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Author Topic: Attempts at the sample scripts  (Read 111196 times)

Steven Denton

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Re: Attempts at the sample scripts
« Reply #990 on: 18 November, 2016, 10:10:05 am »
Thought I'd post my entry for the 2000AD Art Competition at Thought Bubble this year.  Was lucky enough (and thrilled!) to get through to the final six.  The script was 'The Timeless Assassin' by Rory McConville.  I'd love any feedback/ criticism/ etc.

I love this thread, its great to see everyone's approaches to the scripts. TB was similar, it was a real eye-opener to see how everyone had handled the script. Such a huge variation in approach. Pity we only got to see page 01 of everyone's entry but I suppose time is always a hard taskmaster at these things.  I thought the other entries were great, Tilen Javornik's entry was a very worthy winner, clearly the best one. Big congratulations to him, looking forward to seeing his first story in the prog.

As an aside, Thought Bubble was brilliant, met loads of great people, including a lot of my art heroes, not to mention meeting Crazyfoxmachine and Bolt-01 of this very forum. Lovely lads!

Great stuff, I really like the lay out.


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Re: Attempts at the sample scripts
« Reply #991 on: 15 December, 2016, 05:06:34 pm »
Hello here is my art of Judge Dredd cycle of violence :)


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Re: Attempts at the sample scripts
« Reply #992 on: 28 February, 2017, 03:57:20 pm »
hi there....
new to this board! found the "cycle of violence" script here and tried working from it for personal practise.
i didn't send it in or something...
i actually didn't care much for comics the last few years... but some weeks ago the old love suddenly came back.
i kinda grew up reading 2000ad comics.. so playing around with this script was a lot of fun!

any crit would be highly appreciated.

if the images won't show up: http://sojustuff.tumblr.com/post/157824002131


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Re: Attempts at the sample scripts
« Reply #993 on: 27 April, 2017, 06:21:44 pm »
I think it looks cool.

Some of the characters don't look quite right; Dredd on Page One, Panel 5 and the bully dunking the kid on Page Two, Panel Four.

Still, it's very almost perfect.

I'll leave it to the actual artists to give a more detailed analysis.