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Author Topic: Synthi-Biscuit Blues  (Read 1279 times)

Rowdy Yates

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Synthi-Biscuit Blues
« on: 27 June, 2002, 06:52:28 PM »
Hi. I know i might get a bollocking for this but more people log onto the message boards than the classifieds.
I am after updating my collection of 2000ad's and Megazines here's what i need.
2000ad's- 905-907, 912,914,929,930,932,991,1103,1110,1119,1132,1135, 1145,1147,1158,1161,1178,1191,1192,1194,1197,1215-1222 1224,1229,1236-1250,1252,1256-1260,1262,1265-1273,1275 to present.
Vol 1 No 16
Vol 2 No 36
Vol 3 No's 43-60, 62-79
Vol 4 all so far.
I would rather trade than pay out money which i dont have a deal of at the minute. Here's a list of what i have on offer
QC The New Look Judge Dredd 1-58,60
QC The Law Of Dredd 1-29
Fleetway Quality Judge Dredd Classics 64,68-71
Fleetway Quality Dredd Rules 8
Judgement On Gotham
Judge Dredd Poster Progs 2,3
Judge Dredd Annuals 1989,1990,1991
The Complete Judge Dredd 1-4,6,7,8,9,16,17,18,21,31
Judge Dredd Megazine Vol 2 2,4-9,12,22,34,41,45
Judge Dredd Novels-:
Dread Dominion
The Savage Amusement
The Best Of 2000AD Monthly- 1-11,13-26,28-40,42-44,
All of the above range from good to near mint condition. Anyone interested can email me at Spireite2003@aol.com