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Author Topic: Grant Morrison developing The Invisibles for TV  (Read 5690 times)


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Re: Grant Morrison developing The Invisibles for TV
« Reply #30 on: 11 November, 2018, 01:33:34 pm »
Interesting news. I really wonder how it'll translate into TV. Could be really cool I think.

Hope it does well enough to warrant other stuff as well. I really want to see a 100Bullets show or movie. Also Unfollow.

Regarding Invisibles. I think I really like it that it exists, that someone got away with writing it, more than I like the book itself. For every story arc in it which I like there's one or two which I don't care much for. But it's a book I think people should give a go. If not it, Flex Mentallo or Filth.

Otherwise I tend to really like Morrison. Especially Doom Patrol, Flex Mentallo, Superman, Batman, Final Crisis and Multiversity. What I like most about them is that they manage to take something which on first glance looks ridiculus (for example flying people in tight pyamases) and manages to it to feel powerful and inspirational. His Superman being at such peace with things but still can tell someone on the brink of hurting themselves that they're stronger than they know. Such a lovely thing :)
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Re: Grant Morrison developing The Invisibles for TV
« Reply #31 on: 11 November, 2018, 07:10:09 pm »
I quite enjoyed Inferno when it came out, but it didn't really go anywhere.  He had Dredd's dialogue nailed (which was a welcome relief after years of Garth Ennis's inarticulate thug of a judge), but the story had no depth whatsoever.  Perhaps he needed to meet Dredd sitting on a train track after he'd finished interviewing Superman.
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