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Author Topic: Honest Opinion  (Read 960 times)

Eric Plumrose

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Re: Honest Opinion
« Reply #15 on: 07 July, 2017, 07:08:27 am »
I dont say who the group is.

Is this the same group that so exasperated you four years ago?
Not sure if pervert or cheesecake expert.

Steve Green

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Re: Honest Opinion
« Reply #16 on: 07 July, 2017, 08:33:10 am »
It says who the group is in the youtube video description.


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Re: Honest Opinion
« Reply #17 on: 07 July, 2017, 09:12:02 am »
Quote from: The Doctor Alt 8
...all I wanted was an honest independent opinion of their performance.

If your group, collectively, and with justification, wanted feedback, you wouldn't do it like this. You would contact other local groups, maybe via the LTG or Noda, and ask someone appropriate to come along to a rehearsal. Or, you could invite an adjudicator from your regional association who would offer practical hands-on advice.

If that weren't possible, and you had to court feedback online, you would make a properly shot video with full knowledge of the company, and post it to somewhat more appropriate places.

But taking and posting these videos in the way you have seems to be an attempt to ridicule your friends, rather than to improve your performance. And despite that fact that yes, if people are paying money you have a duty to make a show as good as possible, you should respect your colleagues' motivations for performing, of which I have no doubt are genuine and well-intentioned.

(I seem to have a history of picking up on your posts and, sincerely, that is not my intention. But as I said upthread, being very much into am-dram – and thankful for all the opportunities it has given me – this particular indiscretion really sticks in the craw).


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Re: Honest Opinion
« Reply #18 on: 07 July, 2017, 11:21:36 am »
That's a whole load of Honest Opinions. Careful what you wish for...!

I watched 10 seconds of one randomly-chosen video. The girl was quite good, I enjoyed it more than I expected. Unflattering camera angle though. That's my opinion, not sure what you can do with it.