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Author Topic: THAT WEREWOLF FORUM GAME!  (Read 21715 times)


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« on: 06 July, 2013, 08:54:07 pm »

I was going to post this on the "LAST GAME PLAYED...." thread,  but decided against it! Seeing as I kept adding bits and pieces to this post until it reached the size it has become. I felt it then needed to be a thread of it's own.

So there you have it! this is from the forum game SENECA RISES


They are all Garou! (Werewolf!) They had been gathered in larger group, they  had then been ritually cleansed, smoked from pipe, most of them have shifted from their breed forms into their beastial Crinos forms! (Half-Man/Half-Wolf Form!) They have passed around the war paint and applied it to their bodies. (All except for mine!) and then had broken off into smaller groups followering the Adren (Higher Ranking Garou! (Werewolf!) Explained more further on!)  to one of the four anchor points in the Caern ( A Garou (Werewolf!) Sacred Site hidden from the rest of Humanity!) to perform a important ritual to rededicate it. The Adren LIANN "ECHOES OF THE PAST" JIUN address's the Garou (Werewolf!) with her! All seven of them! ( Including my character MICHAEL "BLOOD ON THE MOON" ROMANOV!) gathered to her........

by Gaia » Mon Jun 24, 2013 2:54 pm

The following individuals are permitted to post here: Sees-the-Past, Conall, Egnatius, Shu, Franklin, Blood on the Moon, (Thats My Character!) Weeping Little Worm!

Liann leaves the heart of the Caern and leads her group to the place where she would stand as an anchor for the rite.

by Shu » Mon Jun 24, 2013 2:57 pm
Shu stays towards the outer edge of the group, alert and scanning for threats already.

by Blood on the Moon » Mon Jun 24, 2013 4:20 pm
'Blood on the Moon' places his left hand on pommel of his Fang Dagger as he swiftly matches steps with the group he was in. Marching regally, after the Caern Guardian Lian. Following her to the appointed area. Making his way to the front of the group if possible, without causing too much disruption among ranks. He too was training visual, aural, and olfactory sences around him for the first signs of something out of place or dangerous occurring.

by Egnatius » Mon Jun 24, 2013 7:15 pm

Egnatius moved closer to the centre of the circle, standing up in his birth form.

by Sees-the-Past » Mon Jun 24, 2013 7:19 pm
Sees-the-Past followed closely behind his auspical Elder, ready to respond to her commands.

by Weeping Little Worm » Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:15 am
Weeping little worm slithered serpentine like from the back looking closely at the others like him who had been selected by the great elders. A strange mismatch of garou indeed. Notably he keeps physical distance from the silver fangs who showed his disgust earlier at him, although through his mask of bone, feather and fur he eyes the Fangs Dagger the regal one dragged draws attention too. Should the silver one fall he'd be sure to give it a good home.

With the group taking their places around Liann he slides up to her hunkers down in his crinos form and takes to awkward steps back from the elder and shows his throat. <GT>"What is the plan Echoes of the past Rhya. Where do you want this one?"</GT> he asks while submitting himself and looking to appeal to those higher in station.

by Conall » Tue Jun 25, 2013 12:55 pm
Conall makes his way to where he was summonded. He looks to those gathered and is curious as to what is going on.

by Liann Jiun » Tue Jun 25, 2013 1:33 pm
"The plan is for you," she looks around at all of those assigned to guard her, "to protect me as I serve as an anchor for the rite. In each of the four designated points, the anchor will stand, serving as a magnet for the Wyrm that will come to disrupt the rite. It is your jobs to make sure that they do not get to me, or else the rite will fail and that would be a very bad thing," the Asian Uktena replies to Weeping Little Worm.

by Sees-the-Past » Tue Jun 25, 2013 1:38 pm

Sees-the-Past simply nods, then speaks a few words in english through his Crinoid maw.

"Roger. Wilco."

by Egnatius » Tue Jun 25, 2013 11:48 pm
Egnatius nods at Liann. The Philodox Lord walks around the arera for a bit, thinking. Soon, he stops in front of Liann, exposing his throat to the higher ranked garou.

<GT> "Rhya, is it allowed to make a fire circle around us? it would slow the enemy down and let those with arrows attack them before they even came close"</GT>

by Weeping Little Worm » Wed Jun 26, 2013 2:10 am
Weeping Little Worm scratches and picks at his scabbed skin as he makes his way between Sees and Egnatius. Three of the Septs Metis were right here, this was a good place to be. <GT>"Fire surrounding us? This one does not like to be trapped, nor burnt. But if protect honored anchor is shall, then This one will."</GT>

by Conall » Wed Jun 26, 2013 9:24 am
(CONALL (KUL-aL) is a Homid (One of the three Garou (Werewolf!) breeds!) Physical Appearance: CONALL Conall is a tall and lanky. He doesn't look like he'd be good in a fight but then again looks are deceiving. He dresses like anyone his age and looks to be a struggling musician. CONALL is a CLIATH (It's his rank in the Garou (Werewolf!) nation. Read about this further on below!) and a GALLIARD (A Garou (Werewolf!) born under the Three-Quarter-Moon! A True Bard!) and of the FIANNA tribe! (This Garou (Werewolf!) tribe is of is British racial stock! Only the most pure bred FIANNA are of Irish and Scottish racial stock! They are descended from true Celts! One of Slaine's people! They like to party and are known for their wild passions!) Distinguishing Characteristics: Has a tattoo of a Celtic cross on his upper left arm, and on his upper right arm is the Glyph for the Fianna tattooed. Speaks with a New England Accent (Maine for those who can detect dialects). Common Knowledge: Just arrived in town. Appears to be fresh out of his rite of passage and looking to start making a name for himself!)

(REELS AROUND THE SUN is his deed name! This is the name given to the Garou (Werewolf!) after his Rite of Passage. Every Garou (Werewolf!) Cub must successfully undergoe a Rite of Passage to rise to rank of Cliath! The deed name itself is descriptive of that Garou's actions during this rite. The Rite of Passage occurs when that Garou (Werewolf!) Cub under goes their first change. Suddenly realizing their Garou (Werewolf!) nature!)

(CONALL MACTAVISH is is human name!)

Conall nods and shifts to his crinos form.

<GT> Just point where I'm to stand mah ground.</GT>

by Liann Jiun » Wed Jun 26, 2013 11:03 am
Liann looks to Egnatius, "How you chose to defend me is up to you all. I will not be able to help, I will not be aware of anything once the rite has started."

She stops her advance and glances around. "Here. This is the place." She moves to stand in a spot that happens to be in a tiny opening of the trees.

"Be ready, the rite will begin soon." The Galliard closes her eyes and begins working through her part of the rite.

(OOC: Please PM me any gifts you are activating prior to the fight)

by Blood on the Moon » Wed Jun 26, 2013 11:39 am

Ever vigilant, glowing with brilliant silver light. Blood on the Moon proudly nodded to Echoes of the Past. Acknowledging he understood the plan and would do what was required of him. After she goes to stand in a tiny opening of the trees. Blood on the Moon takes steps, towards her. Finding a vacant place left for him to stand in guardianship of the Adrenn. Ready to block access to her.

