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Author Topic: The Trailer Thread  (Read 79575 times)

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Re: The Trailer Thread
« Reply #540 on: 16 August, 2019, 11:44:53 am »
I also think Rise of Skywalker is going to significantly underperform. It certainly won't bomb, but I think it will do 'badly' (ie - struggle or even fail to crack a billion) enough that people will be taken aback somewhat.

I'd be inclined to feel the same.
Echoed by some real life chums, the interest seems to have significantly waned.
Even those I know who were drinking the (blue) Kool-aid for the past coupla years aren't really that enthused about Ep IX.

I shudder to think how much cash I haven't wasted on Star Wars tat in the past 18 months - and I'm just a regular schmoe, not an internet loolah*.

* You're welcome to disagree.