Company being hard to kill along with history repeating itself is Milligan getting us (or me) to his point. Loved it this week and suspect read back it will make me love the rest as well.

Savage well its been one twisty after another and have to be honest did not see this one. Just as Master Carroll, Unca Patsy has played me well and good and once again shown for all his faults of late he's a true craftsman. Air punching stuff.

Oh my broken orreys what have they done in Brass Sun, what have they done, superb and that last page, wow what a cliffhanger.

In ABC Warriors Cousin Patsicle also present a masterclass. The villians reveal their plan, without leering over a capture hero, it a masterful disguise of expostion depicted brilliantly by Clint Langley in the strip his style is so perfectly suited to. So dark and playful and again the last page is just pulling me back.

Well the prog has struggled to live up to the high of this run from a few Progs ago in 2064 but in 2067 it possibly tops all that. Superb... though glorious diverse as 2000ad fandom is I think over opinions will vary... but surely we can argee on one thing it makes for interesting stuff!

Prog / Prog 2064 - Return of the Mac!
« on: 13 January, 2018, 08:09:58 pm »
Love it, good line up at the moment but this Prog all of the stories are turning it to 11. Absolutely cracking episodes.

I'll start with Bad Company , which has been a little fly in the line-up ointment at the moment, not feeling it before, this Prog, regardless of my same issues still being there, not quite getting the theme yet, I loved this episode for what it was. Just good, violent, classic tooth fun. Well crafted and glorious in it energy.

Back to the rest then in order. Dredd had a very satisfying ending to this episode of the Russian Odyessy we now fine ourselves in. The story revealed its cards well, had a glorious resolution for Salada, just brillant. AND it still finds space to set up the next stage. Just brilliant, quite brilliant and testament to something yet to be discussed that its not the highlight of the Prog.

Savage continues to play with its fantastically uneasy relationship. No one trusts each other, we don't know if Savage can trust Nika, he certainly doesn't trust himself. What are the 'allied' scienctist doing in the there? We know Uncle Pat doesn't trust scienctists. The central relationship in this story is just played so well and those other touches (well got over the science thing Uncle Pat) just add spice to the mix AND its a thrill packed delight at the end.

Good as all this is Brass Sun is the absolute shining light on this illuminated Prog. Its lacks action and kick of the other thrills, all of them, but it doing that it stands out and really takes the time to let the character drama breathe, get into you and like all the other thrills this week has a smackin' cliffhanger to pull you back in next week. Just perfect and in the context of of this weeks Prog the best of the best.

ABC Warriors is probably the weakest thrill this week and I still enjoyed it immensely. Loved the way Clint Langley used the visual cues handed to him by Uncky Patty and uses them to such effect. Its a fun story and while are writer does hit us over the head again with some of his ideas, lacking any subtly this does work in the context of this hyperbolic series. Its really good fun.

So yeah this is a real standout Prog. All the thrills avoid any mid story lull and just knock it out the park. The best thing is that each one of the, each one, has a fantastic last page and cliffhanger to absolutely pull you back next week. I'd be amazed if this was the prog that any didn't come back for more from its just a masterclass in pulling you back next week.

... just watch some bugger say, that's it I've had enough I'm done with the Prog now!

Prog / Prog 2063 - Beelitz Blitz
« on: 06 January, 2018, 03:49:49 pm »
Another good Prog. Dredd continues in a similar vein as we inch in beautifully rendered steps forward, hints about what's what slowly coming to the fore.  Getting there is turning into a suitably grizzly and violent journey to boot.

ABC Warriors see Mills on good form as robots clash, which lets face it is what Clint Langley does best.

Brass Sun takes a grim turn as the grip on our heroes begins to tighten. Fantastic episode.

Savage... well my my Uncle Pat is 2 for 2 with another rip snorting opening, leading to creepy development and promise of action at the end. Classic stuff.

The only thrill leaving any room for doubt is Bad Company. I loved this last time out, this time we don't quite have the theme developed and I'm not yet quite sure what its striving for, which leaves it still a little unsatisfactory and more characters return which will only further serve to wind people up I'd guess.

