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Author Topic: Dom Reardon - original commissioned art for sale...  (Read 672 times)

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Dom Reardon - original commissioned art for sale...
« on: 27 February, 2011, 10:02:43 PM »
Finally getting around to the last stage of my clear-out, and it's time for me to (reluctantly :-( ) part with my set of four Dom Reardon commissions.

The theme for the four was "classic monsters", and the subjects are "The Mummy", "Dracula", "Frankenstein" and "Wolf Man". Each piece is A4 size and they were hand-drawn, scanned then digitally coloured and printed by Dom.

I've listed all four on eBay - links below - at under the price I paid for them. While I'd like to make a bit more money from them - twin girls are expensive! - I'd be happy to make something and see them go to a good home.

I'll be happy to answer any questions here, or through eBay. Cheers!