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Author Topic: Wake - the megs aren't all there!  (Read 1564 times)

Leigh S

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Wake - the megs aren't all there!
« on: 16 December, 2001, 10:08:17 PM »
Wake - I went off to vote on my favourite part of the Megazine Vol3 - Daily Star Dredds, only to discover they aren't listed!!  Can you put them on, so that I can vote for them?

Also, any more news on the Daily Start Dredds that have yet to be reprinted...?



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Daily Star Dredds
« Reply #1 on: 17 December, 2001, 04:57:19 AM »
The Saturday Daily Star Dredds are in the database, but would you believe when I was entering the data for the weekday strips in August I left that page (sent to me by Jim Bowie) unattended and it blew out the window never to be seen again. I'll get around to entering those stories at some point, but I am missing some of the information about their original printing dates.

Even when they are in, they won't count as Megazine thrills, since that's where they were reprinted. I'd have to do a Daily Star top/bottom list.

Dom-1 hasn't had time to pick up the films from the archives yet, so no more news on the previously unreprinted stories.


Link: Daily Star Dredds