Raising his head near vertical, he opened his muzzle wide and howled expectantly up into sky.

Now looking around himself as he continued a wary vigil of the others gathered near him as well as their surroundings. Blood on the Moon's left hand hadn't moved from the pommel of his Fang Dagger.

OOC(Personal Message Sent to Gaia!)

(BLOOD ON THE MOON had activated one of his Gifts (Special Garou (Werewolf!) powers, according to their BREED, AUSPICE & TRIBE. The gift he activated is called LAMBENT FLAME earlier in the scene. Which causes his entire body to glow with brilliant silver light. The glare illuminates a 100-foot area. Any hand to hand attacks against BLOOD ON TE MOON take a +1 penalty,  while missle attacks receive a -1 difficulty bonus! This gifts costs the expediture of 1 Tempoary Willpower Point to activate! The Gift lasts for one scene!)

by Egnatius » Wed Jun 26, 2013 11:46 am
Egnatius bows to Liann, and goes to gather dry grass and any sort of easily burnable material that is nearby. He spreads it out so it forms a half circle around the group.

Egnatius is not lighting the fire just yet, though, instead, once he's done he simply withraws near to weeping Little Worm. The philodox gives the theurge a nod, a wish for a great battle.

by Sees-the-Past » Wed Jun 26, 2013 11:46 am

Triggered by the Silver Fang's howl, the blind Metis raises his own, a series of energetic howls easily recognizable as the Anthem of War.

(PM sent)

(When a Garou HOWLS! They can be communicating a great deal of information over long distances. Here are thirteen different howls well known to the Garou nation. ANTHEM OF WAR,  CALL FOR SUCCOR, CALL TO HUNT, CHANT OF CHALLENGE, CURSE OF IGNOMINY, CRY OF ELATION, DIRGE FOR THE FALLEN, HOWL OF INTRODUCTION, SNARL OF PRECEDENCE, SONG OF MOCKERY, SYMPHONY OF THE ABYSS, ( Only Employed by the BLACK SPIRAL DANCERS ( They were once known as the WHITE HOWLERS until they fell to the lure of the WYRM becoming corrupted and insane!) WAIL OF FOREBODING, WARNING OF THE WYRM'S APPROACH!)

by Franklin Armstrong » Fri Jun 28, 2013 3:32 am
Franklin finally shifts his form, an enormous brown furred Crinos and joins the howl.

by Liann Jiun » Sat Jun 29, 2013 3:58 pm

(LIANN JIUN  is a Homid (One of the three Garou (Werewolf!) breeds!)  Born of sexual union between either humans with Garou (werewolf!) ancestors, or sexual union between Human and Garou (Werewolf!) There fore he's not deformed. None of the HOMID or LUPUS ( Which are Garou (Werewolf!) born of wolf, from the sexual union between either wolves with Garou (Werewolf!) ancestors or sexual union between wolf and Garou! (Werewolf!)) are deformed, although there are a few exceptions!) Physical Appearance: LIANN is a pretty woman, her Asian heritage making her stand out from the rest of her pack. Although her face says Asian, her spoken word is clear and crisp and she is clearly a native english speaker. LIANN is a ADREN (It's her rank in the Garou (Werewolf!) nation. This rank is higher than CLIATH! Read about this further on below!) and a GALLIARD and of the UKTENA tribe! (This Garou (Werewolf!) tribe is of other native racial stock not taken over by the other tribes! Only the most pure bred UKTENA are of Native American Indian racial stock. One of the three Pure tribes. They show a lot of resentment and distrust towards the other Wyrm-Comer (Garou (Werewolf!) tribes of northern European racial stock!) tribes. They like using magic too!) Distinguishing Characteristics: She tends to be very proper, standing up straight and speaking clearly and is known to have a beautiful singing voice. Common Knowledge: She holds her auspice up high, and at times can be a little snooty about it. She tends to want all galliards to be the very best at whatever it is they do. She is also watching over the cubs until a denparent is found!)

(ECHOES OF THE PAST Is her deed name!)

(LIANN JIUN is her human name!)

A wave of power moves from the inside the caern and passes through them all. Liann starts to pulse with an orange aura. She says nothing, her eyes slipping closed and a her arms held wide.

The gathered Garou can feel the power in the area and in the distance can hear the approach of the Wyrm's children.

(Will give 24 hours for reactions- then posting baddies attacking)

by Blood on the Moon » Sat Jun 29, 2013 6:45 pm
Blood on the Moon's ears home in on the Wyrm's minion's approach. While his nose sniffed for foreign and out of place scents. His eyes glowed ferally, staring off in their general direction.

Blood on the Moon, with his left hand, drew his Fang Dagger from his belt & holster. Raising the dagger into the air. He held it high, proudly howling a warning of wyrm's approach to the other Garou gathered around him in <GT>"It is I, Blood of the Moon, Born of man, Cliath Ahroun to the Silver Fangs graces this gathering with my mighty presence, vessel to the blood of the very first Garou kings and heros. Sworn at this hour to guard Echoes from the Past - Rhya from the foul Wyrm's approach in my one of my most sacred of duties to Gaia. Let them come! let them try and take this Caern. Let them try and disrupt our most sacred of rituals. I shall prevail. They shall not. This day, I shall enrich my blade in deeds of vengence!"</GS>.

With those last words, Blood on the Moon lowered his Fang Dagger into a more defensive position. Warily eyeing his Garou companions, wondering who they are for the first time since arriving. Before returning his attention to the Wyrm horde's approach.

A low growl rumbled down in Blood on the Moon's throat...

As he waited, Blood on the Moon deftly spun his Fang dagger around in his fingers in a surperior display of weaponry......

2013-06-29 02:24:34 Blood on the Moon rolls 7 dice to Weapon Display Dex + Mele 6,5,8,3,10, 6,4 (4 successes)

OOC(Sending dice roll to Storyteller and since the Wyrm are approaching to confront us, do we all get a point of tempory Rage.)

by Shu » Sat Jun 29, 2013 6:54 pm

Shu fades from sight, without a sound.



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« Reply #1 on: 06 July, 2013, 08:57:28 pm »