Once again its so jam packed we only have space for the Nerve Centre and everything else, everything last inch is filled with four coloured wonders. Tharg you are too good to us.

General / John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra have this coming our way
« on: 31 December, 2017, 05:30:24 pm »
News over on that there Facedabook.


Possibly for the Meg, but not commissioned yet. Fingers crossed.

Dig those fantastic Carlos Retro Stylings! (John and Carlos have both posted a little about this but selected this post as has all the pictures together.

Books & Comics / Top five comics of the year (not 2000ad or Meg)
« on: 31 December, 2017, 07:30:59 am »
So I don't go to as many Nerd sites as I used to so I'm missing any sense of what comics are drawing praise from the masses... of the small number of foilks that inhabit our particular nerdisphere. So rather than face CBR and the like I thought I'd ask you lot - what are the top five titles from this year. Oh and lets exclude 2000ad and the Meg, cos you know they are always no. 1.

I've gone for 2 categories comics that have had at least one new issue come out in the year and comics that I've read for the first time this year:

Top five Comic Titles of 2018

1.  Rock Candy Mountain
2. Flintstones
3. Mage
4. Angelic
5. Copperhead

I'm trying to work out how I add Ragnarok and HillBilly on this list as the fact that they aren't there is a travesty based on the fact that they didn't have many issues out this year!

Top five comics I've read for the first time this year:

1. Locke and Key
2. The Goon
3. Barefoot Gen
4. Love and Rockets (most of was new to me)
5. Four Faces of Eve

Again wishing I'd made this a top ten to include Scalped and Y the Last Man in this list!

Prog / Prog 2060 - Fighting Torc!
« on: 04 December, 2017, 08:36:41 pm »
Bloomin' heck 8.30pm and I bag the Prog thread... I take it it wasn't just me who missed out on Saturday...

... not that we missed much to be honest.

The Dredd was been a story I've enjoyed, up to this part. I love the dog surfing... but the meteor, the letting Dredd go (kinda) it felt a little weak if I'd honest. Liked the last panel abut over all poor ending. Still these landing are hard to pull off.

As the 3riller shows... well the middle part was good at least but this failed to deliver the ending flat with a kinda twist and characters that just didn't gem in the end.

And Slaine doesn't so much land the ending as belly flop in a big messy splash. Damn that was disappointing, Slaine get the double page feature and wastes it with a limp, indulgent ending at least 4 pages too long.

So thank Tharg for Absolam, a bit of piss and vinegar, to two assembled and splashed in front of us and a tense promise of the conflicit to come. Now that's the way to land an ending.

Prog / Prog 2055 - Wave of Terror!
« on: 28 October, 2017, 02:15:47 pm »
So the Prog stays on fine form, much as you were really.

A fine Dredd, always nice to have Michael Carroll back on the big man. This time ably assisted by PJ in a story very much setting up the piece, but doing so well enough.

Slaine annoyingly just side steps the dilemma we left Slaine in last time and from there its a solid episode beautifully rendered.

Indigo Prime avoids any miss giving I might have by being frankly blinding. Its just brilliant stuff. Though I did wonder if I'm meant to know the person revealed at the end the way this is going! I don't think I am... am I? Also no real progress on why we have Revere here yet, fun though it is to have him.

Sinister Dexter continues to be such good fun. Its a cracking episode skillfully drawn by two supreme craftsmen.

Absalom likewise has a fair measure of fun and japs concluded with a nice set up for action to come. Its good stuff.

So yeah a couple of blinders, a good stuff, fine opener and solid if beautiful so ya know no complaints at all really.

Prog / Prog 2052 - Desert Storm!
« on: 07 October, 2017, 09:21:30 pm »
So last week was a bit of a mis-step as stories struggled to find the form they had the potential for. This week we see a marked improvement. Its not perfect but its certainly stepping confidently in the right  direction.

