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Author Topic: Solar Wind, a new SF comic for Kids!  (Read 769 times)


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Solar Wind, a new SF comic for Kids!
« on: 16 October, 2002, 05:30:30 am »
Only one problem, it's not finished yet.  What we need is help from YOU, whether you be fan or droid to do something, whether its a letter to Cosmic Ray (the most Cosmic Editor in the universe), reader art, art for an ad, a strip, or just some ideas.  It's a project I hope to have done for Dreddcon, a jokey fun take on the kids comics (like AD, Battle, Action and all the others of yesteryear).  Anyway if you are'nt interested, don't look down.  There isn't much time, a month ain't long to get is sorted, so enthusiasm for whatever scale project) is more important than being hugely great at anything.

What is Solar Wind?

Solar Wind is the UNIVERSES greatest comic, edited by that Zastard son of a collapsed star, Cosmic Ray.  Assisted by his army of young helpers, the Cosmic Rayngers.

It is a spoof of comics of the seventies/eighties (the comics, the ads, the publishing practices of its time, everything). It’s not a heavy satire (depends how far you can go) and it’s also a real comic, with real strips.  Hopefully it is a bit of fun for all ages.

Behind Cosmic Ray lies an embittered editor, thrown off adult titles and chucked onto the comics scrap heap.  It’s not even the best comic in IDPC Fleetsons’ range.  Cosmic Rays contempt covers his army of bolshi creators “the drones” and the readers (bloody bastard kids).

The issue we are hoping to get out in time for Dreddcon is the Christmas/Death special.  A Death in every strip!  Obviously we need to work fast and the main call is for artists, as ever.  If you wanna draw something, from a small quarter page ad to a six page strip, in time for the end of November (proposed deadline mid-nov) then we want you.  What you can’t draw?!  Ah, we aren’t bothered, as long as you’ve tried, that’s the main thing.

The Current planned Strips are as follows:

DeathSphere:  The Sector 77 Sentinels are awoken from Cryo–store to play the last few games of the season.   A season they will never forget.  

The Dying Game:  Matt Harker has a serious, yet unusual illness.  He must die once a week and be regenerated, or he will die for good.  Follow the adventures of Matt Harker, Codname Phoenix and watch him die, every week!

The Stinging Death: Young Billy Cogs was training to be a scientist.  Little did he know that his farmer father had signed a deal with GlobalSuperFarmCorp to test a new range of genetically interfered with crops and weed killers.  The result?  Twenty foot tall walking sting nettles that have brought arrogant mankind’s civilisation to its knees.  Now he must avenge his family, survive this harsh new world and find a cure for The Stinging Death!

The Monks of Death Monastery:  When the ancient order of space monks are wiped out, only tow survive.  Master and apprentice, they must go into the wider galaxy to destroy the evil menace.

When the Dead Don’t Die!:  A Horrific tale of the living dead, risen from the grave to destroy mankind.

As well as art for the strips, we need Adverts, Readers letters, Readers Art, puzzles, non fiction pieces, cover pic, pin ups, Cosmic Ray’s Christmas Comic Scenes (behind the scenes of the comic), rubbishy unfunny cartoons.  The works.  Look in any comic from the 70’s, 80’s and that’s what we are after.  E-mail for a specific project, saying what you can do and have time to do, point us to art samples if you can.  Anyone welcome.