by Weeping Little Worm » Sat Jun 29, 2013 8:22 pm

(WEEPING LITTLE WORM is a METIS (One of the three Garou (Werewolf!) breeds!) A pure blooded Garou (Werewolf!) born of the sexual union between two Garou (Werewolf!). This is forbidden. It's in their litany. So Metis are looked upon with disdain in the Garou (Werewolf!) nation.  Their half-man/half-wolf is their natural breed form and as a result of this! They are all physically deformed in some way. Though it is also possible for the odd HOMID (Human Born!) and LUPUS (Wolf Born!) to have deformites as well. This isn't common with these two other Breeds though. WEEPING LITTLE WORM'S particular deformities are hideous to behold. In homid (Human!) form his pale shade of bone ash skin has lines and markings across it like faint birth marks of a design much like scales. His thick and hairless hide has blemish marks and possibly thousands of tiny self inflicted silver scar marks. Some of them highlight the birth mark lines others as tiny glyphs and runes like symbols from the tips of his fingers to the ends of his toes. His grin is wide and his teeth sharp like that of a piranha, that becomes more disturbing when he flicks a serpents tongue. His cold desolate eyes reflect the madness and murder that his been his life. His head bears two types of horns. One set straight and thin like an antelope erupting from his brow, the second set much like a stag, protrude from the sides and also rise upwards. A true monstrosity! His reflection always shows his true nature! he wears a hooded poncho that has been repaired and patchworked across different fibres and cultural styles. His jeans and boots are covered in dirt and debris with every journey they have taken recorded and encrusted upon them in layers of blood and filth. The poncho's hood has a long black wig sewn into it. Even while he sleeps, the Metis rests with a decorative and fearful looking bone mask of tribal eccentricities. adorned with feathers, fur and tiny bones that rattle when he shakes. In wolf forms he looks more lizard than wolf. A thick tail and long thin body accompany his other disfigurements which become more pronounced as he reaches his birth form, the Crinos, where he turns from hideous to monstrous!) He is also a CLIATH (It's his rank in the Garou (Werewolf!) nation. Read about this further on below!) and a THEURGE ( A Garou (Werewolf!) born under the Cresent-Moon! A true Seer!) and of the UKTENA tribe as well. He is as eccentric and mysterious as he is deformed. from a distance he could be observed as a traditional native American shaman dancing and giving tribute to the land, spirits and his heritage. Up close, that's a seperate matter. He smells of sweat, shame, scented smoke and blood!)

(WEEPING LIITTLE WORM is his deed name!)

(TEXCACOATL ATTOR is his human name!)

((awaiting final character sheet traits before deciding how will defend/attack))

<GT> "If injured badly, This one has good medicine. will heal guardians."</GT> at the moment the little worm puts himself between Lianns and the Silver Fangs with the mighty blade of bone.

(<GT> Stand for Garou (Werewolf!) Tongue. The language all Garou (Werewolf!) speak and understand in their Crinos form! (Half-Man/Half-Wolf Form)

(GAROU is taken from the French word for Werewolf. LOUP-GAROU!)

by Egnatius » Sat Jun 29, 2013 11:09 pm

(EGNATIUS is a METIS as well. (One of the three Garou (Werewolf!) breeds!) (EGNATIUS'S particular deformities and general description are as follows: HOMID (Human Form!) One might call him weird, another might call him brother. But the young man is clearly strange. wild hair is spiked and seems to have dyed with white specs. His right eye is yellow, showing signs of his pure breeding. But his left is pale and glassy blue. Not only that, but the skin around the eye is pale and his veins show through his skin. Another strange aspect about the man is that outside the human world, he wears a monk's robe with an iron cross clearly visible around his neck. Often, Egnatius wears his cowl up, letting his sole seeing eye glow through the darkness. CRINOS (Half-Man/Half-Wolf!) A large black wolfman, part of its fur pale white and its other eye blind. Redeems' wears his robe even in his birth form, though now the robe shows on it the glyphs 'metis' and 'deceiver'. If Egnatius removes his robe, his fur shows the very same glyphs on it, along with white specs all over his fur. LUPUS (Wolf Form!) A black iberian wolf, just out of its teens. The wolf is blind in its other eye, and its fur has the glyphs 'metis' and 'deceiver' on it!) EGNATIUS is also a CLIATH (It's his rank in the Garou (Werewolf!) nation. Read about this further on below!) and a PHILODOX (A Garou (Werewolf!) born under the Half-Moon! A true Judge!) and of the SHADOW LORD tribe! (This is a Garou (Werewolf!) tribe of mostly Eastern Europeon racial stock. Not including Germany and Russia! ( Who have their own Garou (Werewolf!) tribes!) Only the most pure bred SHADOW LORD is of Slavic racial stock. They are also a tribe of near villainous political schemers as well!)  Mannerisms: Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. Or fetishes. Egnatius is faithful, not to just Gaia, but to the Christian God as well. This is quite strange for a garou, let alone a metis. But faithful he is, Egnatius can be seen praying often. Despite not being a real monk, he seems to be as obsessed with Obedience, Chastity and Poverty. All three fit a metis well, since nobody expects them to be close to the human breed or the rich. But Egnatius has fervour. History: Born to a Shadow Lord sept elder through disturbing circumstances, the metis cub was raised by his kin uncle.)

(REDEEMS FATHERS VOICE is his deed name!)

(EGNATIUS is his human name!)

Egnatius focuses on his mind, starting a prayer about saints and fire.

(PM sent)


by Blood on the Moon » Sun Jun 30, 2013 4:57 pm

(BLOOD ON THE MOON is a HOMID! (One of the three Garou (Werewolf!) breeds!) BLOOD ON THE MOON'S description is tall, well muscled. (Strength 3) In his pure white furred Crinos (Half-Man/Half-Wolf!) form, he is taller and even more muscled. Though his model looks.(Appearance 3), and neck length hair, with hair hanging over the eyes at the front is exclusive to his Homid (Human!) & Fair Glabro  (Near Man!) forms. In his pure white furred Hispo (Near-Wolf or Dire-Wolf!) form he is large, & Lupus (Wolf!) form he is sleek. All five of his forms share a regal bearing, (Pure Blooded 5) befitting someone directly descended from the Garou kings of yore. BLOOD ON THE MOON is also a CLIATH (It's his rank in the Garou (Werewolf!) nation. Read about this further on below!) and a AHROUN (A Garou (Werewolf!) born under a Full-Moon! A true Warrior!) and of the SILVER FANG tribe! (This Garou (Werewolf!) tribe is of Royal racial stock and are also considered to be Garou (Werewolf!) royalty! Only the most pure bred SILVER FANG is of Russian racial stock! (No SILVER FANG can possess less than 3 in Pure Breed and Blood on the Moon has a Pure reed of 5!) SILVER FANG'S like to think they are always in control of the other Garou (Werewolf!) tribes. Though, just about every other Garou (Werewolf!) tribe think their reign is over. Because of their extreme pure breeding, this has created a genetic weakness in all their blood lines and thus each SILVER FANG possess a derangement! BLOOD ON THE MOON'S derangement is Perfectionism!) Distinguishing Characteristics: Arrogant, (Hubris) Brash, Bold, Audacious, Reckless, (Overconfidence). Has a strong smell of Wolf, even in Homid and Fair Glabro form (Animal Musk). Often seen in his 'Fair Glabro' form while in the presence of beautiful women. (Forced Transformation). Fascinating (Charm 3). Proud of his Russian Heritage (Pure Blooded 5). Perfectionist (Derangement) & speaks English (Linguistics 1) in a thick Russian accent. Prone to swear in Russian when he doesn't get his own way. Moves swiftly (Dexterity: 4 Speciality: Lightening Reflexes). His Rage is  4, Humans no longer feel safe near him, but cannot define him. He can still interact with humans but children will cry in his presence, low willpower humans may feel the need to flee but most just think there is something...off about him. He dress's like a rich Jock. In his custom made dark leather boots, trousers, white sweat shirt and long coat which have been etched in wavy patterns. What ever is most fashionable at the time. Carries a Fang Dagger & a large Semi-Automatic Pistol which have all been dedicated to him. Merits/Flaws: Fair Glabro, Hubris, Animal Musk. I think the rest less obvious to the casual observer. Common Knowledge: He immigrated with his immediate family (No Siblings) to America from Russia at the age of 13. At age sixteen, he was sent to military school after showing a talent for fighting. Where he discovered his Garou nature after 'Wolfing Out' on the barracks. Immediately, he dropped out. He was contacted by the local Sept & taught the ways of the Garou. He now works as Freelance Private Investigator. When ever he's not busy as a warrior for the Sept. Still lives with parents at age 25.)

