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Author Topic: Discovered / rediscovered music thread  (Read 42945 times)


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Re: Discovered / rediscovered music thread
« Reply #510 on: 20 March, 2017, 02:08:24 pm »
Gil scot heron

Ah, fond memories of my first ever Glastonbury - 1986 - he blew the place away.


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Re: Discovered / rediscovered music thread
« Reply #511 on: 20 March, 2017, 06:56:42 pm »
Back to the Gin Blossoms and the "Congratulations I'm Sorry" album.

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Re: Discovered / rediscovered music thread
« Reply #512 on: 20 May, 2017, 05:44:05 am »
Picked up a few albums from the thrift shoppe today

Regina Spektor : Begin To Hope

Got this because I believe she did the Orange Is The New Black theme song, which is quite catchy. This album sounds a lot more pop-ish than that song. Very Apple-Ad friendly. Not my cup of tea but for a $1 I can't complain

t.A.T.u : 200KM/H In The Wrong Lane

A throwback song to my younger days of downloading a music video on dial up just to watch Russian girls make out! Not just me mind you, there were a group of us at a friends house. Album is nothing special but it was worth the price of admission for a few minutes of nostalgia.

One Bad Pig : Swine Flew

Never heard of these lot. 90's Christian punk apparently. Listened to it in the car. Not bad. Now I've googled them I've noticed the pig on the cover is wearing a cross earring.

Snake River Conspiracy : Sonic Jihad

And finally we get to the best of the bunch. Looks like they only made one full length album which is a shame because they sound bloody good. I'd never heard of them and grabbed it because of the album name. If you enjoy industrial electronic music give them a go.