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Author Topic: What makes Mega-City One Mega-City One?  (Read 10536 times)

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Re: What makes Mega-City One Mega-City One?
« Reply #30 on: 12 June, 2012, 06:48:48 am »
Yep, fingers crossed it looks like that in the sequel!  That would be magnificent!
I'm glad they're going for the the more grounded decade-after-next look

Me too. I'm looking forward to the restrained take on the future. We've seen this...and as someone else said - the rampant -flying car-future city is getting a bit dated looking. We know that's MC1...but let's just see what they can do with so little money, they may out manoeuvre some of these bigger budget films.

One thing the city needs to be MC1 is ironic block names...and we have that in 'Prometheus' and even 'Elysium' (in the released image).
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