(BLOOD ON THE MOON is his deed name. He was so deeded this name for the full Moon lunar eclipse (A Blood Red Moon!) that occurred during his Rite of Passage.) 

(MICHAEL ROMANOV is his human name! (Yeah, I gave him my own first name, because I thought it sounded Russian!)

Blood on the Moon briefly turned towards Weeping Little Worm-Yuf, and grunted irritability at him as he positioned himself behind him and in front of Echoes of the Past- Rhya before turning back and resuming his surveillance of the area where he thought the incoming enemy may most likely enter.

(YUF is a suffix used on the end of a name of a Garou (Werewolf) who is of equal rank!)

(RHYA is a suffix used on the end of a name of a Garou (Werewolf) who is of higher rank!)

As he did so, Blood of the Moon then growled <GT>"If no one one but Echoes of the Past-Rhya will assume the responsibility, then I will!"</GT>

Blood of the Moon then briefly looked around himself to the other Garou standing there and continued to growl <GT> "Form a loose circle around the Adren, though not so close that we may accidently hit her and not so far away either. If are not fighting and otherwise need to be within touching distance of the Adrenn to assist her then step back closer and do so. Nothing of the Wyrm's minions should be able to get past our defensive circle. If they do so! By all means, fall back abit to slow them down and stop them, resuming the safe distance immediately when you can do so! Don't go outside the circle. Not even to chase after them."</GT>

(WYRM is the spiritual entity representing destruction, corruption and decay. It is one third of the holy Triat. Of which, there is also the WEAVER the spiritual entity representing, stasis, control, uniformity and the WYLD the spiritual entity that represents potential, life and change!)
Blood on the Moon continued to growl <GT>" We will meet those of the Wyrm where we stand! Is that clear!" </GT>

Then Blood on the Moon continued to look for possible signs of the enemies approach...

EDIT (Just inserting capitals and extra spaces where they needed. That is all!)

by Egnatius » Sun Jun 30, 2013 7:38 pm

Egnatius coughed and pointed at the circle of dry grass on the ground near the adren.

(A high ranking Garou (Werewolf). The ranks from lower to higher order are : CUB,  CLIATH,  FOSTERN,  ADREN, ATHRO,  ELDER!)

<GT>"Honored Blood on the Moon, please remember that -that- will be on fire during the fight"</GT>

by Blood on the Moon » Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:33 pm

At the Shadow Lord-Yuf's suggestion, Blood on the Moon suddenly looked uncomfortable. He had gone ahead and given his orders without consideration for the the Shadow Lord's personal contribution to this face off.

Tugging his furry collar with as much disguised embarrassment as he could muster and wanting to be the perfectionist. He growled again, thinking he was in control <GT>" Slight change in plans! As we are to form a loose circle just within this dry grass marked out here! Stand guard close enough to this circle where a fire will burn, while maintaining a safe distance from it and yet still close enough to Echoes of the Past-Rhya to protect her during her ritual If any foul minions of the Wyrm make it through the fire barrier. Then it be our sacred duty to meet them in defence!</GT>

Blood on the Moon, pointed to the area that the Shadow Lord -Yuf indicated before so that the other Garou could see and then he continued watching and waiting......

OOC(I totally forgot about your plan when I posted, My apologies.)

(OOC stands for OUT OF CHARACTER!)

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« Reply #2 on: 06 July, 2013, 08:58:55 pm »

by Egnatius » Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:46 pm

Egnatius nods at Blood on the Moon, though he seems a bit amused.

<GT>"Of course, Blood on the Moon-yuf"</GT>

Post by Weeping Little Worm » Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:47 pm

<GT>"This one is healer, but will be the warrior when the Wyrm does come."</GT> He covers himself in the war paint and plants the bane arrows in the soil ready to be plucked from ground and fired at the enemy from his bow.<GT>"If badly hurt may want to look to fall back and this one will make you strong again."</GT>

by Gaia » Tue Jul 02, 2013 10:38 am

(GAIA is the STORY-TELLER a analog of the DUNGEON-MASTER from DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. The person who runs this forum game! GAIA is also the name of highest entity in the spiritual heirachy representing the world that all Garou (Werewolf!) & normal people, and other monster types live on and one that they all follow. She is the one that gave birth to the Holy Triat (Wyrm,Weaver,Wyld!) at the beginning of all creation! So it is a apt name!)

The air around them stills and they can see a group of four...what look like people moving toward them. They make no sound, they do not move quickly- they just sort of amble toward the anchor and her guardians.

In the umbra however it is a different story. What looks to be a cloud of dust (odd, I know) seems to be moving their way- fast. Though it is no cloud. There are a small gaggle of grey, ghoulish creatures with razor sharp teeth and claws racing in the Garous' direction- slouching as they move as if they did not need to be moving on all fours, but preferred it because it allowed them to get to their victims faster.

(The UMBRA is another name for the Spiritual world inhabited by spirits. A world parallel to the physical world that everyone normally exists in! The Spiritual world is a reflection of the real world. Both worlds are separate from each other, yet side by side. More on this later!) 

Spirits are in the umbra- coming fast
The four people are moving slowly but steadily in the realm

(Please PM me your actions)

by Weeping Little Worm » Fri Jul 05, 2013 1:37 am

<GT>"SCRAGS!" The Worm growls, excitement and fear brewing within him as he catches sight of the incredibly deadly and ferocious banes.</GT>

The Metis loads a bane arrow and licks its tip as he looks to the ahroun for command <GT>"This one knows those. Very bad medicine. I can fight them!"</GT> An almost manic look overcomes him as the inevitable battle and battle for the balance of life and death and measured in blood. <GT>"Who kills spirits, who kills those, Blood on the Moon-yuf?!"</GT> He points at the bodies shambling towards them.

by Blood on the Moon » Fri Jul 05, 2013 2:08 am

On seeing the approach of the faster moving ghoulish entities in the Umbra and taking into account what Uktena Metis just said to him. Briefly confused by his pigeon English. Blood on the Moon then growls in <GT>" You two there, let's cross the gauntlet to engage the faster moving threat!"</GT> indicating both See-the-Past and Conall to go with him, while continuing to growl <GT>" The rest of you stay here to take care of those moving slower in the realm!",</GT> Indicating, Egnatius, Franklin, and Weeping Little Worm while eyeing the four slower moving figures in the realm. Shu was nowhere to be seen.

Blood on the Moon then attempted to cross the gauntlet.

