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Author Topic: Suprer Nerds (Pilot)  (Read 346 times)


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Suprer Nerds (Pilot)
« on: 04 May, 2009, 10:59:03 PM »
As much as I've always hated this stereotype for comic book enthusists. I know some people here actualley like associated sterotype and it doesn't bother them. As I was in the past always obsessed with looking and being cool, though I have to admit I 've let things slip these days.

You have all these smart people and the jocks who specialise. Sometimes there are exceptions, but alot of peopl just look exactly like their highscholl stereo types and makes me wonder if there is more to the idea of highshcool scholarship than meeets the eye.


Anyway, I just finished watching this a while ago. I think it's been around since 2001 on "Comedy Central Presents".

There were two things I picked up on was the...

"Four Comic limit" ....

Which had me realising how many sets I have brought and this was before I got serious about 2000AD. I have brought many one off and alot of watch I have brought has been in my opinion very good. I just can't afford to buy it though.

....and that thing about the owner of the premices saying "No discounts for friends."

Well, thats one reason I might have difficulty working over counter with the public in a place where you've got alot of friends whom might visit or in the very least know alot of people. Even customers that become regular. In past there were a few store owners that I got know from regular visits. Yet the professional barrier is always been there. yet, they make polite converstion without going too far and thats fair enough for me. I understand. I don't expect disocunts, unless they are advertised that way. Of course now I don't evn go to these stores. too ar to travel, the new store clerks are particualy stand offish around me and alittle hard to deal with. You should also know by now that I am not a pretty female. I'm not female either. There have been times and occasions when I have benefited from a friend of friend who was movie usher whom let us into the movies for free at one time. Free pizza from a delivery guy who was a friend and there was this fellow who always brought a large box of doughnuts to school.

Now I recall the time when they were alittle upset I couldn't get them free tickets trains because I used to be porter. Like what did they expect me to do. I was only a porter and not the owner of entire railways. I might just as well buy them all tickets.

Right now, I'm no longer in this line of work. As of the last nine years and it's abit of load off of me. Just for the record I never expect unusaulley speical treatment anywhere.

End of story.