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Author Topic: Whats everyone reading?  (Read 541690 times)


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Re: Whats everyone reading?
« Reply #6435 on: 09 November, 2018, 09:39:35 am »
Currently reading Stephen King's latest book, Elevation*. I haven't finished it yet, but so far it's quite a sweet endearing story with a curious premise. (The main character is losing weight at a phenomenal rate, yet he looks and feels the same. i.e this is not Thinner where the guy actually does get thin and weak.) The scales also show the same weight regardless of what he is carrying or wearing. There is also an interesting thread concerning a married lesbian couple who are the main protagonist's neighbours, and how they deal with prejudism, etc.

I read this yesterday afternoon. It's a very pleasant story which is more curious than it is Horror. Worth a read and a lot better than...

...Doctor Sleep - which starts well and finishes very poorly, IMO. The initial exploration of Danny Torrances' character and his Struggle with Alcohol addiction (just like good 'ol Dad) is interesting enough but the Enemies of the piece (Nomadic Steam* drinkers) just seemed silly more than anything. Very disappointing and not as good as...

...11/22/63 - which is about a guy trying to prevent the assassination of JFK by travelling through a magic door. It's better than I make it sound and has a beautiful ending.


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Re: Whats everyone reading?
« Reply #6436 on: 09 November, 2018, 02:59:17 pm »
Can anyone identity this book - a long shot 'cos I remember virtually nothing about it - may have been Heinlein or Clarke (or maybe another). All I can remember is that it featured a family spaceship crew - a man, his son and daughter in law. I gave up after a multi page discussion about who should be the next captain and the chain of command and ship protocol.

That sounds like it might be The Number of the Beast by Heinlein, though as I recall, the main characters are a man, his girlfriend and her father (and his girlfriend), all of whom are deliberate allusions to characters in Edgar Rice Burroughs' Mars books. It's been almost forty years since I read it, but I'd been a huge Heinlein fan and then this one came along and it was just ponderous, incomprehensible, self-indulgent waffle. One of those books where you go, "Yeah... he's lost it."
-- Mike

Cheers Mike, I just looked that up and I think you're right - interesting wiki article about it and all the self-referential in-jokes. Seems to be regarded as universally awful, even by his biggest fans:

Heinlein buff David Potter explained on alt.fan.heinlein, in a posting reprinted on the Heinlein Society, that the entire book is actually "one of the greatest textbooks on narrative fiction ever produced, with a truly magnificent set of examples of HOW NOT TO DO IT right there in the foreground, and constant explanations of how to do it right, with literary references to people and books that DID do it right, in the background." He noted that "every single time there's a boring lecture or tedious character interaction going on in the foreground, there's an example of how to do it RIGHT in the background."