(The GAUNTLET is the invisible barrier that exists between the REALM! The real physical world and the UMBRA it's spiritual reflection. Garou, (Werewolf!) being creatures of both spirit and flesh are the only ones who can exist in both worlds and are the only ones who pass through this barrier to either world! Those Garou (Werewolf!) with a higher Gnosis trait are said to be more spiritual (Gnostic) and can do this more easier than a Garou (Werewolf!) with a lower Gnosis trait. There are places where this barrier is thinner and easier to pass through. Like at a Caern (A Garou (Werewolf!) Sacred Site hidden from the rest of Humanity! "Stepping-Sideways" is a vulgar way of saying 'Crossing the Gauntlet")

OOC (Personal Messaged my actions to the Storyteller!)

by Sees-the-Past » Fri Jul 05, 2013 2:30 am

(SEE'S-THE-PAST Is the last METIS in this group! (One of the three Garou (Werewolf!) breeds!) SEE'S-THE-PAST particular deformity is that he is blind. He has eyes that do not see. From his white, cloudy eyes which he keeps open, unlike most others with his condition. And the cane, of course. As he is blind, is other senses of hearing and of smell have become most important. To him everyone else has a strong odur, a smell and so scent is included in most of the other caracter descriptions for his benefit. Physical Appearance: SEE'S-THE-PAST is tall, head and shoulders over most people, yet he walks with a slight hunch as if trying to hide it. He is thin unto the point of being gaunt, with long, sinewy limbs. In his wolf form he is the picture of a wolf on the brink of starvation, his ribs clearly visible. In all forms without clothes, it is also easy to spot the numerous scars crisscrossing his hide. In homid form the only visible ones are on his throat, which look like it's been punctured from either side twice. SEE'S-THE-PAST is also a CLIATH (It's his rank in the Garou (Werewolf!) nation. Read about this further on below!) and a GALLIARD as well and of the GET OF FENRIS tribe as well. (This Garou (Werewolf!) tribe is of Germanic racial stock. Only the most pure bred GET OF FENRIS are of Norse Racial stock! Descended from True Vikings! They are known for their intolerance of certain minority groups!) SEE'S-THE-PAST'S pure breeding shows signs of SILVER FANGS ancestory as well. He smells quite musky, as if he hasn't bathed in a few days (or more), and faintly of earth, rotting leaves and blood!)

(SEE'S-THE-PAST is his deed name!)

(ALEXANDER LARSEN is his human name!)

Sees-the-Past held his ground, frowning at the growls of the Silver Fang. Only the most rash of fools assumed command without first assuaging his soldiers' abilities. Not that THAT was surprising with the Fangs. He did a shrug to limber himself up before receiving any enemy that he could detect in his vicinity.

(Having not been introduced to SEES-THE-PAST, BLOOD ON THE MOON didn't know his name and that he was blind. So BLOOD ON THE MOON'S didn't do anything beyond pointing in SEE'S-THE-PAST direction and growling at him in Garou (Werewolf!) tongue when he indicated him and thus, SEE'S-THE-PAST remained where he was standing guard over the Adren!)

by Gaia » Fri Jul 05, 2013 2:34 am

(I will allow one 'placement' post from each of you- i.e.- crossing the Gauntlet or staying in the realm, just so I know who is where. No actions should be taken beyond crossing or staying- you may say maybe one sentence or two to your comrades because of the very brief amount of time b/t when the enemies get here.

Blood on the Moon and Sees-the-Past, you have already used your placement clarifications. Anyone who has not posted by the time I run rolls this evening will be assumed to be in the realm.)

Franklin Armstrong » Fri Jul 05, 2013 2:53 am

(FRANKLIN ARMSTRONG  is a Homid (One of the three Garou (Werewolf!) breeds!) Physical Appearance: FRANKLIN ARMSTRONG is just at six feet tall, with a very thick build. He obviously spends a bit of time at the gym, but heads to the bar right after, giving him a padded appearance. He shaves his head slick and smooth. Generally favors a tshirt, jeans and combat boots. FRANKLIN ARMSTRONG is a CLIATH (It's his rank in the Garou (Werewolf!) nation. This as already been explained above!) and a AHROUN  and of the FIANNA tribe! Distinguishing Characteristics: Wears a classic police officer's mustache. Nice sized scar on the right side of his head, from a battle in Iraq that'll he'll be more than happy to tell you about. Has a large tattoo of the Air Force "Defensor Fortis" logo on his right bicep. Merits/Flaws: Arachnophobe (2pt Flaw) Concentration (1pt Merit) Common Knowledge:Frank is quite proud of his family of police officers and his military service. Generally a very open and friendly guy. Has a very faint hint of a Southern accent, having been raised in Birmingham, Alabama, but being away for years!)

(PROTECTS THE WEAK is his deed name!)

(FRANKLIN ARMSTRONG is his human name!)

Frank stands fast, with...whatever the Crinos version of a grin is...on his face, getting ready to lay into something that NEEDS to die.

by Weeping Little Worm » Fri Jul 05, 2013 4:20 am

The Worm was not impressed. 'Abandoning the Theurge in the realm of life before doing battle in the world of Spirit?!' He curses internally 'foolish greedy ahroun thinks to make quick work of the spirits then be back in time to slay these shambling wrecks. Glory chasing fool!'

<GT>"yes Blood on the moon-yuff. This one will stay and fight here."</GT> He obeys, knowing better than to challenge the leader in war. Especially a silver fangs Ahroun.

Picturing the face of Blood on the moon at his feet he stabs the bane arrow through the imagined eye back in to the ground. The bane of evil spirits now resting. As is his temperment to the bane of his own life. Superior Garou. Removing his fur bound quiver of arrows from under his dirt and dust encrusted poncho he loads standard arrows for a more than standard foe. He plans to make use of the elements available by quickly tying thin sheets of dried moss to the arrows shaft.

(Already, other Garou (Werewolf!) show a dislike for my character BLOOD ON THE MOON. Some will be uncomfortable around him due to his wolves odor even when he is in Human form and most will dislike him because of his Hubris!)

by Shu » Fri Jul 05, 2013 4:48 am

(SHU is a Homid (One of the three Garou (Werewolf!) breeds!) Physical Appearance: Middle Eastern, of Egyptian descent. Shu is somewhat homely, with a nose that doesn't seem to fit his face, and large ears, and blemishes. SHU is a CLIATH (It's his rank in the Garou (Werewolf!) nation. This as already been explained above!) and a RAGABASH ( A Garou (Werewolf!) born under  New-Moon! A True Tricksters!) and of the SILENT STRIDERS tribe! (This Garou (Werewolf!) tribe is of Middle Eastern Racial Stock. Only the most pure bred SILENT STRIDERS are strictly of Egyptian racial stock. Banished from their homeland many ,many years before by the God Set. Without a home, they travel alot. Never staying in one place for too long. They make good messengers! They are good at finding out secrets!) Distinguishing Characteristics: A jambiya sheathed on his hip! (A Strider Klaive) Common Knowledge: Shu is newly arrived. If someone has spent time with the Striders, they may have heard whispers of him. Scent: Shu carries the smell of the road, mostly dust and some exhaust. There's also the faint smell of death in his scent. Not taint, but something that follows him!)

(WHISPERS ON TE BREEZE is his deed name!)

(IBRAHIM "SHU" MOSARAK is his human name!)

Shu silently curses the arrogant ass. 'Another fucking Silver Fang who thinks he's the King... Hope he doesn't get us all killed.' He tightens his grip on the jambiya, more sure then ever that he would need to be the last defense for Liann.