We start with Dredd which maintains its fine form as Icons reaches its conclusion, thouhg its more a step along the way as T.C> Eglington has set things up here while providing a perfectly satisfying self contained story all fantastically rendered by Colin MacNeil.

Slaine also basically maintains its form... less of a good thing that though it just feels so stangnant however lushly rendered the epic battle scene is.

Must take it on its own value, must take it on its own value, must take it on its own value.... and so we get to Kek-W's debut on Indigo Prime.... must take it on its own value, must take it on its own value... and you know what taken on its own value its really, really good. There are moments when the writing feels really forced but thats me NOT taking it on its own value and there's no denying there's a massive 'what if' hanging over me as I read this BUT that me NOT... you got it by now haven't you. Lee Carter does his normal fantastic job and the story movies in some very interesting directions. So... you know what... I can call this a win ... for this episode at least.

Sinister Dexter get Steve Yeowell back and along with him its mojo. Last weeks was a little flat, this weeks quite fantastic. Its serves to reintroduce our new main protagonist... in the most supportive and creepy light. There some nice interchange and this really feels like a story that's got legs and is going somewhere. Top stuff.

Finally Grey Area also steps back to form, I mean I'm still not delighted with this new scenario and still feel it has signficent holes in it, but I'm clearly getting more accustomed to it as I found this much more enjoyable, even if the device used to get our heroes out their bind (and into a new one) felt a little contrived.

So while we still not quite up to the level I expect from this line-up its certainly a damned sight closer than last week.

Prog / Prog 2051 - Twenty-Second Century Icon
« on: 30 September, 2017, 08:46:13 pm »
Well have to be honest with a line-up like this I'd rather have thought I'd have enjoyed this Prog a little more. Alas a couple of class acts have clunkers... well okay clunkers is pretty harsh, but episodes not of the standard I'd hope for.

We start of fine though with Dredd, beautifully rendered my Colin MacNeil as the tensions are built by Eglington in a great little story. Though maybe the end could have been spelt out a little more clearly. I mean that is Booth right?

Slaine starts our troubles, it just felt so utterly functional like no care was taken in how things were moved on as long as things were moved on so all the pieces were in place at the end. Toss in a little back story which just felt so forced and before you know it we have a cliffhangers. This had no guile... which is something that could often be said of Pat Mills these days, but he did nowt to disguise this week!

Indigo Prime (still a John Smith episode) was fine and had some glorious touches but was putting its piece into place, admittedly with fair more guile and flare than the story that proceeded it and the cliffhanger here has real impact.

Now we all know I'm a big Sinister Dexter fan and while I was momentarily disappoint we don't get Steve Yeowell this time Jake Lynch quickly set that disappointment aside, do love his work. Alas he's not given Dabnett's finest here. S&D by the numbers and nothing to really make it stand out from the crowd... well except it wasn't quite as good as the normal S&D crowd. Little disappointing the nice touch with the 'fight commentry' aside.

As was Grey Area (its been a LONG time when I've been disappointed with much of anything by Dabnett, let alone to in one Prog). We had our new scenario and with that we're thrown straight it - which given I've winged about putting pieces in place above... well no pleasing some people I guess. Just it felt a little jarring. Grey Area has been turned with nah a blink of the eye into a full in war story. Bang bang, explosion , ARRRGGHHH guts splatter... I needed to be warmed up to this a little more I think.

So yeah this line-up has PLENTY of potential, if we could all just pull our socks up... Dredd, Joe and Prime, Indigo, you are excused.

News / Rebellion to 'Reboot' Roy of the Rovers
« on: 29 September, 2017, 01:02:59 pm »
When drifting through the BBC News pages this lunch time stumbled across this beauty


Not spotted it mentioned before but apologies if it has been.

ANYWAY immediately I started to day dream about Rok of the Reds running as a second feature and hey presto gateway comic... well my dreams don't have to be hampered by any reality!

