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Author Topic: Art submissions (help a newbie!)  (Read 3893 times)


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Re: Art submissions (help a newbie...
« Reply #15 on: 18 September, 2006, 04:52:16 am »
I like what you've got going on there, there's room for improvement though:

Nancy's Story, I like the art- the story telling though is akward, I think. Try giving your unlettered artwork to someone else and ask if they can figure out what's going on in the story (I usually ask my wife - she doesn't read comics so if she can figure it out then the story telling is ok). Figure work and proportions all look good. Like the greyscale.

Some Bad News: I like the artwork, nice and simple, and your 'deadline' inking seems to suit that strip owing to the simplicity of what's happening in the panels. I'm not sure of the wisdom of posting 2 pages together as you've done as, initially, the temptation is to read all the way across the top (so the top tiers of both pages then the bottom tiers of both pages) - but that's just the nature of putting those pages online in that format.

Judge Dredd, hard to judge based on one page but here are some thoughts:

I think you need to push your inking more for dredd, the deadline suits the other stuff but with Dredd you may want to start playing with a brush or a nibbed pen or just add a little bit of interest to the lines some other way. You may also want to spot some blacks - unless you're going to fully colour the Dredd samples you'll need to add blacks to help give the pages some weight.  (oops, just looked again, that's pencil work - while there are a few pencillers and inkers in 2000AD the vast majority of people do both the pencils and inks)

Backgrounds: ok, it's one page - but even so, where is this story set? In the cursed Earth? in a deserted sidestreet of Megacity One? on the moon? There's nothing there to suggest anywhere - or anywhen, is it morning? night? winter? summer?

Story telling: There's an odd transition from panel 2 to panel 3, presumably Dredd's just got off the bike, but where has the bike gone? (Even a hint of the wheel would've helped to sell the idea that dredd has dismounted)

Anyhue, that's all I've got.

- pj
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