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Author Topic: Rebellion to bring Sniper Elite V2 to PC  (Read 550 times)


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Rebellion to bring Sniper Elite V2 to PC
« on: 02 August, 2011, 05:27:42 pm »
Rebellion is delighted to announce that it is planning to develop a PC version of its forthcoming third-person tactical WWII shooter, Sniper Elite V2.

International publisher 505 Games and Rebellion announced in April that they are working on the long-awaited sequel to 2005’s critically-acclaimed Sniper Elite for the current generation of consoles.

Now, due to unprecedented fan demand, Rebellion is to self-fund its own PC version of the game.

The PC title will be released digitally through Steam, and Rebellion is now looking for potential retail distribution partners worldwide.

Released in 2005, Sniper Elite saw gamers playing an American OSS secret agent disguised as a German sniper in Berlin during the final days of World War II. It earned considerable public and critical applause with its blend of stealth action - which emphasised patience and cunning over reflexes alone - culminating in being awarded ‘Best PC/Console Game’ at the TIGA awards 2005.

Jason Kingsley, CEO of Rebellion, said:
“We’re working with 505 on the console version of Sniper Elite V2 but it’s very important to us to support fans of the game who use PCs – after we made the announcement about Sniper Elite V2 we’ve had hordes of people get in touch to ask us to bring it out on the PC too.
“We’re pleased to say that the PC version will provide the same great storyline and gameplay as the console versions, but will be built specifically for PC to take advantage of the more flexible and powerful hardware, with strong support directly from Rebellion.”

Chris Kingsley, CTO of Rebellion, said:
“We’ve not always had control over PC versions of some of our games but we believe that this is what our fans want and this is the right game to do this for. Our team are working simultaneously on the console and PC versions.
“At the moment, we’re looking for retail distribution partners and will be releasing more details in the months to come.”


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Re: Rebellion to bring Sniper Elite V2 to PC
« Reply #1 on: 03 August, 2011, 11:25:14 am »
Love to see this on the PC. The other Sniper games won't work with certain versions of Vista so I assume this will be Windows 7?  :)

 I'll probably buy a new Spec machine either in the new year or possibly sooner.

I assume this Sniper game will be in DX 10, 11?  :geek:
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