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Author Topic: Dredd vs Zombies on iPhone/iPad  (Read 16473 times)


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Re: Dredd vs Zombies on iPhone/iPad
« Reply #180 on: 04 March, 2012, 11:21:20 pm »
I'd check again, matey. There are 192,000 players registered on Game Centre now. Lord knows how many others there are who haven't registered. I know of some, ahem, quite obsessive people who are ONLY just in the top 500-600 or so. Lord only knows who's at the top?

Disclaimer: I am a lowly 7,164th in the world after far too much effort this weekend for my own good! Top 3% or so but the climb to the top is worryingly steep. I can see this already.  Might try to get a little bit closer first of course! :)
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Re: Dredd vs Zombies on iPhone/iPad
« Reply #181 on: 08 March, 2012, 08:58:43 pm »
On Android?

Surely the 3DS port is only minutes away.  You know it makes sense. Me and Satanist would buy it.

(Just not commercial sense. But then again, you might clean up as one of the few grown up games around).
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