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General / Re: When did 2000ad get good again.
« Last post by Leigh S on Today at 08:50:32 pm »
I disliked the disbanding under Ennis, thought Hogan was slooooowly putting things right, then bam! you snooze you lose Hogan!  :lol:
General / Re: I made a CGI MEGA CITY, any good ?
« Last post by Dark Jimbo on Today at 08:41:40 pm »
Tbh I find the overuse of 90s cultural signifiers very jarring and breaks any notion that it’s a real futurescape rather than one drawn by someone who really likes Rik Mayall. One or two Easter eggs is fine, an image of non-stop late c-20th references isn’t.

On the other side the bike and Clara Pandy look turbo.

It works for me.  There's a long tradition of MC1 citiblocks being named after obscure pop culture flash-in-the-pan celebrities, which is very much part of the comedy side of Dredd's world.
There is an Andrew Ridgely Block in Wagner's MC1.

Better yet, there's a Dean Gaffney!
Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« Last post by Professor Bear on Today at 08:35:48 pm »
Boy, it sure is good that no harm came of pretending the left was riddled with antisemitism just so we could take potshots at Corbyn and Omar.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm just off to see what this #SendHerBack thing is all about...

Welp.  Dunno how fucked we were before, but we're super fucked now.
Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« Last post by TordelBack on Today at 07:59:37 pm »
When we run out of Mars bars, will the UK finally see sense?

Pretty sure the reaction to no Mars Bars/medicines/planes/jobs will be very far from sense: instead it'll be further misplaced rage at the EU, only fueling the careers of toerags like Johnson and Farage and demands for retribution and even more complete separation and union with the US.

Floating the idea that the UK will be anything other than injured prey for the US after Brexit should be enough to see any politician booed off the stage. Amazing that the English can understand in their very bones that 54 million > 5 + 3 + 2 million, and what power that confers, but not that 510 million > 325 million > 64 million, and what that implies. 

General / Re: When did 2000ad get good again.
« Last post by radiator on Today at 07:35:49 pm »
I really liked Strontium Dogs (at the time, probably doesn't hold up great). Again, mainly for the art - Dobbyn's hand painted stuff was absolutely beautiful - kind of cutesy but with an edge.
General / Re: When did 2000ad get good again.
« Last post by Richard on Today at 07:32:57 pm »
It doesn't. It was before he was good.
General / Re: When did 2000ad get good again.
« Last post by IndigoPrime on Today at 07:29:25 pm »
Steve White’s Rogue, I agree, isn’t bad, but it mostly for me seemed good by comparison to what went before it. In mashing together the various Rogues, we just ended up with a mess. Tor Cyan was, to my mind, more interesting, but then that just kind of stopped.

As for Strontium Dogs, I think it warrants a re-read at some point, when I get through the pile of doom. As I’ve said elsewhere, I’ve really grown to like Hogan’s work (Resident Alien is wonderful, for example), and suspect some of his 2000 AD output would read better to me now I’m an old git.
General / Re: I made a CGI MEGA CITY, any good ?
« Last post by radiator on Today at 07:25:10 pm »
I would put a little more consideration into the colour palette - those stark, oversaturated yellow, blue and red tones seem to dominate the cityscape and are very artificial/unconvincing to the eye, and combined with the use of the comic sans font on one of the buildings the scenes unintentionally evoke the feeling of a late 90s web domain.

I also think the compositions are a bit busy - it's hard to discern where one building ends and another begins. I think more tonal variation on the buildings and a more complex lighting setup would help.
Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« Last post by IndigoPrime on Today at 07:11:56 pm »
Not entirely on-thread, but Hachette’s Transformers series has been extended to 100 issues.
Good, on the basis that the existing length was absurd. It was supposed to cover from the original Marvel books through to the end of the IDW run (pre-reboot), but there weren’t enough pages. Mind you, the repro was absolute dogshit on the Marvel US stuff, sadly.
Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« Last post by moly on Today at 07:11:18 pm »
If they extend this to 100 hope they include red seas
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