(SHU can't stand my character BLOOD ON THE MOON either!)

by Gaia » Fri Jul 05, 2013 3:00 pm

From this point forward the only posts should be made by me until the combat has been concluded. Please read the narration and PM me your actions

Everyone gain a Rage as we have entered combat. When you are injured for the first time you will also gain a Rage

Blood on the Moon and Conall both cross the gauntlet with ease. The rite being performed made the veil between realms even thinner than normal. The scrags were coming, there were seven of them in total- which could turn out to be a very, very bad thing- though only Weeping Little Worm knows that.

The Silver Fang had his dagger out, the glyphs in it glowing faintly as he activate the fetish and swiftly moved to slash at the first Scrag that came into reach. The spirit let out a screech, but did not withdraw; as it focused completely on the Silver Fang- Blood on the Moon’s Rage came to the forefront and the Silver Fang flipped into a frenzy.

Another Scrag turned its attention to the Fianna Galliard. Hey look, Conall was frenzying too! This resulted in the Fianna launching himself onto the Scrag that had incited his Rage, tearing away at the spirit’s essence.

It was clear to those still on the realm side that the two Umbra Garou would be easily overrun without some help.

(SCRAGS are BANES ( Evil Spirits that like to possess people and Garou (Werewolf!) alike.) are the warrior caste Banes. Spirits of Murder. Lean, grey skinned, ghoulish looking with razor sharp claws and teeth. They like to possess Garou (Werewolf!) and can only possess them if those Garou (Werewolf!) are in the Umbra (Spirit World!) with them! They can also incite the Garou (Werewolf!)to Frenzy. Though this can only happen from a physical encounter with them in the Umbra (Spirit World!) as well! They are incapable of reaching the real physical world! Unless they Possess anyone or Garou (Werewolf!) in the Umbra (Spirit World!). BLOOD ON THE MOON doesn't know about SCRAGS :o WEEPING LITTLE WORM does ::))

(FRENZY! A mental state that Garou often reach in the heat of battle. A berzerk fury, where they will keep on attacking, biting and slashing until there is no one left to fight. During this time they are incapable of using Gifts (Garou (Werewolf!) Spiritual powers) and special attacks. Garou (Werewolf!) with a higher Rage trait are more prone to Frenzy than Garou (Werewolf!) with a lower Rage trait!)


In the meantime all the ways away across the clearing, the shambling figures kept on shambling. They were not moving any faster or slower than before.

As my character BLOOD ON THE MOON is in Frenzy. He will keep on attacking until there is no one left to fight. If his Gnosis trait is higher than his RAGE trait, then he will be able to tell friend from foe and not attack any allies. While he is in Frenzy, the STORYTELLER will control all his actions.

Combat is slow. I am still awaiting the results from the Storyteller of the second round of combat.

This is a excerpt taken from the entire  thread called LIANN'S GUARDIAN's on the WEREWOLF THE APOCALYPSE forum game SENECA RISES. with added glossary and character descriptions. As I said before! You will need a account on that forum before you can even read their message board and/or play this game on there as well. So far there are 47 players in this game.

Will BLOOD ON THE MOON and CONALL make quick work of the SCRAGS and be able to cross back over the Gauntlet in time to defend LIANN in our most sacred duty to GAIA!

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« Reply #3 on: 07 July, 2013, 05:24:57 am »
I started to read this epic string of posts (on par with some of your best Slaine posts or yore), but I felt myself slipping into a coma and had to stop midway through the second post. Well done, mayor.


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« Reply #4 on: 07 July, 2013, 07:35:28 pm »
The Silver Fang had his dagger out, the glyphs in it glowing faintly as he activate the fetish

I forgot to add that a.....

(FETISH is a normal every day object with a spirit bound into it. The nature of spirit bound into this object grant that object it's specific type of power. The sheer multitude of spirits offer a near infinite amount of different type of FETISHES. Garou (Werewolf!) treat their FETISHES with reverence, treating them with upmost honour. Such are the terms of the pact,  which bind spirits to serve the Garou (Werewolf!) only as long as the Garou (Werewolf!) honour the spirits in turn. Most fetishes are made from natural items such as wood, clay or bone. Although some FETISHES used by the GLASSWALKER tribe ( A Garou (Werewolf!) tribe of no specifi racial stock, known to only be found and liveing in modern cities and for their tecno-savy!) are modern, hi-tech items such as digital watches, mobile phones and laptop computers. Many FETISHES are portable. Most are adorned with feathers, braids and carvings of the spirit within it. Which is a practice meant to honour the spirit inside. Some are actualley weapons from simple spears or arrows to the majestic silver Klaives (A Garou (Werewolf!) signature weapon of their choice. It's like a sword with triangular shaped blade thats wider at the bottom and narrow to a point at the top. 

A example of a FETISH is my character 'Blood on the Moon's Fang Dagger containing a Spirit of Pain that grants the ability when activated to double damage success's after damage dice are rolled. 


I started to read this epic string of posts (on par with some of your best Slaine posts or yore), but I felt myself slipping into a coma and had to stop midway through the second post. Well done, mayor.

Glad you approve, thoug your missing the best part with the cliff-hanger ending :o



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« Reply #5 on: 07 July, 2013, 08:08:11 pm »
I would also like to add that I went to a bit of trouble web browsing for a picture that would fit WEEPING LITTLE WORM'S description in my second post on this thread. When realised after settling for what I ended up using. That a picture of LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG would a near perfect fit with his horns, skeletal mask like visage, sloughed skin, and animalistic posture.....



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« Reply #6 on: 11 July, 2013, 05:55:17 am »

GAIA the STORY-TELLER Has finally posted the next round of combat for our seven Garou (Werewolf!)protagonists. Thats eight, if your counting LIANN! As the five Garou (Werewolf!) left in the Realm (The Physical World!) soon cross the Gauntlet (The Invisable Barrier between the Realm & the Umbra!) into the Umbra (The Spiritual World!) to aid BLOOD ON THE MOON and CONALL against the seven Scrags! (Warrior Caste Banes ( Evil Possessing Spirits!)  GAIA the STORY-TELLER even refers to my character as a idiot. (The Nerve of her!) Though that may be just the words of WEEPING LITTLE WORM!

Anyway this is the last post from LIANN'S GAURDIAN'S in the WEREWOLF THE APOCALYPSE forum game SENECA RISES.

by Gaia » Thu Jul 11, 2013 12:00 pm

With Blood on the Moon and Conall both in frenzy, the other Guardians step in to act.

Sees-the-Past easily slips through the Gauntlet, it was like stepping through a doorway, no resistance at all. He begins attacking the closest Scrag to him- one that was not currently engaged in combat with a frenzying Garou. His claws ripping away bits of the spirit’s form. It screeches at the attack and turns it’s gaze on him, but cannot make the Fenrir frenzy. Franklin seems to have the same idea as Sees-the-Past and aids the Galliard in his assault on this Scrag- also tearing away at the spirit’s body with his claws.

Weeping Little Worm does not like the idea of disobeying an order but even he sees the danger here of allowing the idiotic SilverFang to doom them by weakening their forces. But he will if others do. The metis shouts out to the others remaining, down his lined and aimed arrow he looks <GS>"The SCRAGS are making them frenzy. Such a fate will meet all who go there alone. This one believes we must all work and strike together to slay them and free our brothers.

