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This is all such good news. When the last edition of Ballard of the Salt Sea came out 7 years (or so) ago and got slated I couldn't have imagined we'd have a complete set of neigh perfect English language editions in only 8 years. I was happy just to finally have got hold of some of this classic stuff. Its a big tribute to IDW that they've pulled this off.

Prog / Prog 2135 - Beware the woods...
« on: 08 June, 2019, 01:23:23 pm »
Well its a four thriller and to be honest it feels like a four thriller. Not that those four thrills are bad, just it means the Prog feels a little light, like its missing something.

That feeling is not helped by a light weight Dredd. I know last weeks split opinion some what and I wonder if this one will also, with me this time in the less impressed camp. It just felt...insubstancial, even a little flabby... that'd be insubstancial flab then... anyway. We don't like robots, we get threatened by robot supportser, we get saved by robots (well one of them does) and Dredd tut tuts. Mind looked lovely.

Scarlet Traces is only solid this week we get some interesting hints at backgrounds and origins, but that doesn't really feel like it adds anything, the end is intriguing but nothing here really builds on the thumping events last week.

Thistlebone opens really well. It uses its 10 pages not to cram things in to fill the page with more action, plot or character, rather it uses the extra space to establish tone and pace. There's really nothing here that couldn't have been easily covered on a normal 5 or 6 pages BUT Eglington and Davis use the extra room to create atmosphere and make the big moments really strike. Its really done well and a fantastic start.

Kingmaker comes to an end well. It still still carries the problem of quite how potent Crixus might be.... or it does until possibly that last page cliffhanger! Still it also carries the idea that a true leader or king might have the power but their true power comes from their constraint. Oh and that cliffhanger I mentioned. Its a doozy.

So a Prog not to the standard of last weeks but still doing okay.

General / Re: Forthcoming Thrills - 2019
« on: 07 June, 2019, 12:44:58 pm »
McCarthy wrote and drew a wonderful Spiderman/Doctor Strange team-up called Fever which is well worth a look

This absolutely. Fever is such fun.

Welcome to the board / Re: forgot to say Hello
« on: 04 June, 2019, 05:38:12 pm »

Books & Comics / Re: Robert Kirkman tropes
« on: 04 June, 2019, 06:11:47 am »
If you’re a fan of Invincible, you should check out Savage a Dragon, since it’s what Kirkman drew upon the most when creating Invicible.

I've been long intrigued by Savage Dragon but haven't got around to picking it up (see comments on the amount I have already on my to read list!). I always liked the idea of a superhero comic by the same person for about ... is it 300 issues yet?

One day I'll get ot it.

Books & Comics / Re: Robert Kirkman tropes
« on: 02 June, 2019, 09:14:20 pm »
Knew there was a thread discussing Invincible. Just started working my way through the first compendium, over two years after saying it was on the way, sigh my 'To read' list is WAY too long. Anyway about half way through (issue 26ish) and its everything I predicted.

Its is The Walking Dead of superhero comics. Its a rip snorting page turner. Yes its full characters that are interesting to read about and engaging but ultimately cliche. Yes it creates some apparently fascinatating scenarios, but they don't really hold to scrutiny. I'm a big fan of superhero comics, but of late I'm increasingly don't feel I need to read any more than I already own and this isn't anything anything really new to the host of caped comics I have in my collection and love and will return to...

... yet I find it hard to believe I'll be putting it down anytime soon and will almost certainly be picking up when I next see it on sale. What a fascinating thing it is... or is it me. Unlike Psychogoatee (and others around here) I don't think its anything like great BUT unlike IndigoPrime I clearly do get on with Robert Kirkman's writing, even if I'm fully aware its not as good as folks think it is???

Well that certainly seems to be an open and shut case! I'm waiting for a couple of things to come out and I'll do this thing. Anyone want the Titan editions for like fiver each?

Books & Comics / Charley's War - Hardcover vs, Definitive Collections
« on: 02 June, 2019, 02:01:15 pm »
Help 2000ad Message Forum your my only hope.

I've not bought the new Charley's War editions as I have a full set of the hardcovers that I do love and however good this series is I don't see a need to double dip... then Rebellion took 5 extra days to deliever my Prog and that all changed.

See I'm thinking with the half price offer I now have I can pick up the new editions for like £30. If I sell on my hardcovers for like £3 each I break even. So the question has anyone swapped out their hardcover for the new editions. As I see it the main advantages of doing so is the addtional colour, all the covers and better print quality. They are marginally smaller than the hardbacks but as I believe they are original comic size that's no biggie.

So to swap out or not, that is the question. Anyone got any thoughts or done this and have regrets?

Classifieds / Re: What to do with Large Collection
« on: 01 June, 2019, 08:54:25 pm »
Yeah but I mean 'sort after' as in the the good comics you sort after the rubbish ones. Its a commonly used phrase round our way...

... seamless no one will suss that one.

General / Re: Non 2000ad artwork that you own ....
« on: 01 June, 2019, 03:55:35 pm »
Sussed where the previous Shaky Kane images came from. The last one being from Bulletproof Coffin and I'd just missed it!. Anyway I double dipped on Shaky Kane's WONDERFUL off and have a few more which I can't place. Any help with these very welcome. First one I thought was from Bulletproof but I was wrong!

