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Press Release

16 November 2009

Fans of 2000 AD everywhere get set to rejoice, as 3A Toys are proud to announce their licensing agreement with Rebellion for a range of brand new 2000 AD action figures. Many characters from the pages of the galaxy’s greatest comic, from Judge Dredd to the A.B.C. Warriors and beyond are set to be made as 1/6th scale, fully-articulated works of art.

Ashley Wood,  CEO 3A Toys said “2000 AD and the worlds within its pages was inspirational in igniting the dream of becoming a comic artist for me, which lead to my first professional comic job, illustrating a Dredd Story for the Megazine. It feels very gratifying and exciting to revisit this universe now with toys.”

Jason Kingsley, COE of the Rebellion Group, home of 2000 AD said: "We're really looking forward to seeing what Ashley's company comes up with.  I need more high quality action figures for my office."

Coming soon in 2010; the toy line that all 2000 AD fans have been waiting for.

More about 3A

3A Toys was formed as a partnership between internationally acclaimed artist Ashley Wood and leading designer toy maker ThreeZero in 2008. 3A Toys is home to the hit toy line World War Robot, Metal Gear Solid and Todd McFarlane’s Spawn. 3A is located in the Kowloon district of Hong Kong.

For more info email info@threeaonline or visit our website at: www.threeaonline.com

Mike Gloady:

I shall of course have to get them all.  Pathetic fanboy that I am.

I think that noise was Commando Forces' head detonating.

Mike Gloady:
The Spawn & MGS stuff is really nicely done, so I'll look forward to seeing this.  Looks like CF will have to burrow himself a cellar extension.....


--- Quote from: Kerrin on 16 November, 2009, 01:39:44 PM ---I think that noise was Commando Forces' head detonating.

--- End quote ---

Yeh I think I heard that all the way here in Sunny Leicester.

I know that I will be indulging myself with these. How about some prelim piccys. Must be some concept art about.



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