We must do so together." He fires his aimed arrow at the furthest shambler through the wall of fire. But the arrow flies wide, no where near the shamblers, who are still a little ways away.

As the Uktena metis steps through to the other side of the Gauntlet, the banes pay little attention to him, instead focusing on the Garou that are ripping into them in the moment.

Conal, still in the grips of frenzy, attacks the Scrag nearest him- the one that made him frenzy to start. Two claws rip into the spirit creature and it screams with Rage- attacking him back. However it was unable to get past the Fianna’s thick crinos fur. Shu appears in the umbra, stabbing at the Scrag Conal was attacking with his Jambiya- the weapon burying itself deep into the spirit’s body. With a twist and a powerful upward pull, the weapon is ripped through the creature and it falls. It’s essence melting away.

The other scrags did not like this one bit, and focus their attention on the deadly Silent Strider. Shu can feel his rage starting boil over as he is pulled into a frenzy.

Egnatius bends and the circle surrounding Liann is set ablaze. He has enough time to see a scrag coming close, it’s gaze fixed on him. He feels his Rage start to boil, but manages to hold back the frenzy it was trying to cause.

Blood on the Moon’s frenzy has made him into an unstoppable juggernaut as he rips apart the Scrag that had caused him to frenzy in the first place.

End of Round
Scrag 1: dead
Scrag 2: dead
Scrag 3: pissed {one being attacked by Sees-the-Past and Franklin}
Scrag 4: uninjured
Scrag 5: uninjured
Scrag 6: uninjured
Scrag 7: uninjured
Blood on the Moon, Conall, Shu- frenzied

Combat is slow. That is because there a quite afew players! (48!)  I am now awaiting the results from GAIA the STORY-TELLER of the third round of combat. It has between 12 oclock Noon ( Australian Time!) and last friday since GAIA the STORY-TELLER has posted the first combat round.

Players controlling (That includes me!) all frenzied characters, (That includes mine!) are no longer in control of them. They can no longer use special attacks, only slashing, stabbing and biting, neither can they use their Gifts ( Special Werewolf Powers granted to them by their Allied Spirits!) or can they retreat until all threats have been defeated. That means GAIA the STORY-TELLER has is controlling their combat actions until they either are kill or until end of the combat scene!

This is a excerpt taken from the entire thread called LIANN'S GUARDIAN'S on the WEREWOLF THE APOCALYPSE forum game SENECA RISES.  As I said before! You will need a account on that forum before you can even read their message board and/or play this game on there as well. So far, there are 48 players in this game.

Will SEE'S-THE-PAST, CONALL, EGNATIUS, SHU, FRANKLIN, BLOOD ON THE MOON, (Thats My Character!) WEEPING LITTLE WORM defeat the five remaining SCRAGS and cross back over the Gauntlet from the Umbra in time to defend LIANN against the four SHAMBLERS (I have know idea what they are in this game!) in their most sacred duty to GAIA!

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« Reply #7 on: 11 July, 2013, 10:30:54 am »
What in fuck's name is going on here? I think I understand those gibberish spambot game transcripts better than this.
We never really die.


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« Reply #8 on: 11 July, 2013, 10:35:05 am »
Its the Mayor, no one questions the Mayor!
But everybody else is overwhelmed by indifference and the promise of an early bed

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« Reply #9 on: 11 July, 2013, 11:19:50 am »
What in fuck's name is going on here? I think I understand those gibberish spambot game transcripts better than this.

I wondered who's crack first...


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« Reply #10 on: 11 July, 2013, 07:06:42 pm »

To celebrate the end of our exams, one of the party animal kids at my school invited a few folk over to his house, explaining that his parents were away for the night. When we got there he produced a game manual and some hexagonal dice, and that night became the first time I'd played D&D, the first time I had a puff of a joint, and the first time I'd ever had to phone home pished and explain to my folks I'd be sleeping at someone else' place while trying not to sound pished.

When I got home the next morning my visibly distraught Mum said she'd been up all night, that she wanted me to think about the kind of company I was keeping, and not to get led into doing the kind of thing I might regret or which could affect my chances in life. I vowed there and then never to play a role playing game ever again.


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« Reply #11 on: 11 July, 2013, 07:52:23 pm »
What in fuck's name is going on here? I think I understand those gibberish spambot game transcripts better than this.

Which parts needs clarifying?

Again...This time the shorter version, that hopefully makes more sense!

There is a important ritual being performed by the Garou, (Better known as a Werewolf! The word Garou is actually taken from Loup-Garou! The French word for Werewolf!) named LIANN within one of the four anchor points of their local Caern! (Which is a sacred location hidden from the rest of Humanity and other Super-natural beings. Like, Vampires, (Need I explain them!) Mages,(Beings born to use Magic!) Changelings, (Who are Fairy Folk!) Wraiths, (Ghosts who live in a part of the Spirit World, called the Dark Umbra!) Hunters, (Humans imbued with powers that hunt other supernaturals!) Demons, (Humans possessed by Fallen Angels!) Find out more about them here!  WORLD OF DARKNESS Just scroll down to PUBLICATION (SETTINGS)) This Caern is within a huge forest area. Though, LIANN is standing in a large clearing!

Gathered around her are her seven Garou Guardians. Poised ready to defend, most have already shape shifted into their Crinos (Half-Man/Half-Wolf Shape!) form. Some are still in their breed form, (Their human shape!) and some are about to change. They are called SEE'S-THE-PAST, CONALL, EGNATIUS, SHU, FRANKLIN, BLOOD ON THE MOON, (Thats My Character!) WEEPING LITTLE WORM!

LIANN Glows orange as she begins her ritual. A ritual which will attract many minions of the Wyrm (A great god-like spiritual entity and one third of a holy triat! The Wyrm represents destruction and decay. The other two are the Weaver, a great god-like spiritual entity of stasis and control and the Wyld, a great god-like spiritual entity of potential and change!) to her like a magnet. She must not be interrupted while performing this ritual. The other Garou are gathered to defend her in this instance.

My Character BLOOD ON THE MOON howls (Howls are excellent ways for Garou to communicate to each other over distances, relay information in this secret language called Garou Tongue and to also scare and warn the enemy!) to the sky and draws his fetish weapon a Fang Dagger ( Fetishes are normal everyday objects with spirits bound into them. These bound spirits grant these objects special powers. The type of spirit bound inside the object indicates what sort of power that object now has. Some Fetishes can be weapons. My character BLOOD ON THE MOON'S Fang Dagger has a Spirit of Pain which grants the weapon double the amount damage when it's activated on a successful hit!)  and deftly twirls it with his fingers in hand in a display of superior weapon handling.

SHU disappears into thin air as he turns invisible!

