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Author Topic: Paradise Lost 1 and 2  (Read 443 times)


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Paradise Lost 1 and 2
« on: 15 November, 2011, 07:15:51 PM »
Don't know if anyone has seen these two documentaries. It's a case that happened in America in 1993. Three 8 year olds where found murdered in some local woods in West Memphis, Arkansas. The police arrested 3 local teenagers for the crime. These documentaries tell the story. It's fascinating stuff. The 3 lads were released in Aug this year after 18 years in prison, 1 of them on death row and in solitary. Don't want to give anything away but it's documentary film making at its finest IMO. There is going to be a third part which is doing the film festival rounds in AMerica at the min and it will be aired on American TV in Jan.
You can watch these docs online or download them. Sorry I haven't the link.
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