Prog / Re: Prog 2134 - Bow Before Quilli!
« on: 01 June, 2019, 03:47:01 pm »
/i thought the Dredd, beautiful art aside was off to be honest - Giant whines because Dredd hasnt sent him a text? I could see a story where Giant and Dredd meet up and there's an unspoken "first time we've talked since the "dunking digestive incident"... " (as it is now recorded as in Justice Dept annals), but having a tizzy fit about it?

But I think its more to do with the consequence of what Small House meant, its significence and where that 'team' Dredd essembled goes from there in the context of the Justice Department and what happens here. Thence the higher frequency stuff, its happening we don't need to hear it all for it to have impact.

Prog / Prog 2134 - Bow Before Quilli!
« on: 01 June, 2019, 02:13:04 pm »
Some times I just love the Prog. Sometimes I settle down after a morning doing chores, a cup of tea ready and reading the Prog just feels like the perfect thing, the exact thing to match your mood, needs and expectations. Today was such a day. Okay there's ironing still to be done but I face it with renewed vigour imbued with Thrillpower as I now am.

Dredd was just superb. Rob Williams and Henry Flint delivering pitch perfect story. Its billed as an epilogue to Small House, but its more than that. Its actually as if The Small House - magnificent as it was - was a prologue to this wonderous 6 page character study. Its stories like this that most make mockery of folks that say of its not Wagner it doesn't count. If you don't embrace this with glee you don't get Dredd, not my Dredd at least.

Scarlet Traces. Is D'Israeli's colouring here some of the best colouring in comics right now or what. Just so fantastic. The story is a quiet delight and quietly moves thing sone before a shift in tone (and of course palette) on the final page gives you a fist pumping finale.

So we get to the Terror Tale. Now I do wonder if I'd not been so buoyed by two nigh-perfect thrill by this point, was not in such a spot on Thrillzone, I do wonder if these stars hadn't aligned I'd have been a bit unstuck with this one. Its a weird little tale, as a Terror Tale its not so dependant on the twist and so this is just a quirky, wonderfully realised nasty piece of work. Nasty in the way Terror Tales are meant to and I disliked it in all the ways I was meant to.

Kingmaker does one of its view from the villians episodes and is pretty effective as that... if not much else and probably the weakest in a very strong Prog.

Last week I asked this of Max Normal

Max is on a roll
So don't be slipping out at a scroll
Flip ya trip and make that landing
If you stick it my joy will be expanding

And you did it Max, like you namesake Whitlock you absolutely nailed that landing. And how. Just perfect. Perfectly judged action, humour by the bucket load, a nice rounding off of character archs and all wrapped up with a Joe shaped cameo. Just magnificent. I'm not sure there's anywhere else for this to go and this should stand alone... but then of course I didn't know how much I needed this Max Normal origin story. So I really hope this team comes back to show me what else I don't know I need to know about Max. Just a brilliant thrill, ended with a warm hug of joy.

Still Max Normal being that good and still probably not being the best thing in the Prog... God I love the Prog sometimes...

Classifieds / Re: What to do with Large Collection
« on: 01 June, 2019, 10:07:18 am »
Thanks all for the replies. Are 2000AD not that sort after then after 100? What is the reason for this? American comics go like mad it seems.

The idea that Anerica comics go like mad might be misleading you too. Certain sort after issues certainly do, as with 2000ad. Then there's a decent middle ground that you would shift at an okay price. After that there are literally tens of thousands that you would only shift at rock bottom prices, or with that bit of luck that someone just happens to see it at the right time.

Comics are so much more available than they were back in the day the back issue market is pretty down on what it was say 20 year ago even.

I'm a BIG fan of Dante but fall firmly in the don't bring it back camp. The odd appearance in specialists and landmark Progs fine, but should be set in the story we have. It ended really well. Mind always happy to be surprised.

Now if someone wanted to do more Lola or other supporting case stories that I'd be interested in.

Classifieds / Re: What to do with Large Collection
« on: 31 May, 2019, 05:30:31 pm »
As ever with these things if you sell them as a job lot you won't get as much as you would if you sold everything on its own BUT you'll struggle to shift them all individually and will likely end up selling the sort after comics. A few random others and then have lots and bits and bats you'll need to shift over a long time or give away.

If you really want to shift them do as Indigo Prime says, but brace yourself if you think you'll retire on it. The other option is to sell the first 100 or so individually as they may well shift for decent price and then shift the rest as cheap job lot bundles of 100 or so. The only issue there is there are some of the earlier issues, post 100 that seem to be gaining some traction in the back issue market, first Death and Anderson and first Rogue spring to mind. BUT if you pull them out individually you might struggle to shift the surrounding issues?

All that said things can always surprise you either way and anything is only worth what someone is willing to pay at any given time. In this eBay is your friend for research. As ever though don't look ay 'Buy it now' prices as many of those are the stuff of fantasy. Look at auctions and those that sell as your guide.

Good luck.

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