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Author Topic: super covers & star scans  (Read 1604 times)

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super covers & star scans
« on: 10 December, 2001, 04:25:49 pm »
oh, & this best cover debate has reminded me of something i've been thinking about for sometime.

is there any possibility that the text from the old supercover sagas being encoded & posted on this sight.

these were the text equivalent of future shocks which were ran on the nerve centre page from progs 20 to 43 inclusive, each being accomapnied by a full page cover illustration (many by brian bolland & kevin o'neill).

okay, a few  mightn't have aged terribly well, but as a kid i loved the one about the frog from prog 27 & the time-travellers from titan scared me witless (due in no modest amount to brian bolland's powerful prog 30 cover illustration for it).

& prog 39's supercover saga precedes the comics metatextual examinations of grant morrison's 'animal man' by over a decade.

i for one think that it would be a treat to be able to read these again, even if it would be to have a laugh at what a happens when prog 29's pigeon exterminator robot goes awry.

also some of brendan mccarthy's most incindenary work single page illustrations for 2000ad appeared not as covers but star scans (there were some stunning ones by bolland, o'neill, ian gibson & dave gibbons too, amongst others). i wouldn't want to run that scanner into being an early appetiser for mekquake, but seeing them posted somewhere on this sight would be most welcome.


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