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It been great last few years but 100th issue - WTF!!

I'm going to go with 'a bit fecking much' myself. It's not the incident itself, since worse things have certainly happened, it's more the drawn-out nature of the (ahem) execution.  I'll probably come round to it in a while, I usually do, but still.

about that time of 'ennie, meanie, miney, moe' it felt like a drawn out exercise in torture=porn comics.

Probably will read better in a trade.

The Adventurer:
It sure was an issue of The Walking Dead.  It's weird though Glenn's death didn't really have the punch I expected. Frankly I felt more of a kick in the teeth when Abraham bought it a few issues ago, mostly because of how sudden it was.
Still think this book is generally pretty awesome.

Great stuff, I was reading with mouth open and breath held.


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