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Author Topic: Frank Butcher  (Read 1201 times)

Ol^ Marbles

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Frank Butcher
« on: 15 May, 2002, 09:01:11 pm »
Have to say I'm enjoying 13 more than even Dredd & Death at the mo', which is praise indeed. Great dialogue - nice bits of humour - and an intriguing plot - in the sense that I have no real idea where the story is going .
As long as a Frank Butcher look-alike doesn't turn up as the 'Master of Magnetism' anytime soon, this series is getting a big thumbs up from yours truly..


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Re: Frank Butcher
« Reply #1 on: 16 May, 2002, 06:39:16 am »
I like the trust me im a doctor kinda ending, i was like what the ???? I think the new one, is it Beck and Kawl? is amusing too. Words of wisdom such "when manifesting Lords of Evil always start small" have remained with me all week!