Film & TV / Twin Peaks - question from someone trying to avoid spoilers
« on: 16 September, 2017, 04:08:06 pm »
Sorry to start a new thread but I'm avoiding the 'Gum Style' thread so as to avoid spoilers for the the new Twin Peaks. Suspect my question is well covered there but hope you understand.

Anyway very much looking forward to the DVD release of the new Twin Peaks, but been trying to stay away from too much info to be spoiler free. Very much been thinking about watching the old stuff in prep. Then as luck would have it when pottering with the boy today stumbles across the Gold Edition of the complete old stuff for less than a tenner in a charity shop. Snapped it up, after all I'm sure Mrs YNWA will be up for a re-watch.

So my question - it doesn't contain 'Fire Walk With Me' as I hoped it might (really like that movie, though I've not seen it for a while). So folks who've seen season three am I right in suspecting, as I've heard vague mumbling, that a re-watch if FWWM is a good idea as well as walking the first two seasons?

Is there a viewing order to Twin Peaks... might investigate that!

Prog / Prog 2043 - Signs of the Times
« on: 05 August, 2017, 01:49:33 pm »
Man that cover, while I LOVE Jake Lynch's Dredd that cover is WAY too busy and all the signs (which are clearly the point) are a bit much for this old man's etes. Still Jake Lynch draws the heck out of Dredd...

Speaking of loving Dredd man this story is fantastic. The interaction between Vega and Dredd reminds me of his early exchanges with Anderson. Vega is such a fun character "Can I come in and warm myself on the glow of your righteous fury?" one of my favourite lines for a while! On top of that the chase is fun, the action compelling. Seriously whats not to love about this. Top Dreddage.

Speaking of top thrills Grey Area is blindin' this Prog. The satire is pretty Millians is so on the nose but the delivery is fresh and exciting and I wonder whether the Grell story will come to a head here. Superb stuff.

Speaking of superb stuff I'm enjoying this new Alienist story more than its predecessors. Its immense fun and has a nice ending to boot.

Speaking of ending to boot in Grey Suits Blake delivers his attack and Uncle Pat deliever his typical on the nose commentry. Its a little in your face without the unabashed violence to hide behind but the punchline, after a family murder, makes it all worth it.

Speaking of family murder Hunted ends this week and as an episode its pretty good, if a little cackling made man shows us quite how evil he is by... well I'll let you read it. Pretty weak thrill over all but feels set up for more so lets see what happens next time hey.

Speaking if next time hey, yes I have been listening to way too many Space Spinner 2000 episodes laterly and the quality of this Prog reminds me that good as it was back in the day 2000ad still provides a sign of the times and I can't wait for next week.

Prog / Prog 2041 - Rumble in the Jungle
« on: 22 July, 2017, 01:40:55 pm »
Solid, solid prog, full of action.

Dredd has a nice welcome return from Mike Carroll - who prefers his full name these days it would seem - one of the things that I've really enjoyed about his Dredd's is he's building quite the supporting cast and with Paul Marshal (who does a brilliant job but makes Dredd's badge look like an emoticon on page 4!) is returns a character I've been looking forward to him bringing back since their first appearance.

Grey Area brings on the action, always feels like he's stronger on the less energetic episodes where his skill on character, dialogie and story really shine,  but he does a good job here and while Mark Harrison isn't always the clearest of artists by and large he carries the pace off. Last page provides a nice epilogue and a taste of where things are going I suspect. Once again a top thrill.

As is Grey Suit. In this case Pat Mills seems stronger when he's masking his preaching with a lot of action as with last week he balances the two deftly here. A spoon full of violence helps the polemics go down, polemics go down, poolemics go down...

Nice to have a Future Shock by a new team in the Prog and while its utterly predictable and has a sizable plot hole I utterly enjoyed this one. Helped by the fact that the art was fantastic. Happy to see more from both.

Hunted should have been good, but its left me behind, its just not doing anything for me now and it feels like this is the episoe that really should have brought it all home a bag. Also too late and while in isolation it was no doubt good stuff I've stopped caring.

A post Brink Prog was always going to have an up hill struggle. But this one does as good a job as could be hoped for.

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