From the edge of the clearing four slowly moving, shamberling creatures start to approach us. I will just call them Shamblers for now. While, from the same direction within the Umbra ( This is a the Spirit World, A separate world, which is parallel to our world, the physical real world also called the Realm!) are a number of ghoulish creatures approaching within a cloud. Hard to tell how many of them there are. Despite being in a Umbra. They can be seen by the Garou because all Garou at this Caern  naturally possess the Gift ( A Werewolf power that can be activated or some Gifts are switched on all the time. This gift is one of the latter! These Gifts are granted to Garou by their spiritual allies!) called "Pulse of the Invisable" Which allows the possessor of the gift to see spirits who are in the local Penumbra (That part of the Umbra that is a exact reflection of the Realm adjacent to it!) from where they are in the Realm! These ghoulish creatures are approaching faster than the four shamblers.

The rest of the seven Garou shape-shift into their Crinos forms!

My character BLOOD ON THE MOON howls one more time and is joined in that howl by SEE'S-THE-PAST and FRANKLIN!

WEEPING LITTLE WORM has identified them as Scrags (Warrior Caste Banes!(Evil spirits of possession!) and asks my character BLOOD ON THE MOON if he will defend him against the Shamblers in the Realm and in break down in communication! He thinks he meant the Scrags in the Umbra!

My character BLOOD THE MOON asserts control  and orders, SEE'S-THE-PAST, and CONALL to cross the Gauntlet (The invisible, feasible barrier between the Umbra and the Realm. All Garou being creatures of spirit and flesh can exist in both worlds. They can cross through this barrier to either world using their Gnosis Trait. A trait which represents the Garou's connection the Umbra. The higher the trait the easier it is for that Garou to cross over!) into the Umbra to attack these Scrags, while EGNATIUS, FRANKLIN, WEEPING LITTLE WORM! must stay behind in the Realm to defend LIANN against the four slow moving Shamblers while doing her ritual.

My character BLOOD ON THE MOON notices that SHU is no where to be seen!

SEE'S-THE-PAST being blind, didn't respond to my character BLOOD ON THE MOON'S orders and stays behind as well. My character BLOOD ON THE MOON didn't know this because he was too busy.

Both my character BLOOD ON THE MOON & CONALL, cross the gauntlet into the Umbra to engage battle with the Scrags.

This is a bad idea since, I 'm splitting the group up making them a weaker resistance to the four Shamblers approaching LIANN and other four Garou in the realm. Crossing into the Umbra was never nessasary as Scrags can't cross the Gauntlet themselves and attack any thing in the realm disrupting the ritual. They were never a real threat! 

Some of the Garou raged at my character BLOOD ON THE MOON'S decision!

My character BLOOD ON THE MOON didn't know any of this!

So now in the Umbra they saw that there seven Scrags and started to attack them. As my character BLOOD ON THE MOON engaged battle with the Scrags! The glyph on his Fang Dagger glowed as he activated his Fetish weapon and attacked the Scrag closest to him. The scrags only reaction to this attack was to focus it's gaze on my character BLOOD ON THE MOON and incite him to Frenzy. (One of the two abilities that Scrags have! The other is Possesion!) So he frenzied and as CONALL started to attack, tearing at the evil spirits essence. He was incited to Frenzy by the Scrag he was attacking.

Now we were both Frenzied (Frenzied is state of being berserk that forces a Garou into it's Crinos form and cause it to attack the nearest person/Garou/Enemy. (Except in this instance we already in Crinos form!) If the Frenzied Garou's Gnosis Trait is higher than their Rage Trait, then they know what they are doing and remember their actions after the battle. If their Willpower Trait is higher than their Rage Trait they can tell their allies from their foes and will only attack their foes. The Scrags! Garou with higher Rage Traits are more prone to Frenzy than Garou with a lower Rage Trait. Frenzied Garou will keep on attacking until there is nobody is left to attack, unless they can tell allies from their foe and stop attacking. Sometimes a Temporary Willpower Trait Point can be spent to halt a Frenzy!) and it looks as though our two Garou are outnumbered.

The other five Garou wait in the Realm defending LIANN!.


The other five Garou change their minds and decide to help the two Garou locked in combat with the Scrags in the Umbra.

Then SEE'S-THE-PAST and FRANKLIN cross the Gauntlet into the umbra easily. They both single out a Scrag and  attack it! Tearing at it's spiritual essence! Pissing it off, but not destroying it. It tries to incite them to Frenzy with it's gaze and fails to.

Still in the Realm, WEEPING LIITLE WORM states that The SCRAGS are making them frenzy. Such a fate will meet all who go there alone.

WEEPING LIITLE WORM then fires a arrow from his bow at one of the four Shamblers. It goes wide, missing them completely and he then cross's the Gauntlet to step into the Umbra to face the Scrags as well. The Scrags take no notice of him, being too busy attacking the other four Garou already there.

A Frenzied CONALL rips into the Scrag he was attacking again and it screams with rage attacking him back, but it's attack does not penetrate CONALL's fur. SHU then appears in the Umbra next to him and attacks the same Scrag CONALL was attacking with his Fetish Jambiya. Burying the weapon deep within the spirit, he does further damage yanking it out and the spirit falls dead, destroyed. It's essence fades from view, gone!

Upon seeing one of their own die! The remaining Scrags, whom are not already being attacked, turn on SHU and focus their gaze collectively inciting SHU to Frenzy as well!

EGNATIUS whom is the last to remain in the realm with LIANN ignites a large circle of fire around him and LIANN! As the first line of defence against the Shamblers who are still outside the noe ring of fire. Moving towards it and LIANN slowly.

It doesn't say wether or not EGNATIUS crossed the Gauntlet into Umbra or not. So at first, I assumed he had stayed in the realm to ignite the large ring of fire. Then it says a Scrag approached him, gazing at him and tried to incite him to Frenzy! In which it fails as well. (By the words given, I would say he spent a Temporary Willpower Trait Point! As this sometimes works!) So I now assume he crossed the Gauntlet into the Umbra as well.

Meanwhile my Frenzied character BLOOD ON THE MOON also rips the Scrag he was first attacking to bits. It dies, destroyed. It's essence fades as well.


Scrag 1: dead
Scrag 2: dead
Scrag 3: pissed (The one being attacked by SEE'S-THE-PAST and FRANKLIN)
Scrag 4: uninjured
Scrag 5: uninjured
Scrag 6: uninjured
Scrag 7: uninjured

BLOOD ON THE MOON, CONALL, SHU are all still Frenzied

None of the Garou have been successfully attacked, except CONALL who soaked the damage completely by successfully rolling his enhanced Crinos Staminia worth of dice against the damage dice rolled by the Scrag.

This is a excerpt taken from the entire thread called LIANN'S GUARDIAN'S on the WEREWOLF THE APOCALYPSE forum game SENECA RISES. As I said before! You will need a account on that forum before you can even read their message board and/or play this game on there as well. So far, there are 48 players in this game.

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask and if you want to know more, read about it here. WEREWOLF THE APOCALYPSE

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Ok, before I trawl through all these tl;dr posts, I have one question.

What do I win?
You may quote me on that.

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What in fuck's name is going on here? I think I understand those gibberish spambot game transcripts better than this.

Which parts needs clarifying?

Again...This time the shorter version, that hopefully makes more sense!

<... 8000 pages of text ....>

Ha! Brilliant.
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Absolutely couldn't make 'head nor tail' of this post.......BUT.......
some astonishingly good pieces of artwork included in it...... :D

As for the words...............sorry...........gobbledegook to me !!!
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