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Author Topic: Resident Evil .....6  (Read 483 times)


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Resident Evil .....6
« on: 26 March, 2009, 08:47:15 pm »
Right [spoiler:2hnxqrh1]weskers dead[/spoiler:2hnxqrh1] .

whats next for resident evil?

i would like to see a return to zombies and as tricell seem to be the new umbrella we can hopefully see more of the progenitor virus.

 iwould also like a return to the survival horror aspect rather than the manga action the series began to slip into fer example

spencer clone in a dress singing to his pet leeches who can collecticvly make a person.
raymond salazar ,osmund sadler and albert wesker the veronica onwards version.

it was lovely seeing the lickers back as well.

if they did a fill in game what would you like to see? i vote a resident evil 2 done in the new style with added zombies, "dead rising "showed capcom can o zombz-a-plenty and the sheer number would be enough to make them scary,theyre hard to kill and they eat you and you might know the person eating you.

Or....i had an idea about a sandbox game in a town that has been for whatever reason infected and yu are evryman bloggs who has to use whatever he can to survive or escape think fallout meets silent hill with added left 4 dead. (and no resident evil outbreak-even though i never played that one)

ideas hive mind !