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Author Topic: Unable to use VIP SFX Weekender tickets - any reasonable offer accepted  (Read 721 times)


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Hi everyone,

My OH has got a new job, which means we can no longer make the SFX Weekender. You've no idea how gutted I am! But before I cancel my tickets and lose half my money (or all of it, if I don't cancel in next week), I just wanted to offer it out to any of you guys who missed the VIP tickets before they sold out. These included the nicer apartment (2 bedrooms), VIP bar, and signing passes (for 2).

Club accommodation
25% off official merchandise
10% off all future affiliated events
5% off all HRH hotels worldwide
Souvenir weekend lanyard
Exclusive VIP bar
Queue jumping into arenas
Express check-in / Express check-out
3pm late check-out on Sunday
FREE on site car parking
Private bathroom
Fitted kitchen with microwave
Lounge with patio doors
TV with digital channels
Bed linen and bathroom towels provided
Complementary tea and coffee facilities
FREE cloakroom
FREE snooker
Discounted drinks in VIP areas
Signing pass (per person) 

Changing the names from the 2 currently booked will cost me £80 total, but adding extra people is free of charge, according to the Ts&Cs below (although you may be best checking with info@sfxweekender to be sure). So I'd be happy with anything over £280, or anything over £200 if SFX will take it as adding extra people, rather than changing the existing names. The original package was £410.

If you change your booking

If you wish to add more guests to a booking, you will not be charged an amendment fee. Any names changes will incur a £20 amendment fee. Any changes must be made at least 56 days before the start of the event by telephone to SFXWeekender on 08700 110034. Where name changes are sought to be made within 56 days of the start of the event it will be charged at £40 per change.

If you cancel your booking

It may be necessary to cancel your tickets due to illness, accident or change of circumstances. If you have taken out insurance, payments arising from the cancellation will be covered in most cases. As soon as you know that you need to cancel, please email us on info@sfxweekender.com

Cancellation charges are calculated from the date we receive your instructions by email, please see below:

Time of booking to 29 days before the start of the SFXWeekender Event : 50% Cancellation charge
Less than 28 days before the start of the SFXWeekender Event: 100% Cancellation charge 

Please PM me if you are interested. I'm losing a fortune on this, so will accept any reasonable offer. If nobody's interested, I'll cancel it, and hopefully get half my money back. I'm not interested in making a profit, just trying to lose a little bit less money than I'm already going to.